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Realms.gif  Vashj US (PvP)

Vashj is a west-coast (PST) PVP realm in the Battlegroup 9, or Bloodlust, cross-realm group. Vashj was created on October 6th, 2006, and is a low population server.

Our realm has a low population and we were recently open for free transfers.

The namesake for our realm is Lady Vashj who resides in Serpentshrine Cavern.


Alliance Crest Alliance »

Last Chance Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
The Arisen Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Wildly Appropriate ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Made in China ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Try it Without Dying Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
My New Haircut ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
KingOfKings ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Gòds of War Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory

Horde Crest Horde »

No Guild Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Wildly Inappropriate Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Devastation Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Incorrigible Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Envy ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Esprit Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Vengeance Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Occams Razor Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Estilo del Perro ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Furious Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Bacon Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Provocative ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Obscurity ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Instinct ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Invictus ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Stuff Happens ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Ka ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Vitalis ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Evil Avatar ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Equinox ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Cataclysm Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Disbanded Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory

Vashj US
English PvP
October 6, 2006
Official forums GuildProgress
Index Category index
Alliance 832 - 27%
Horde 2,310 - 74%
Alliance / Horde ratio 1 : 2.8
Whirlwind US

TBC Progression

  • Please note that you must provide proof of all 25 man boss kills by either making your guild site linkable on this page with photos in your guild gallery, or by providing a link in the progression thread in the server forum thread. If we do not have proof, then your entry will be deleted.*
  • Also, please do not remove other guilds from the progression site unless you have written confirmation from the GM of that guild that the guild has disbanded and/or is no longer raiding 25 man content.

The following tables represent the progression of the server. The bosses listed are the bosses you have downed not bosses you are currently working on. Italics indicates that the guild killed bosses out of order and has only killed the bosses listed.

Points are awarded as follows:

Minor 25 man bosses including gruul and Mag are worth 10 points each. Sunwell minor bosses are worth 15 points each.

Major bosses are worth the following:

Vashj: 15 Kael'Thas: 25 Archimonde: 50 Illidan: 100 Kil'jaeden: 200

[1] on WoW Forums.

25 Man

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade - 25-Man Raid Progression
Kiljaedenavatar small.jpg Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 6+ Points

Gruul's Lair

Magtheridon's Lair

Serpentshrine Cavern

The Eye

Hyjal Summit

The Black Temple

Sunwell Plateau

Guild Gruul's Lair & Magtheridon's Lair Serpentshrine Cavern The Eye Hyjal Summit The Black Temple Sunwell Plateau Points
Horde Wildly Inappropriate Farm, Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm 610
Horde Devastation Farm, Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm K,B 365
Alliance Last Chance Farm, farm Farm Farm Farm Farm 335
Horde Incorrigible Farm, Farm HK,M,Le,Lu,LV AVSK RW, A, AZ, N,S,SA,T,G,R,M,IC 260
Horde Esprit Farm, Farm Farm Farm RW,A,K,Az N,S,SA,T,G,R,M,IC 260
Horde Red Army Farm, Farm Farm Farm Farm N,S,SA 245
Horde Wasnt Even Close Farm, Farm H,K,M,Le,Lu A,V,S RW,A,K,Az N,S,SA,T 190
Alliance The Arisen Farm, Farm H,K,M,Le,Lu A,V,S RW,A,K,Az N,S,SA 180
Horde Vengance Farm, Farm H,Lu,Le,M,K V,A,S RW,A 130

Alliance Wildly Appropriate Farm, — V 30