The Shadowforge Senate is an assembly that serves as part of the government of the Dark Iron clan of Dark Iron dwarves, based from the Imperial Seat in Shadowforge City. Along with the position of Emperor, the senate forms the main ruling body of Dark Iron society, exercising a large amount of control over many areas within and around Blackrock Mountain.

Governmental role

As with the Senate of Ironforge, the extent of power and the exact role played by the Shadowforge Senate is unclear. Unlike its counterpart in Ironforge, however, the Dark Iron senate is answerable to a single ruler in the form of the Emperor of the Dark Irons. Statements made by Emperor Dagran Thaurissan imply that the two institutions compete somewhat politically, with Thaurissan holding the Shadowforge Senate in poor regard.[1]

Though little is unknown of its functions, members of the Senate have been dispatched at times to oversee important projects for the clan,[2] and thus deal with threats to Dark Iron interests. With the death and destruction of much of the Senate, and Emperor Thaurissan himself, at the hands of Alliance and Horde champions when they invaded Blackrock Depths, the current status of the organization is unknown.

The Queen-Regent Moira Thaurissan now leads much of the Dark Iron clan from her seat on the Council of Three Hammers in Ironforge, without any visible influence from the Senate.



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