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Ysondre (US PvP Server)

Ysondre is a US PvP server. It is based in the Eastern Standard Time zone. It opened Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 12:00PM PST. It currently a low to medium pop server.

Update: 5/10/2011: Over the years, the Alliance to Horde Ratio of the server has shifted. During the beginning years of the server, the ratio was approximately three alliance to one horde. Nowadays, the alliance to horde ratio is approximately one Alliance for every two horde (or 1:2). Despite this slight imbalance, the server has achieved great things on both factions, and more importantly, has achieved things together as a player base.

PVE Achievements:

The guild Exodus Horde is currently the no. 1 guild on the server in raid progression. The guild has achieved essentially 90% of the server first raid boss kills during Wrath of the Lich King. In addition, the guild has achieved several world firsts, and a significant amount of US first kills.

On a side note: During World of Warcraft Classic, the server was the Twenty-First to complete the Patch 1.9 war effort.

Exodus US First Professor Putricide

PVP Achievements:

World PvP on Ysondre has recently become a huge part of the server. In addition to frequent Stormwind and Orgrimmar raids that occured in both Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm, the server has hosted the following World PvP Events.

The 40 v 40

On November 21st, 2010, two players on Ysondre, Fatherload of Horde, and Bushweiser of Alliance, thought it'd be a good Idea to try and achieve Screen shot of the Day on the World of Warcraft community site. On that day, both players gathered 40 players and met in the barrens. The factions formed two lines of battle, with the faction leaders meeting in the middle. The battle was then fought, and the Horde arose victorious.

Two months later, the screenshot they took that day, was chosen for screenshot of the day.

In addition, there was a video documenting that day:

40 Alliance vs 40 Horde of Ysondre with Fatherload and Bushweiser meeting Center Field

The 80 v 80

Four Months after the 40 v 40, the ysondre forums suggested that a new battle be held, for "all the bragging rights", between the Alliance and Horde. This time however, the battle would between 160 players, 80 on each side. Fatherload and Bushweiser commanded the troops once again, although because each side would require two raid groups, each leader chose a general to aid them. Fatherload chose the Paladin Darkmourn, and Bushweiser chose the rogue Ninjroid. The Alliance and Horde then met after one week of preparation, and the battle was to be held outside the ruins of Gilneas. Similar to 40 v 40, the factions formed their lines of battle, a screenshot was taken, and the battle began. Once again, after about a half hour of fighting, the horde was victorious.

A video was also put together for that event, including points of view from several players in the battle.

Forum Post:

80 Alliance vs 80 Horde in the Ruins of Gilneas

The World PvP Flaggings

An interesting, and different event that happened on ysondre shortly after the cataclysm, were the PVP Flaggings. An orc warrior named Sassymolassy created a Thread on the ysondre forums entitled "I'm Paying nicely for PvP Flaggings". The summary of the thread, was that she was paying for "Bounties" on certain alliance players, where screenshots of their dead bodies, with The Flag of Ownership planted in their corpse, would award the assassin with the amount of gold put on their head. The thread got extremely popular, and heated friendly drama grew over it. After a while, the rules were changed, to where the last person killed, would pick the new target. In the end, there was a final list of targets, consisting of over 20 players. The last one standing would win the whole competition and would receive a special tabard from the WoW Trading Card Game. The winner was the mighty Alliance warrior, Gandalug.

Farkmcgeezax Defeats Sassymolassy and plants the flag of ownership in his corpse.

Alliance Preparing to attack Orgrimmar

Horde after wiping the Alliance raid

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