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Sha'tari Skyguard

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Players start out at Neutral reputation with the Sha'tari Skyguard.

The daily repeatable quest "Fires Above Skettis", gives 350 rep each time it is completed.

The daily repeatable quest "Escape from Skettis", gives 350 rep each time it is completed.

The daily repeatable quest "Wrangle More Aether Rays!", gives 350 rep each time it is completed.

The daily repeatable quest "Bomb Them Again", gives 500 rep each time it is completed.

The repeatable quest More Shadow Dust gives 75 reputation each time it is completed. This is not a daily quest and can be completed multiple times in one day.

Killing the arakkoas in Skettis reward 5 reputation for each one.

Killing the owls in Skettis reward 2.5 reputation for each one.

Killing the giant trees in Skettis reward 15 reputation for each one.

Killing one of Terokk's four summonable bosses will earn 50 reputation apiece, and Terokk himself gives 200 reputation.


Exalted reputation yields the availability of Nether Ray mounts. Currently there are only epic versions of the mount so you will need 300 riding skill (5000g) in order to use them.


 [Enriched Terocone Juice]

40cfor 5

 [Skyguard Rations]

40cfor 5


 [Skywitch's Drape]
 [Skyguard's Drape]

13g 76s 91c

13g 81s 66c


 [Skyguard Tabard]
[Skyguard Silver Cross]
[Airman's Ribbon of Gallantry]
[Blue Riding Nether Ray]
[Green Riding Nether Ray]
[Purple Riding Nether Ray]
[Red Riding Nether Ray]
[Silver Riding Nether Ray]


4g 12s 30c
4g 12s 30c


The Sha'tari Skyguard have two major quest hubs which both have repeatable daily quest and normal regular quests. The two quest hubs are:

Both quest hubs have a starting quest to get you started.

Blackwind Landing

The first quest for Blackwing Landing starts in Shattrah City and is located next to the Flightmaster.


Skyguard Outpost

The first quest for Skyguard Outpost starts in Ogri'la and is only given when the quests for Ogri'la have been done.



Players are introduced to the Sha'tari Skyguard by speaking with Yuula <Recruitment Officer> next to the flight master Nutral in Shattrath City. She has players kill any 20 Gordunni Ogres in the Barrier Hills above Shattrath. Once complete, she asks players to deliver a package to Sky Sergeant Doryn in the Blackwind Landing north of Skettis to open up the once-daily Fires Above Skettis bombing run quest.

Also at Blackwind Landing, Skyguard Handler Deesak has players kill 10 Warp Stalkers around Skettis so a Nether Ray in your posession can be fed. He also indicates the availability of a direct flightpath between Blackwind and the Skyguard base in Blade's Edge Mountains. The flight path becomes available at honored. It is a flight on a random colored nether ray to just north of Ogri'la.

Severin, <Skyguard Medic> initiates the main questline for the Sha'tari Skyguard, having players collect 6 [Shadow Dust] to create [Elixir of Shadows] for Sky Commander Adaris. After the initial quest, players may repeatedly turn in a 6 Shadow Dust for another Elixir of Shadows, and 75 reputation. The elixir gives a fifteen-minute buff that does not last through death enabling players to see the shadow arakkoa of Skettis, necessary for several quests.

Adaris has players kill three Talonpriests, one of whom drops an item to initiate the next part of the chain. All of the Talonpriests require players to have the Elixir of Shadows buff in order to see and kill, as well as all of the Time-Lost Arakkoa in the subzone.

The quest starter drop from Talonpriest Ishaal gets turned in to Adaris, who sends players to the Lower City Arakkoa and then back to Adaris. At this point Hazzik, the captive Arakkoa next to Adoris whispers players begging their attention. He has players collect his package from his former home in Upper Veil Ala'rak to acquire a [Shabby Arakkoa Disguise] in order to buy a book from Sahaak <Keeper of Scrolls> in Terokk's Rest.

Once Hazzik has the book, he starts the quest N [70G3] Adversarial Blood, which requires 40 [Time-Lost Scroll]s that drop from the Time-Lost Arakkoa (which still require you to farm the mats for the Elixir of Shadows so that you can see, kill, and loot them). For each 10 scrolls, you can summon and kill one of the 4 quest mobs. This quest is a repeatable group quest but unfortunately, each miniboss only drops one quest item drops per party (along with blue items that have random enchants), meaning that you will need to do quite a lot of farming for dust, then scrolls, then minibosses, in order to get all 4 quest items as required.

On completion of Adversarial Blood, Hazzik gives you a  [Time-Lost Offering], used to summon Terokk in Terokk's Rest (the island in the middle of Blackwind Lake). Adaris will send you on the quest N [97] Terokk's Fall, to summon and kill the arakkoa god. It is strongly advisable to have five people (or more outside the party helping you), as each character will only get one Time-Lost Offering ever (if you wipe, you will have to get in a party with someone who has an offering if you want to complete the quest, thought the quest to get the offering seems to be repeatable). Terokk hits moderately hard, cleaves, and does an AOE shadowbolt. At 30% he will become immune to all damage, and the Skyguard will begin dropping blue smoke flares, followed by firebombs, on the island. The tank must guide Terokk into the flames to remove his shield and make him damageable again, but doing this will cause him to enrage and hit substantially harder. When Terokk is dead, you may return to Adaris and turn in the quest.

There is also a soloable daily escort quest offered by a captive Skyguard that is in a cage that randomly spawns at the top of a tower in the north. The reward for it is 11g 99s and 2 each of either mana or health potions.

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