NeutralShado-Pan Assault
Main leader IconSmall TaranZhu.gif Taran Zhu
Race(s) PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Theater of operations Isle of Thunder, Pandaria
Affiliation Shado-Pan
Quartermaster IconSmall Pandaren Female.gifTeng of the Flying Daggers
IconSmall Pandaren Female.gifAo Pye
Notable reward(s) Item level 522 valor gear

The Shado-Pan Assault (also spelled Shado-pan Assault)[1] are the elite Shado-Pan forces sent to kill Lei Shen, the Thunder King, once and for all. Lord Taran Zhu leads the planning of the attack from a cave underneath the Conqueror's Terrace. The main way of gaining reputation with the assault is killing bosses in the Throne of Thunder raid. This gives access to impressive Valor reward items depending on the level of reputation.

Faction description

These valorous Shado-Pan venture into the Throne of Thunder to vanquish the evil found within, and exact justice for the centuries of slavery they endured under the Thunder King's reign.


These valorous Shado-Pan venture into the Throne of Thunder to vanquish the evil found within, and exact justice for the centuries of slavery they endured under the Thunder King's reign.


Standing with the faction is primarily gained by killing mobs in the Throne of Thunder raid instance. Bosses award reputation once each week. So, if a player kills a boss in Raid Finder mode, then subsequently kills it in normal or heroic mode during the same week, the player's character gains reputation only for the first kill.

Trash mobs award reputation up to 2,999/3,000 neutral. They can be farmed by killing all of the trash before Jin'rokh the Breaker, then all members of the raid exit the instance via the instance line and let the raid leader reset the instance. Starting from 0/3,000, four or five runs will cap reputation gained in this manner.

Outside of the raid, there are several one-time quests that award a little reputation. Additionally, the once-weekly quest B [35WG] Champions of the Thunder King will award 300 reputation. There are  [Shado-Pan Assault Insignia] worth 100 reputation possibly found inside the  [Arcane Trove] and  [Sunreaver Bounty] goody bags awarded for completing boss-killing daily quests on the Isle of Thunder. Insignia can possibly be found inside the Lei Shen's Burial Troves at the end of the Troves of the Thunder King single-player loot-grabbing scenario.


In Patch 5.4, only Shado-Pan Assault quartermasters (QM) exchange rewards for Valor Points. Former Valor QMs such as Commander Oxheart now only exchange rewards for Justice Points. Rewards that previously required Honored and Revered reputation are available at Friendly reputation. Shoulder gear that was available at Exalted still requires Exalted, and the neck items are still available at Neutral.

Note: Patch 5.4 was released without including the Shado-Pan Assault faction on the Character Reputation Pane. The only way to determine reputation status with the Shado-Pan Assault is to visit a Shado-Pan quartermaster, and see which items are available on the dialog.

Teng of the Flying Daggers and Ao Pye
<Shado-Pan Assault Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Slot Focus
Neutral  [Destroyer's Battletags] 222g 3s Neck Spell caster
 [Flanker's Battletags] 220g 38s Neck Agility
 [Mender's Battletags] 222g 3s Neck Spirit
 [Striker's Battletags] 219g 58s Neck Strength
 [Vanguard's Battletags] 221g 20s Neck Tank
Friendly  [Dreamweaver Drape] 374g 93s Back Spirit
 [Longshot Forestcloak] 372g 5s Back Agility
 [Many-Layered Scalecloak] 370g 66s Back Tank
 [Shadowspike Cloak] 373g 49s Back Spell caster
 [Spikeshard Greatcloak] 397g 78s Back Strength
 [Troll-Burner Bracers] 252g 74s Wrist Cloth spell caster
 [Bracers of Shielding Thought] 251g 78s Wrist Cloth spirit
 [Willow-Weave Armbands] 270g 21s Wrist Leather agility
 [Hearthfire Armwraps] 271g 18s Wrist Leather spirit
 [Powderburn Bracers] 261g 40s Wrist Mail agility
 [Spiritcaller Cuffs] 269g 27s Wrist Mail spirit
 [Softscar Armplates] 260g 43s Wrist Plate spirit
 [Bonecrusher Bracers] 258g 53s Wrist Plate strength
 [Axebinder Wristguards] 259g 47s Wrist Plate tank
 [Band of the Shado-Pan Assault] 328g 2s Finger Strength
 [Loop of the Shado-Pan Assault] 330g 43s Finger Tank
 [Ring of the Shado-Pan Assault] 332g 81s Finger Spirit
 [Seal of the Shado-Pan Assault] 329g 23s Finger Agility
 [Signet of the Shado-Pan Assault] 331g 61s Finger Spell caster
 [Flameweaver Handwraps] 254g 72s Hands Cloth spell caster
 [Ghostbinder Grips] 253g 76s Hands Cloth spirit
 [Daggerfinger Clutches] 256g 65s Hands Leather agility
 [Gloves of Enduring Renewal] 255g 69s Hands Leather spell caster
 [Gauntlets of the Longbow] 257g 59s Hands Mail agility
 [Totemshaper Gloves] 260g 46s Hands Mail spell caster
 [Touch of Soothing Mists] 261g 42s Hands Plate intellect
 [Bloodstained Skullsqueezers] 259g 52s Hands Plate strength
 [Firestrike Cord] 255g 72s Waist Cloth spell caster
 [Girdle of Glowing Light] 256g 68s Waist Cloth spirit
 [Darkfang Belt] 253g 81s Waist Leather agility
 [Martiean's Splitleaf Girdle] 254g 75s Waist Leather spirit
 [Nightflight Chain] 271g 7s Waist Mail agility
 [Cracklebite Links] 252g 85s Waist Mail spirit
 [Waistplate of Channeled Mending] 270g 11s Waist Plate spirit
 [Swordhook Slingbelt] 268g 20s Waist Plate strength
 [Reinforced Spiritplate Girdle] 269g 17s Waist Plate dodge
 [Brutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault] 437g 48s Trinket Haste/strength
 [Soothing Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault] 432g 55s Trinket Intellect/mana
 [Steadfast Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault] 430g 95s Trinket Mastery/bonus Armor
 [Vicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault] 435g 84s Trinket Agility/crit
 [Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault] 434g 19s Trinket Intellect/haste
 [Stoneward Handguards] 258g 56s Hands Plate tank
 [Charfire Leggings] 519g 88s Legs Cloth spell caster
 [Wisp-Weave Pantaloons] 517g 97s Legs Cloth spirit
 [Legguards of Hidden Knives] 523g 72s Legs Leather agility
 [Trousers of Waning Shadow] 521g 80s Legs Leather spell caster
 [Homeguard Leggings] 541g 24s Legs Mail agility
 [Kilt of Rising Thunder] 525g 59s Legs Mail spell caster
 [Legguards of Renewal] 493g 18s Legs Plate intellect
 [Vaultbreaker Greaves] 495g 5s Legs Plate strength
 [Thunderbreaker Legplates] 543g 16s Legs Plate tank
 [Fire Support Robes] 493g 18s Chest Cloth spell caster
 [Robes of Misty Bindings] 495g 5s Chest Cloth spirit
 [Roofstalker Shadowwrap] 541g 24s Chest Leather agility
 [Raiment of Silent Stars] 543g 16s Chest Leather spirit
 [Carapace of Segmented Scale] 539g 33s Chest Mail agility
 [Skinsealer Tunic] 537g 46s Chest Mail spirit
 [Hauberk of Gleaming Fire] 512g 26s Chest Plate spirit
 [Gianttooth Chestplate] 506g 56s Chest Plate strength
 [Breastplate of Brutal Strikes] 508g 48s Chest Plate dodge
Exalted  [Shado-Pan Assault Tabard] 10g Tabard
 [Shoulders of Demonic Dreams] 1000g Shoulders Cloth spell caster
 [Halo-Graced Mantle] 1000g Shoulders Cloth spirit
 [Frost-Kissed Shoulderwraps] 1000g Shoulders Cloth spell caster
 [Wallwalker Spaulders] 1000g Shoulders Leather agility
 [Heartroot Shoulderguards] 1000g Shoulders Leather spirit
 [Targetblinder Spaulders] 1000g Shoulders Mail agility
 [Lightning Strike Mantle] 1000g Shoulders Mail spirit
 [Shoulderguards of Potentiation] 1000g Shoulders Plate spirit
 [Sightblinder Shoulderguards] 1000g Shoulders Plate strength
 [Sparksmasher Pauldrons] 1000g Shoulders Plate dodge



Along with Taran Zhu, several of the Shado-pan forces previously seen during the Townlong Steppes storyline also make appearances, including Lao-Chin the Iron Belly, Hawkmaster Nurong, Yalia Sagewhisper and Taoshi.

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