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Connected Realms This realm is connected to the realm Dreadmaul US

This article is an information page for the Thaurissan realm (server)

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The information and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

Achievement boss emperordagranthaurissan.png Thaurissan - Oceanic PvP
Spell nature bloodlust.pngBloodlust (US) »
Oceanic servers  


  • Online Date: 16th November, 2006
  • Server Type: PvP
  • Server Base: Oceanic
  • Battlegroup: Bloodlust
  • Server Time: Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10)
  • Peak Time: 10 PM Server Time
  • Heroic Reset Time: 2 AM Server Time
  • Daily Quest Reset Time: 3 AM Server Time
  • Balance: 1 Alliance to 10 Horde approximately
  • Ethnic Groups: Australian, New Zealand, Singaporean, Malaysian, Hong Kong, Japanese


Thaurissan was opened November 16, 2006 at approximately 3:00am PST and has become part of the Bloodlust Battlegroup. It was created initially for free character transfers from the other Oceanic PvP realms Frostmourne and Jubei'Thos. As the server increased in size the Horde to Alliance ratio began to spiral out of control, with the Horde population significantly outnumbering the Alliance. On April 21, 2008 Blizzard opened up a new Oceanic realm, Dreadmaul. When it was opened, free character transfers were allowed from other Oceanic PVP realms. Due to the Horde to Alliance imbalance most of the Alliance left Thaurissan for Dreadmaul. This resulted in a huge Horde to Alliance population imbalance with only one major Alliance guild (Ninja Assassin Sushi) choosing to remain on the server.

From June 12, 2008 to June 19, 2008 Blizzard initiated free Alliance PVE to PVP transfers to Thaurissan. Alliance from the Oceanic PvE realms Nagrand, Aman'Thul and Khaz'goroth were eligible for free transfers to the Thaurissan realm. Taking advantage of the opportunity to move from PVE to PVP, a significant number of Alliance transferred to Thaurissan including several major raiding guilds. Although the Horde still outnumbered Alliance, the population became far better balanced than it had been in the past. Despite this attempt by Blizzard to rectify the population problem, many of the Alliance transfers left for other PvP realms when they were able to transfer again and the ratio has since begun to revert to a Horde dominated state. Currently the disparity is considerable with only small amounts of Alliance players remaining. The exact ratio of Horde to Alliance is unknown, though it can be placed around 10 to 1.

In Warcraft lore Thaurissan was the ruler of the dark iron dwarves. In game, the ruined city of Thaurissan can be found in the Burning Steppes.

2010 News

Server First Shadowmourne:

Hmzrockin of <Not Steamboat> has created the server first  [Shadowmourne] on the 7th of April.

<Not Steamboat> Disbanded

<Tribunal> faction changed to Horde on Thaurissan.

<Litany of Fury> transferred onto Thaurissan.

Battleground and Heroic Dungeon Queue Times

Queue times for Random Battlegrounds on Thaurissan have recently changed as a result of it being linked with 3 other Battlegroups: Whirlwind, Emberstorm and Vengeance. Presently this means queue times for both factions are equal to around 12 minutes each. According to Blizzard the queuing system isn't properly implemented and will be fixed shortly before Cataclysm is released.

Level 80 Battleground AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
Battleground 12 minutes 12 minutes

Queue times for Heroic Dungeons are about equal for both factions taking approximately 9 minutes for DPS to get a group. Tanks and Healers will obviously have queues of less than a minute.

Level 80 AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
Dungeon 8 mins 9 mins

Raiding Progression

Raiding guilds of Thaurissan are currently focused upon completion of Icecrown Citadel 25 and Ruby Sanctum 25 Heroic content, rapidly eliminating the encounters. Below, the top 10 progressed guilds are listed with their kills. Relevant and reliable data regarding these tables has been developed and updated by WoW Progress and is available to examine in a greater extent here

25-man Heroic - Icecrown Citadel and Ruby Sanctum
Guild Sindragosa Arthas Halion
Tribunal Horde Complete Complete Heroic
Quantum Horde Complete Complete Heroic
Clique Horde Complete Complete Normal
Litany of Fury Horde Complete Complete Normal
LoTH Horde Complete Incomplete Normal
The ELITEZ Horde Complete Incomplete Normal
Vivace Horde Complete Incomplete Normal
Reform Horde Complete Incomplete Normal
Raised Horde Complete Incomplete Normal
Malevolent Horde Complete Incomplete Normal

Note: The Halion kills above have been marked Normal and Heroic for their respective 25 man modes.

Updated: 2nd October, 2010

Guild Listing

Below is a list of raiding and social guilds currently active on Thaurissan. Some of those without websites have been omitted. This information has been provided courtesy of Itachî and is available to view here

Alliance Crest Alliance

Horde Crest Horde

Thaurissan Legendaries

This is a list of the Legendary items and their owners in Thaurissan. Note that for those marked with # this list is incomplete.


  • Hmzrockin <Not Steamboat>(transferred off server)
  • Daller <Tribunal>
  • Orctimatum <Clique>
  • Azraelaz <The ELITEZ>
  • Jarheaded <Quantum>
  • Wistful <Vivace>
  • Reeal <LoTH>

Total on server: 7

 [Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings]:

  • Eclipser <Quantum>
  • Kenco <Not Steamboat>
  • Loki <Not Steamboat>
  • Lillisha <Tribunal>
  • Bsta <Tribunal>
  • Geeijoe <Tribunal>
  • Mynx <Quantum>
  • Priestitutte <Slash Roll>
  • Thelayl <Unholy>

Total on server: 9

Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian:

  • Elmac <Click Harder>
  • Krion <Tribunal>
  • Majnen <Unholy>
  • Helmira <?>

Total on server: 4

 [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]#:

  • Mykal <Unholy>
  • Varix <Knights of the Blackrosë>
  • Taurenite <Clique>
  • Xpc <The ELITEZ>
  • Frontline <One Percent>
  • Stalingrad <Kodoku>
  • Aceownage <Proximity>
  • Fate <One Percent>
  • Emopaladin <Tribunal>
  • Term <Tribunal>
  • Lintelotiel <Not Steamboat>
  • Renamed <Quantum>
  • Wistful <Vivace>
  • Segerius <Betrayer>
  • Waniou <Super Kids>

Total on server: 17

 [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros]#:

  • Lintelotiel <Not Steamboat>
  • Kúrt <Not Steamboat>
  • Frontline <One Percent>
  • Xeva <Epilogue>
  • Rook <Tribunal>
  • Kehaulani <The Lovenasium>
  • Fate <One Percent>
  • Deluded <Tribunal>
  • Sirol <Tribunal>
  • Miranora <Tribunal>

Total on server: 10

 [Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal]:

  • Majnen <Unholy>
  • Maribain <Unholy>
  • Kalerender <Unholy>
  • Skriker <Unholy>
  • Snc <Not Steamboat>
  • Lintelotiel <Not Steamboat>
  • Kúrt <Not Steamboat>
  • Wandawoman <Not Steamboat>
  • Komodo <Not Steamboat>
  • Kalenna <Tribunal>
  • Nightfrostt <Tribunal>
  • Deluded <Tribunal>
  • Rieyn <Serious Players>
  • Pavlos <Click Harder>

Total on server: 14

 [Warglaive of Azzinoth]:

  • Adeillis (Both) <Tribunal>
  • Cyberíon (Both) <Tribunal>
  • Enishi (Both) <Tribunal>
  • Frontline (Both) <One Percent>
  • Mahama (Both) <Unholy>
  • Phodo (Both) <Clique>
  • Problem (Both) <LoTH>
  • Reconus (Both) <Not Steamboat>
  • Sill (Both) <Not Steamboat>
  • Silentwolf (Both) <The ELITEZ>
  • Term (Both) <Tribunal>
  • Wandawoman (Both) <Not Steamboat>
  • Whiteaman (Both) <Slash Roll>
  • Zae (Both) <Clique>
  • Cherak (Both) <Quantum>
  • Azalaes (MH) <Proximity>
  • Deiis (MH) <Quantum>
  • Drayco (MH) <One Percent>
  • Mysticfury (MH) <Proximity>
  • Renamed (MH) <Quantum>
  • Saphirerift (MH) <Clique>
  • Vachelon (MH) <Quantum>
  • Racee (MH) <Doom Turtles>
  • Canns (OH)
  • Cronah (OH) <Not Steamboat>
  • Etio (OH) <Tribunal>
  • Gliash (OH) <Serious Players>
  • Gnomeygnome (OH)
  • Karismaa (OH) <Tribunal>
  • Rajin (OH) <wildjuice>
  • Rooks (OH) <Tribunal>
  • Robinx (OH) <Ghost>
  • Ruckuss (OH) <Proximity>
  • Susáno (OH) <Serious Players>
  • Selten (OH) <Molotov>
  • Tykii (OH) <Not Steamboat>

Total on server: 15 sets, 51 warglaives

 [Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury]:

  • Dugrimar <Not Steamboat>
  • Geln <Tribunal>
  • Swiftarrows <Virtual Progression>
  • Dalthar <Unholy>
  • Korall <One Percent>
  • Frontline <One Percent>
  • Skriker <Unholy>

Total on server: 7

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