NeutralSet the Mantid Back

The Kri'thik Supplies exploded
Start Tai Ho [49.1, 71.2]
End Tai Ho [49.1, 71.2]
Level 25-35
Category Townlong Steppes
Experience 196000
Reputation +75 Shado-Pan
Rewards 11g
Next N [25-35] The Wisdom of Niuzao


Kri'thik Weapons

Kri'thik Supplies

Use Gunpowder Casks to explode the Kri'thik Weapons and the Kri'thik Supplies in Kri'vess.

Provided item: Gunpowder Casks


Every day, the mantid build up munitions for use on their enemies. We cannot stop them, just you and I... but we can set them back.

<Tai Ho hands you some explosives.>

I need to keep a low profile. Would you do the honors?


You will receive: 11g


The Shado-Pan are counting on you, <name>.


We are in your debt, <race>.



Pick up N [25-35] The Motives of the Mantid before heading out. Provisioner Bamfu also has some collection quests that can be done alongside of these: N [25-35] Natural Antiseptic, N [25-35] The Field Armorer, and N [25-35] A Proper Poultice.

Head northeast out of the garrison through the Underbough. Start killing mushan and turtles, and looting mao-willows. Circle around to the north side of Kri'vess to find the entrance to the mantid area. Tai Ho will join the party as players get close:

Tai Ho says: You take them out. I'll hide in the shadows and search their bodies.

The weapons and supplies caches are OUTSIDE of the tree to the north. Use the item and target the ground where the weapons and supplies caches are to destroy them. The mantid will take exception to this, so take them out. Tai Ho may not find any clues on the corpses of the mantid:

  • Tai Ho says: Nothing on this one
  • Tai Ho says: No... nothing of note here. Keep looking.
  • Tai Ho says: There's nothing here. Let's keep looking.

Or he could find a random poor-quality item:

  • Tai Ho says: Here's something you might find interesting.
  • Tai Ho says: No clues here... but I did find this.

First clue:

Tai Ho says: The color has just... left its body.
Tai Ho says: There's no doubt about it. These creatures have been affected by sha.

Second clue:

Tai Ho says: Look at the size of these! This one is definitely a breeding male.
Tai Ho says: That means the mantid queen is involved in this... somehow.

Third clue:

Tai Ho says: His body - it's covered in scars. Old scars.
Tai Ho says: Not just any scars, either. These were created by pandaren weapons.

Fourth clue:

Tai Ho says: Here it is! This is what we've been looking for!
Tai Ho says: Yak hair.
Tai Ho says: Come back to camp when you are finished. We have much to discuss.

Finish up with the three gathering quests before heading back.


  1. N [25-35] The Motives of the Mantid & N [25-35] Set the Mantid Back
  2. N [25-35] The Wisdom of Niuzao
  3. N [25-35] Niuzao's Price
  4. N [25-35] The Terrible Truth & N [25-35] Give Them Peace & N [25-35] A Trail of Fear

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