A set is group of related equipment, generally armor, that can be worn together. Set items share the same prefix in their name, similar construction or source, and a themed look for the set. The themed look provides a significant role play value.


Sets, or formal sets, are sets of items which provide additional bonuses (set bonus) when worn together, in part or whole. In spite of the set bonuses, the set items are often used piecemeal for their base stats.

The most famous example of formal item sets are the Tier dungeon armors such as Tier 1 and Tier 3.

See: Armor Sets


Items associated by adjective only but deriving no group benefit are not true sets but are collections, sometimes called vanity sets. These provide no bonuses when worn together other than the bonuses of each individual item, and are often worn piecemeal. When collected and used for transmogrification, they are known as transmogrification sets.

Collections usually lack the stringent definition of formal sets.

Some collections are targeted at a specific class and have themed stats in common. Other common themes are crit chance, defense, and resistance.

These are just a few of the many vanity sets:

(Black Mageweave, Ornate Mithril, and Wild Leather).

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