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This article is an information page for the The Venture Co realm (server)

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The Venture Co. is one of the two first RP-PvP servers that were launched in 2005 and is part of Battlegroup EN Rampage.

General info

Online date: 14th September 2005

Total characters: 9.368

Total Alliance: 3.744 - 40%

Total Horde: 5.624 - 60%

Alliance to Horde ratio: 1 : 1.5

Activity ratio: 1 : 1

Latest update: 8th January 2010

Source: Warcraft Census


Guilds of The Venture Co.

Alliance Alliance

  • Shadow of the Phoenix - A very old RP-PvE guild mostly created for fun, friendly Roleplaying and since Wrath of the Lich King, steady PvE progress with people who do understand their own potential for that aspect of the game. Wing, Soul, Heart and Friends are what make Phoenix alive and eternal.
  • Highborne - One of the first guilds of the server, started as a big raiding guild, but has thankfully left that dircetion. Now a heavy roleplaying focused guild with a lore based backstory on a offshot group of the old Highborne elves. The guild is based on a group of quel'dorei that did not leave the nightelf society oversea with the first highelf king. Their previous goal was to act as the elven prescence in the blasted lands, guarding the Dark Portal and monitor it's activities, although when Doomlord Kazzak opened it they have gone through some changes. Nowadays they are more generally engaged in defence angainst the legion, although some suspects them of having other, more sinister agendas. Their current leader is Council Leader Meleager, assisted by the highborne council.
  • Chosen of Cenarius - The chosen is a very friendly RP guild based in the U.K. Part of RpRaiders.
  • Dream Thieves - This is a training guild that helps new players learn the ropes of WoW and allows them to eventually graduate to raiding guilds. It has ties with Knights of Lordaeron and is currently seeking other guilds to make alliances with. The guild currently only has a section on a university site but will have its own forum when it expands further. Contact either Alkahest, Oewer, Pandora, Helish, Riscat or Svend for details.
  • Earth Wind and Firewater – is a friendly PvE/PvP/RP guild which started as an offshoot of ex-Enigma members. Although EWF started raiding late into TBC, they now have two groups who clear Karazhan per week, and are currently progressing through the 25-man content, in particular, Serpentshrine Cavern. They accept applications from anyone who has the experience and gear to help progression, however applications from warlocks and holy priests are needed most. Guild Master: Eitre. Guild Officers: Sisif, Lazuli, Xarrah, Kiwsi, Modnahria, Hoolas.
  • The Violet Star - The Violet Star (TvS) is a friendly and active RP guild, based around Dalaran, they RP as the Dalaran presence within Kalimdor, based out of Theramore.The leader is Archmage Atian. Tasked with securing the Kirin Tor’s presence within the land, their missions take them all over Azeroth on exploration, research and matters of security. With the Kirin Tor busy with internal affairs TvS makes ready for what is to come regarding their Kingdom, and the changes and conflicts that are to come as the golden eye of Dalaran looks to the North. Race and class restrictions apply, information can be found on The Violet Star's forum
  • Elwynn Militia - Guardians of Elwynn, and the surrounding lands, the Militia is an RP guild, who would rather ally with the Horde than fight them...but be warned troublemakers - the Militia will destroy any Horde who dare attack the forest! For the Alliance, and the Militia! Led by Lord Remorce, General Brotherbolt, and General Mayukika.
  • Knight of Lordaeron - A heavy RP-PVP oriented guild founded of the ideals of the former kingdom of Lordaeron, though they accept all willing members of the Alliance. Run by Mollrye.
  • Rediviva - A Swedish-only guild founded for the love of the game. They do light RP, end-game, and some PVP. The guild is a end-game-raiding guild with focus on a friendly atmosphere. They accept mature swedish-speaking players. Guild Master is Red, Officers are Szora, Marfan, etc.
  • Redrum - The first pure raiding guild on TVC and the most advanced, its members were responsible for opening the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj
  • Twilight Empire - A very PvE orientated guild on The Venture co. EU. It was founded not long ago however is progressing very fast though SSC and TK and soon to be in Hyjal and Black Temple[19/10/07). A friendly guild on the Alliance side looking for further adventurers to join them in progressing through the PvE side of the game! Lead by Druid tank Maltuvion.
  • The Crimson Brotherhood - The Crimson Brotherhood (or TCB) is a fairly new guild to the Venture Co. EU Server. It was founded in late November of this year and has been quite popular with its members and aquantainces. It is mainly a RP/PVP guild with most of the same intentions of other RP/PVP guilds on the server. It is lead by Father Khvard and the Scribe Uthragar, It is currently focusing mainly on casual gameplay but also its leaders have hopes for weekly raiding in the near future. The guild is currently only accepting new members of level 30 and higher. The Crimson Brotherhood welcomes all of the alliance races to the guild and is not a single race alliance.
  • Ye Olde Goone Squade - One of the first guilds on TVC, Ye Olde Goone Squade (YOGS) is a raid/pvp guild with no specific RP roles, allowing their members to play the game as they want. Also known as Ye Olde Ganke Squad or the YOGurts. The initial membership of YOGS consisted of members of Something Awful forum members or "Goons", but has gone on to recruit non-goon members.
  • Orpheus - Orpheus is a RP-PVE/PVP guild, Focusing mainly on the PVE side of World of Warcraft. But also doing some PVP to have fun and to get the guild working closer together, Orpheus is actively recruiting members from level 40 and up, accepts all classes. Guild Leader: Keboing. Officers: Meiliana, Exorius.
  • Allerian A great and fun raiding guild. PvE heavy but also some PvP. Check website for Class status availibility. Guild leader: Arundo. Officers: Meiliana, Exorius, Maroeska
  • The Contractors - A splinter group derived from the guild Dark Well, the Contractors is a small organisation that consists of only a handful people. Our main goal is to assassinate specific horde targets on demand and for a bounty. Godfather: Stoeptegel. Hitmen: Vasilis, Rayzilt, Munoz, Roestie

Horde Horde

  • ENKLAWA - This is a Poland RP PVE Guild.

  • Aerial - Aerial is a guild formed by the merging the most dedicated raiders off Vixens and The Cartel. Their goal is to make a strong raiding force which can beat the progress of the alliance. They formed at August 8, 2007.
  • FOE (Fiendish Order of Eredar) - There guild leader is Siafu a mighty and feared Troll priest. They allow all horde races into their guild.
  • Horde of Honor - Horde of Honor has been officially reformed at 22 September 2007. The guild has been reformed by its old leaders and it will try to build the guild based on the same idea's and goals: Casual Raiding. Horde of Honor's History you can read here.
  • The Light Watch Order - The Light Watch Order is an organization, uniting people, sharing a similar view at the world, and similar life philosophy. Philosophy of Inner Light. By acting as we do, we want to show the people an example of how we are seeing the world, and to make our realm a better place to live for everyone living in it. We also seek to defend Azeroth from the Scourge, Burning Legion and all its followers as well as other dark beings, that's why we carefully watch and oppose the actions of dark cults, brotherhoods and organizations. (( Read more here. ))
  • Shatterskull Marauders - The shatterskull Marauders is a guild which concentrates on being kind and help each other out. ( RP guild )
  • Consequence - Consequence is a RP-PVE/PVP guild, Focusing mainly on the RP aspect of the game. The guild has good events and a nice tight community.
  • Immortal Legion - One of the top PvE guilds of the server, Its goal is to be able to advance quick through instances without having super hardcore players.

Notable Events in The Venture Co. History

  • Server opens, September 15th 2005.
  • First Ragnaros the Firelord kill, December 30th 2005 by Redrum Inc.
  • First Nefarian kill, March 10th 2006 by Redrum Inc.
  • Infamous Moonglade '06 event, March 16th 2006.
  • Redrum Inc. secretly opens the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, March 26th 2006.
  • The Tide goes to War, RPPvP event that effectively kills the server, April 19th 2006.
  • First C'Thun kill, June 11th 2006 by Redrum Inc.
  • First Nightbane kill, March 7th 2007 by Ye Olde Goone Squade.
  • First Gruul the Dragonkiller kill, March 22th 2007 by Redrum Inc.
  • First Magtheridon kill, April 14th 2007 by Ye Olde Goone Squade.
  • First Lady Vashj kill, June 18th 2007 by Redrum Inc.
  • First Kael'thas Sunstrider kill, Juli 24th 2007 by Redrum Inc.
  • First Archimonde kill, September 3th 2007 by Redrum Inc.