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This article is an information page for the Trollbane realm (server)

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Trollbane is an American realm opened 01/2007.

Trollbane is a PvE EST server with an average player population (19,513 players). Of that number, 8,550 (44%) are Alliance and 10,963 (56%) are Horde with an activity ratio of roughly 1 to 1. (Census information updated 2009-12-31) Note: These numbers may vary depending on when a census was taken.

It was populated mainly by transfers, including those from Elune, which had several guilds depart for this server.

Notable Raiding Guilds

At the launch of Trollbane, Fallen was the dominant guild on the server, and was the only guild to successfully progress through Sunwell before the release of 3.0. During WOTLK, they still were on top of their game, progressing through every raid at lightning speed. Fallen transferred away from Trollbane and now plays Horde side on Coilfang.
Other raiding guilds that have been pushing as well are Fallen Tears (H), Forsaken Alliances(H), The Forgotten (A), and Irrefutably Insane (A).


Abyss (website)
Aftershock (website)
Credo in Lege (website)
Necessary Evil (website)
Irrefutably Insane (website)
The Forgotten (website)(Rip)
Last Stand (website)
Virtus (website)
History of Violence (website)
Redemption (website)
XTreme Agg (website)
Dawns Light Brigade (website)


Fallen Tears
Nepentheum (website)(Rip)
Eidolon (website)(Rip)
Forsaken Alliances
Lesson In Violence
Walkin After Midnight(Rip)
The Brotherhorde
DONT PANIC (website)

Guild Progression

Trollbane Server Progression

Karazhan -Clear
Gruul's Lair - Clear
Magtheridon's Lair - Clear
Serpentshrine Cavern - Clear
The Eye - Clear
The Battle of Mount Hyjal - Clear
The Black Temple - Clear
Sunwell Plateau - Clear
Naxxramas - Clear (10/25)
The Obsidian Sanctum - Clear (10/25)
The Eye of Eternity - Clear (10/25)
Vault of Archavon - Clear (10/25)
Trial of the Grand Crusader - Clear (10/25)
Icecrown Citadel (instance) - Clear


One of the unfortunate (depending on viewpoints) effects of Trollbane, is the rising popularity of "trolling on Trollbane". Essentially, many people have risen up in trade channels and started to Troll other players. While humorous to most, some people who just can't take jokes, get really fired up from it, resulting in hilarity unrivaled in other realm's chat channels. Thanks 4chan.