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BossSha of Violence
Image of Sha of Violence
Race Sha (Elemental)
Level 22-37 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Sealed Chambers, Shado-Pan Monastery
Status Killable (WoW), Deceased (lore)
Sha of Violence

Sha of Violence in Shado-pan Monastery

The Sha of Violence is one of the sha primes sealed away by Emperor Shaohao beneath the Shado-Pan Monastery along the Sha of Hatred and Sha of Anger. Unlike the other two, it was unable to escape the monastery before being slain.


The Burdens of Shaohao[]

Ten thousand years ago, Emperor Shaohao, free of his doubt, despair, and fear headed into the Kun-Lai Summit to gather the Shado-Pan in order to fight the oncoming Burning Legion which would soon be upon them. Xuen sensing a great darkness within Shaohao challenged the emperor to hit one of his warriors, if Shaohao managed to do so the army would be his to command. Shaohao grew furious as he tried and tried but failing to land a single blow, the Sha of Anger burst forth from him, followed by the shas of Violence and Hatred. As one the three sha surged toward Shaohao, but at the last moment was saved by a Shado-Pan warrior, making the ultimate sacrifice. This act taught the emperor a lesson of fellowship, love, and peace.

Adventure Guide[]

Bloodthirsty, ruthless, and savage, the Sha of Violence is unfettered within the Shado-pan Monastery. Feeding on the Horde and Alliance's brutality, the entity gleefully ravages the monks who struggle to impede the monstrous onslaught.

Spells and abilities[]

  • Spell shadow mindsteal Disorienting Smash Healer Alert Magic Effect — The Sha smashes the target, inflicting 75000 Shadow damage and causing it to wander confused for up to 4 sec. Any damage caused will remove the effect.
  • Ability whirlwind Smoke Blades Damage Dealer Alert — The Sha attacks nearby enemies in a smoky whirlwind, inflicting 30% weapon damage every 1 sec and reducing the critical strike chance of affected targets by 100%. Abilities and spells used by the afflicted targets reduce the duration of this effect by 3 seconds.
    • Ability mage coldasice Parting Smoke Damage Dealer Alert — The curtain of smoke parts, briefly revealing a weak point on the Sha of Violence. The player's next attack or spell used within 3 sec will critically strike for 100% more damage than usual.
  • Inv enchant shardsha Sha Spike — The Sha summons a spike to erupt at the target location, dealing 30 Shadow damage and knocking targets back.
  • Spell shadow spectralsight Enrage Enrage — The Sha enrages at low health, increasing its attack speed by 50%.


He'll cast Smoke Blades for the most part for no crit whatsoever. Sha Spike happens quick at anytime, so dodge if possible and/or heal that person asap. Lastly, dispel Enrage when cast.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
Inv axe 1h pandung c 01 [Crescent of Ichor] Inv axe 1h pandung c 01 [Crescent of Ichor] Agility one-hand axe
Inv gauntlets cloth dungeoncloth c 06 [Gloves of Enraged Slaughter] Inv gauntlets cloth dungeoncloth c 06 [Gloves of Enraged Slaughter] Caster cloth gloves
Inv boots plate dungeonplate c 07 [Spike-Soled Stompers] Inv boots plate dungeonplate c 07 [Spike-Soled Stompers] DPS plate boots
Inv jewelry necklace 85 [Necklace of Disorientation] Spirit necklace
Inv bracer mail dungeonmail c 06 [Bladed Smoke Bracers] Agility mail bracers

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Objective of[]


I will not be caged again. These Shado-Pan could not stop me. Neither shall you!
Killing a player
Another violent death...
So long as violence lurks in your heart... I... will... return...

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