Shadow Labyrinth
SL, Shadow Labs, Lab, Slabs
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Location Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest
Race(s) Broken Broken
DemonDemonDemonDemon Demon
OrcOrc Orc
OgreOgre Ogre
IconSmall Skeleton.gif Undead
End boss IconSmall SoundLord.gif Murmur
Advised level 69-70
Player limit 5
Associated faction Lower City

Ambassador Hellmaw
Blackheart the Inciter
Grandmaster Vorpil


Other Auchindoun instances
Mana-Tombs (5)

Yor (heroic)
Nexus-Prince Shaffar

Auchenai Crypts (5)

Shirrak the Dead Watcher
Exarch Maladaar

Sethekk Halls (5)

Darkweaver Syth
Anzu (heroic)
Talon King Ikiss

Shadow Labyrinth (5)

Ambassador Hellmaw
Blackheart the Inciter
Grandmaster Vorpil

The Shadow Labyrinth is one of four instances in Auchindoun. It is occupied almost entirely by orcs and demons from the Burning Legion, such as felguards and shivarras. The instance comes to an end with a confrontation against the essence of sound, Murmur. The entry is granted from the south end of Auchindoun. The minimum required level to enter is 65.


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It is said that long ago, a shadowy cult invaded Auchindoun. In its depths, the cult released an immensely powerful, malevolent being from arcane captivity, blasting the decrepit city apart. Any adventurers brave enough to enter the abandoned, bone-littered remains of Auchindoun would do well to remember the warning of the city's original guardians, the Auchenai: those who do not respect the dead...... may become entombed along with them.[1]

Dungeon Journal

The original exiles on Draenor found death to be an unsettling and unfortunate consequence of life, and so the draenei hid their dead away in the subterranean grave-city of Auchindoun, a labyrinthine marvel beneath the forests of Terokkar.




The Arcanium · The Refectory · Sanctum of Shadows · The Screaming Hall

Dungeon Denizens

Shadow Labyrinth bosses


  • Ambassador Hellmaw – is kept banished by a number of Shadow Council minions in the second large room in the Shadow Labyrinth. Defeating the last group of banishers frees him. He has an area-effect fear with about a 40-yard range, and a nature-based venom spit that also reduces armor.
  • Blackheart the Inciter – his primary special ability is "incite chaos," which is like a mind control on all party members, who then fight each other using all available cooldowns.
  • Grandmaster Vorpil – calls for aid when attacked, causing voidwalkers to spawn at an increasing rate. The voidwalkers move slowly to Vorpil, and when they reach him heal him and damage the party. Many consider Vorpil the most difficult boss of this instance in normal mode. In Heroic, he also has a banish ability.
  • Murmur – is a powerful sound-based elemental that has been summoned by the Shadow Council, who seem to be having trouble keeping him under control. Murmur does not move in combat; his special abilities include a sonic boom area-damage effect, a spell that causes an explosion centered on a target player character, and when no player characters are in melee range, a debuff increasing vulnerability to nature damage. In heroic mode, he also has an ability that causes damage to those outside the range of his sonic boom, and the explosion effect teleports all players to the target.

See the individual boss pages for more detailed information and strategies.


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The Arcanium
The Refectory
Sanctum of Shadows
The Screaming Hall


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Shadow Labyrinth entrance



Normal trash mobs give 12 reputation to Lower City per kill (15 in Heroic); larger mobs, such as Fel Overseers and Malicious Instructors, give 24 (30 in Heroic). All bosses give 120 reputation (250 in Heroic mode). An average run, killing only the mobs needed to reach the end, gives approximately 2,000 reputation.


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