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BossShade of Eranikus
Image of Shade of Eranikus
Gender Male
Race Shade (Dragonkin)
Level 52 - 62 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Temple of Atal'Hakkar
Status Killable

Shade of Eranikus is an elite ghostly dragon boss found in the Temple of Atal'Hakkar. In order to fight Eranikus, you must first defeat Jammal'an the Prophet.

Adventure Guide

Eranikus, former consort to Ysera the Dreamer, was sent to guard the ruins of Atal'Hakkar and prevent Hakkar's emergence. Once within the temple, he and his retinue were corrupted by its dark forces, and he became a shade, pulled between the realms of the Emerald Dream and the physical plane. Despite his corruption, Eranikus may still call upon his powers as a green dragon to spew corrosive acid at his enemies or trap them in a deep slumber.


  • Spell shadow cripple.png  Deep Slumber Magic Effect — The Shade of Eranikus lulls a player into a deep sleep for 8 sec, stunning them and making them invulnerable.
  • Spell druid thrash.png  Thrash — The Shade of Eranikus thrashes his current target, attacking 2 additional times.
  • Ability bullrush.png  War Stomp — The Shade of Eranikus stomps, stunning all players within 0 yards for 4 sec.
  • Spell nature acid 01.png  Acid Breath — The Shade of Eranikus breaths acid, inflicting Nature damage instantly and additional Nature damage every 3 seconds for 30 sec to all players in front of him.


Before you start, make sure you have killed all four dragonkin minibosses, or they will join the fight.

Shade of Eranikus is a sharp step up in difficulty from the other bosses. Eranikus has a strong melee attack that can make quick work of any non-tank class, so it's imperative that Eranikus be on a tank at all times. This is complicated by Eranikus' ability called Deep Slumber which is a twelve second stun (rather than a sleep effect despite it's name). While it is a magic effect, it also makes the target invulnerable to all spells and abilities. Having two tanks eases this fight tremendously as the off tank can simply taunt Eranikus whenever the main tank has Deep Slumber and hold him until the main tank is back in action. This can get complicated, however, as Eranikus also has a four second AoE stun similar to [War Stomp] which he uses on a separate timer from Deep Slumber. Eranikus will still attack anyone hit with this War Stomp, but if the off tank is stunned before he can take over during a Deep Slumber, things can turn ugly, and the rest of the group should take whatever measures are necessary to control Eranikus (e.g. [Hand of Protection], [Ice Block], etc.) until a tank becomes available. A shaman is also a tremendous asset to this fight when using [Grounding Totem]. Deep Slumber can and will be intercepted by the totem, and since Deep Slumber is the only non-AoE spell that Eranikus uses, [Grounding Totem] will effectively "tank" the Deep Slumber for the entirety of the fight, making it a simple Tank and Spank.

Shade of Eranikus has a knockback attack that can send a player flying. If the maintank runs straight past Eranikus to stand with his back against the back wall, this can be nullified, yet care must be taken that the knockback does not put the player with aggro up on the ledge around the wall. This will put the player out of range of any of Eranikus' attacks, forcing him to enter an auto-evade mode and regenerate health at a huge rate. If a player is knocked up onto the wall, they must drop to the ground immediately or risk having to restart the fight.


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This evil cannot be allowed to enter this world! Come my children!

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