HordeSet Us Up the Bomb
Start Tweedle
End Tweedle
Level 7-30
Category Ashenvale
Experience 1,850
Reputation 250 Warsong Offensive
Rewards 15s
Previous H [7-30] Tweedle's Dumb
Next H [7-30] Small Hands, Short Fuse


Tweedle at Hellscream's Watch wants you to collect 10 samples of Moon-Kissed Clay.


I'm definitely on to something here!

I have enough volatile elements salvaged from our arsenal to make the explosives Goggath wants, but I need to stabilize it and pack it into bombs.

What I need is some clay - and not just any clay... Moon-kissed Clay.

It's only found on the northern banks of Astranaar Lake, and it possesses the qualities I need to bring out the full potential of my discovery!


You will receive:


Let's see what you've brought me, <race>.


This is PERFECT!

Oh, just wait 'til you see what I can do with this....


The quest title is a nod to the phrase "Someone set up us the bomb.", an infamously poor Japanese-to-English translation of a cutscene in the Sega video game Zero Wing. This is the same cutscene that originated the Internet meme All your base are belong to us.

See also:  Set Up Us the Bomb


  1. H [7-30] Tweedle's Dumb
  2. H [7-30] Set Us Up the Bomb
  3. H [7-30] Small Hands, Short Fuse
  4. H [7-30] Blastranaar!

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