The subject of this article or section is part of the Shattered Sun Offensive storyline and was added at the commencement of phase 4.
Image of Shaani
Title <Jewelcrafting Supplies>
Gender Female
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 25-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shattered Sun Offensive
Location Sun's Reach Harbor, Isle of Quel'Danas[51.5, 32.5]
Status Alive

Shaani is a draenei jewelcrafting vendor located on the first floor of the Inn of the Sun's Reach Harbor on the Isle of Quel'Danas. She spawns once players have retaken the Harbor.

Once players create the Alchemy Lab as part of the Shattered Sun Offensive storyline, she will sell her wares.


There are two versions of most of these recipes in-game, one requiring Scales rep and one requiring SSO rep. The recipes listed in this table are sorted based on their SSO reputation requirement, which may not be the same as the equivalent Scale of the Sands version.

In patch 2.4.2, Ontuvo <Jewelcrafting Supplies> was added in Shattrath. He sells the same wares as Shaani.

Reputation Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Design: Bold Crimson Spinel] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Delicate Crimson Spinel] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Brilliant Crimson Spinel] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Subtle Lionseye] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Smooth Lionseye] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Solid Empyrean Sapphire] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Sparkling Empyrean Sapphire] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
Honored  [Design: Timeless Shadowsong Amethyst] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Purified Shadowsong Amethyst] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Jagged Seaspray Emerald] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Radiant Seaspray Emerald] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Glinting Shadowsong Amethyst] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Potent Pyrestone] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
Revered  [Design: Regal Seaspray Emerald] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Rigid Empyrean Sapphire] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Deadly Pyrestone] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Steady Seaspray Emerald] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Reckless Pyrestone] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Quick Lionseye] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Forceful Seaspray Emerald] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
Exalted  [Design: Shifting Shadowsong Amethyst] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Sovereign Shadowsong Amethyst] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Flashing Crimson Spinel] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Mystic Lionseye] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Stormy Empyrean Sapphire] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Inscribed Pyrestone] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Veiled Shadowsong Amethyst] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Quick Dawnstone] 12g Jewelcrafting (350)
 [Design: Reckless Noble Topaz] 12g Jewelcrafting (350)
 [Design: Forceful Talasite] 12g Jewelcrafting (350)



We've done it, <name>. Mar'nah has learned how to transmute very special gems. And I've learned how to work them.

Buy Let me browse your goods.

Patch changes

  • Bc icon.gif Patch 2.4.2 (2008-05-13): Quick Dawnstone, Reckless Noble Topaz, Forceful Talasite are now all available at the Quel'danas gem vendor.
    Additionally, most recipes' qualities were reduced to common and Design: Purified Shadowsong Amethyst was also added.
  • Bc icon.gif Patch 2.4.0 (2008-03-25): Added.

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