NeutralSetting the Stage
Start Quetz'lun's Spirit
End Quetz'lun's Spirit
Level 20-30
Category Zul'Drak
Experience 21400 (or 12g 84s at 80)
Previous N [20-30] Seek the Wind Serpent Goddess
Next N [20-30] Foundation for Revenge

An Underworld Power Fragment.


Quetz'lun's Spirit has demanded that you collect 10 Underworld Power Fragments. Return to her at the Altar of Quetz'lun only when you have done so.


I will give you a chance at continued existence.

There are fragments of the power that fueled my curse scattered about the altar grounds. It is my desire that you collect some of them for me. Not so many that the curse will be lifted, but enough that I will be able to eventually make use of them to exact revenge upon my prophet.

Go, insect. Run and do my bidding before I change my mind about letting you live.


What a shame that Har'koa didn't send you along sooner. Then again, she and I never did get along.

She probably held back your help just long enough for this to happen.


They'll do. Likely I won't even need them.

But it was fun watching you run around at my command.


  1. N [20-30] Strange Mojo
  2. N [20-30] Precious Elemental Fluids
  3. N [20-30] Mushroom Mixer
  4. N [20-30] Too Much of a Good Thing
  5. N [20-30] To the Witch Doctor
  6. N [20-30] Breaking Through Jin'Alai
  7. N [20-30] To Speak With Har'koa
  8. N [20-30] But First My Offspring
  9. N [20-30] Spirit of Rhunok
  10. N [20-30] My Prophet, My Enemy
  11. N [20-30] An End to the Suffering
  12. N [20-30] Back to Har'koa
  13. N [20-30] I Sense a Disturbance
  14. N [20-30] Preparations for the Underworld
  15. N [20-30] Seek the Wind Serpent Goddess
  16. N [20-30] Setting the Stage
  17. N [20-30] Foundation for Revenge
  18. N [20-30] Hell Hath a Fury
  19. N [20-30] One Last Thing
  20. N [20-30] Blood of a Dead God
  21. N [20-30] You Reap What You Sow
  22. N [20-30] The Key of Warlord Zol'Maz
  23. N [20-30] Rampage
  24. N [20-30G3] The Gods Have Spoken
  25. N [20-30G3] Convocation at Zol'Heb
  26. N [20-30] Unfinished Business

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