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NeutralShade of Akama
Image of Shade of Akama
Title <Illidari>
Gender Male
Race Broken (Undead)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Illidari
Occupation Champion of the Illidari (dependent)
Location Various
Status Active[1]

The Shade of Akama is the dark portion of Akama's soul that binds Akama to Illidan's service. The shade was a reflection of all of the wickedness and evil that resided within Akama's soul: his egoism, vanity, and the lust and greed for power and glory that shadowed his outer piety. Looking upon the shade, Akama knew that it was, in many ways, his true face, and the broken felt incomplete, weaker without the darker virtues the shade also embodied: Akama's power, pride, and ambition.[2] It admires Illidan's singular vision and wants to annihilate all of its enemies, perhaps even Akama himself in time.[3] The threat of the shade kept Akama in line. At Illidan's whim, the shade could be unleashed and devour Akama from within, binding him to Illidan's will. Through Akama's spiritual ties to his Ashtongue tribe, it would be able to bind them to Illidan as well. Therefore, Akama followed Illidan's orders not only for his own sake but also to keep his people safe.[4]



Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

If the player demon hunter chooses Kayn Sunfury as their second-in-command, when Akama refuses to rejoin the Illidari to fight the Burning Legion's third invasion the Shade of Akama is recreated and joins in his place.[1] He tells the demon hunter that he has the information from Illidan that his body knows and looks forward of fighting alongside them in the war against the Legion.

During the battle in Niskara, Kayn Sunfury tells him to stay aboard the Fel Hammer and assist whenever means necessary. When they arrive at the fel barrier where Caria and Varedis await them, Kayn orders shade to use the Fel Hammer to open the way for them.

In time the Illidari, together with the Horde, Alliance, and the Army of the Light, were able to defeat the Burning Legion. The fate of the Shade of Akama following this is unknown, but as Akama was last seen attending the The Brawlpub Trial and The Brawl'gar Trial with no qualms, it is possible that the shade was once more united with Akama.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Shade of Akama (tactics) ?? 701,131
N Demon hunter [10-45] Confrontation at the Black Temple 103 - 110 6,270,571
Fel Hammer 103 - 110 5,828,660
N Demon hunter [45] The Invasion of Niskara 110 10,392,670


  • Conductive Charge
  • Chain Lightning
  • Shadow Strikes
  • Stealth
  • Thunderstorm



Black Temple

Bc icon.gif This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Main article: Shade of Akama (tactics)#Quotes


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Shade of Akama on the Fel Hammer.

  • I have always admired Illidan's singular vision. After all, the annihilation of the Burning Legion is of paramount importance. Nothing else matters. Nothing else can be allowed to stand in our way. You will take me as your champion. In return, I will bring all of my knowledge and power to bear on the task at hand. In time, we will destroy all of our enemies... perhaps even Akama as well?[3]
  • What do you need?
  • What is it you want?
  • A'khal hekita.
  • Together, we can defeat the Burning Legion.
  • I have a plan for the Legion's downfall.
  • Krona ki cristorr!
  • Roma hekota.
  • One day, I will destroy you and those who follow you.
  • The day your control over me slips is the day you die.
  • I have all eternity to reap my revenge.
  • Why did you poke me?
  • Is this some strange custom of your people?
  • Your finger is puny, so it is more annoying than anything else.
  • Now you're just TRYING to annoy me. Mission accomplished.
  • Magtheridon had better manners.
  • Very well. You leave me no choice but to ignore you.

Combat ally

  • My hatred burns!
  • My soul consume by hate!
  • My anger is uncontrollable!
Killed a mob
  • Die!
  • I envy your fate.
  • I bring death!
  • I can't go on... release me...
  • Why... do you do this... to me?


  • His generic name is Ashtongue Warrior. He rides a nether drake.
  • During the development of Legion, each Class Hall champion's unlock quest included descriptions of who they are and what their role would be on missions. The Shade of Akama's read: "As the master architect of Illidan's plan to destroy the Burning Legion, and head of the Ashtongue tribe, Akama proved himself to be a resourceful leader as well as a brilliant strategist and skilled fighter. His Shade is all of that and more." / "The Shade of Akama is a master of stealth, combat, and strategy."[5]
  • Shade of Akama is voiced by Steve Blum in Legion.

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