Shade of the Hexxer

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For his character biography, see Jin'do.
MobShade of the Hexxer
Image of Shade of the Hexxer
Gender Male
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level ??
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Hakkar the Soulflayer
Location Zul'Gurub, Northern Stranglethorn

Shade of the Hexxer is the spirit of Jin'do the Hexxer, who appears to be attempting to revive the forces of Zul'Gurub following their defeat.

During the quest B [29] Be Raptor the player controls Ohgan'aka and attempts to escape from Zul'Gurub, only to be confronted by Jin'do near the exit. Like any good villain, Jin'do explains his plans in great detail before allowing the hero to escape; it is revealed that he is trying to summon Hakkar and needs Ohgan'aka for this task. He threatens to destroy you but instead evicts you from Ohgan'aka's body and challenges you to come back at a later time.

During the quest B [31] Backdoor Dealings, players observe a conversation between Jin'do and Zanzil the Outcast. It seems Jin'do has recovered the bodies of High Priestess Jeklik and High Priest Venoxis and, knowing Zanzil's talent for raising the dead, has come to him to help resurrect them.


Shade of the Hexxer says: Where you goin' little one?
Shade of the Hexxer says: You tryin' to escape from Zul'Gurub?
Gurubashi solder yells: Get over here, bruddas, quick!
Shade of the Hexxer yells: Ain't NO ONE gonna escape Zul'Gurub! Not with Jin'do in charge!
Shade of the Hexxer says: You're lucky I don't kill ya right now... but I got bigger plans for ya.
Shade of the Hexxer says: You see... to summon Hakkar, I need Mandokir. And Mandokir, he needs you.
Bloodlord Mandokir says: Hello, Ohgan'aka.
Shade of the Hexxer says: Bloodlord, you gonna take better care of your possessions?
Bloodlord Mandokir says: Oh yeah, Jin'do. We gonna take REAL good care of Ohgan'aka.
Bloodlord Mandokir says: I got a new cage built up, and we got plenty of ways to... teach her not to escape again.
Shade of the Hexxer says: Good, Good. And you... yes, you... the meddling worm inside dat [Mind Control] spell. Don't think Jin'do can't see you.
Shade of the Hexxer yells: Whenever you get the GUTS to come back here, you better be ready. 'Cause Jin'do's got a surprise for you....

When Shade of the Hexxer talks to Zanzil the Outcast

Zanzil the Outcast says: Jin'd the Hexxer! It's been a while since I've seen that mask.
Zanzil the Outcast says: What brings you out to my part of Stranglethorn? I'm not accustomed to taking vistitors from the esteemed Zul'Gurub.
Shade of the Hexxer says: You know well enough about why I'm here, Zanzil.
Shade of the Hexxer says: The Gurubashi have fallen on hard times. I live, and Mandokir has returned..but the rest of us are gone.
Zanzil the Outcast says: What a shame...but not a concern for an old exile like Zanzil.
Shade of the Hexxer says: Well, Zanzil, I'd like to make it your concern. I've recovered the bodies of High Priestess Jeklik and High Priest Venoxis.
Shade of the Hexxer says: I remember what you can do with those elixirs of yours. Can your elixirs help an old friend?
Zanzil the Outcast says: Friend? You were among those who spit and threw stones. Jin'do. But let's let bygones be bygones eh?
Zanzil the Outcast says: So you bat and you snake need Zanzil's help? Very well. I'll see you inside Zul'Gurub...old friend.

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