For her physical avatar and boss encounter, see Avatar of Sethraliss.
Image of Sethraliss
Sethraliss' avatar.
Gender Female
Race Loa (snake)
Status Active

Sethraliss is a snake loa who lives in Vol'dun and is worshiped by the sethrak and Zandalari trolls. She has power over lightning.[1] Her avatar is located in the Temple of Sethraliss.


"Snake loa" concept art

Long ago, Sethraliss represented the lush jungle region of Vol'dun, where she was worshipped by both the sethrak and the Zandalari trolls.[2] During the Aqir and Troll War[2] roughly 16,000 years ago,[3] Mythrax the Unraveler descended upon Vol'dun. He slaughtered troll and sethrak alike. Sethraliss sacrificed herself to save them, but though she struck Mythrax down, Mythrax was still able to destroy the disc at the heart of Atul'Aman.[4] After the battle, Sethraliss' devoted followers transported her remains and built a temple around them while they awaited her rebirth.[5] After witnessing the destruction firsthand, the sethrak knew that something had to be done to prevent anyone from raising Mythrax again. Sulthis, Vorrik, and Korthek worked together to seal Mythrax within the great pyramid.[4]

Years later, Korthek grew power hungry and sought to free Mythrax to conquer Zuldazar. He gathered like-minded sethrak and declared himself emperor. Vorrik and other sethrak who were still loyal to Sethraliss were forced into hiding.[4] To Korthek's Faithless, Sethraliss became forgotten or, more often, reviled. However, the Devoted still felt Sethraliss' presence and believed that she would one day be returned to them.[6] When Vorrik returned to his personal sanctum years later, he could still feel the ancient power of Sethraliss there, which he took as a sign that his loa endured.[7]

General Jakra'zet of the Zanchuli Council allied with Korthek, and though Korthek was slain Jakra'zet successfully stole the keys to Atul'Aman and completed the ritual to revive Mythrax by sacrificing himself. The sethrak needed Sethraliss more than ever before, but although she should have been reborn by now, someone or something in the Temple of Sethraliss had prevented her awakening. The Horde adventurer sent by Vorrik to investigate[8] found a group of Zandalari who sought to corrupt her into a dark loa that would lay waste to Vol'dun.[9] The trolls were defeated and Sethraliss was rejuvenated, after which her avatar joined the Devoted at the Sanctuary of the Devoted.

Sethraliss later appears in Zuldazar during Talanji's ascension to queen of the Zandalari.[10]

Sethraliss reprimands Azala for trying to steal Vorrik's Keystone at the Terrace of the Devoted, stating that dishonesty is not taken lightly under her gaze.[11]

Tales of the Loa

In densest jungle of darkest green,
Rules mother of many, but rarely seen.
Warm and lush and full of life.
Iron will and without strife.

Her mind unfurls, envelops all.
Her faithful ever heed her call.
Across de ages her eyes do see,
Seeking de best for you and me.

Through darkest night, and brightest day,
She will ever find her way.
In her, ya haven will be found.
Her all for us, her care profound.

Love unsurpassed will surely be,
When Sethraliss ya truly see.[12]


The avatar at the Sanctuary of the Devoted, with Bladeguard Kaja, Vorrik, and Warguard Rakera.

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Sethraliss is mainly worshipped by the Devoted sethrak. In addition, a Priest of Sethraliss can be found in the Hall of the Lesser Loa in Dazar'alor.

Notes and trivia

The Skull of Sethraliss.

  • While Sethraliss' avatar resembles a sethrak, it appears that the loa's actual physical body was simply that of a gargantuan serpent, judging by the huge snake skeleton that can be seen winding through the Temple of Sethraliss and culminates in the Skull of Sethraliss in the Bazaar of Watchful Eyes.
  • The trolls of the desert who worship Sethraliss use blowguns to hunt their prey, be it beast, or troll. The poison the darts were dipped in would paralyze their prey, and within a minute, kill them. "The Sting of Sethraliss" was whispered to children in order to keep them in line, as was written in an ancient poem: "Should the young turn defiant, show anger or malice, the winds of Vol'dun will bring the Sting of Sethraliss."[13]
  • Vorrik received his staff from Sethraliss herself.[14]
  • The Blood of the Fallen Loa is claimed to be blood collected from the battle between Sethraliss and Mythrax.[15]
  •  [Lavish Sethrallis Figurine], a misspelling of "Sethraliss", can be looted from treasure chests across Vol'dun.
  • Despite players being sent to rescue the Avatar of Sethraliss expressly to recruit her help against the resurrected Mythrax,[8] the loa subsequently plays no part in fighting the C'Thrax and is completely absent both when Mythrax attacks Dazar'alor and when it is defeated in Uldir.
  • In the Battle for Azeroth beta, Sethraliss saved the player and their companions from Mythrax in Atul'Aman.[16][citation needed]  This did not make it to the live version of the game, but Warguard Rakera still attributes the group's escape to Sethraliss' grace metaphorically.[17]


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