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Warsong is an original and highly populated US PvP server in the Ruin Battlegroup. It is home to a large international community including players from Brazil, China, France, Russia, and more.

Although the official language is English, if you get into major Horde cities, most you'll see is portuguese, denoting the dominance of Brazilian players.

The server has a somewhat famous reputation for being rumored as being the best PvP server in the past days, and having exceptionally drama-filled forums. A website was previously created to document the most extreme incidents.[1]

Warsong was previously a candidate for Character Transfers to Agamaggan, Bonechewer, Garithos, Gurubashi, Korgath, and Mug'thol. Such transfers have proven mostly ineffective.

Nowadays, Warsong's Alliance:Horde ratio is extremely unbalanced getting close to 1:4. Up from january 2009 warsong has been pointed as the most populos server, followed by illidan.

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Neutral 2004-11-23 Warsong begins



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