A Mawsworn Soulbearer in Icecrown

The Shadowlands intro experience comprises the first three storylines of the Shadowlands campaign. Sylvanas Windrunner has shattered the Helm of Domination and torn a hole in the veil between the mortal plane and the realm of death above the Frozen Throne upon Icecrown Citadel. Several faction leaders have been kidnapped for Sylvanas' unknown purpose.

It's up to the champion and the Ebon Blade to venture through the veil and save reality!

Death Rising

Prior to the launch of Shadowlands itself, the pre-launch event played out in a limited-time two-week quest chain (and associated daily quests) alongside other pre-patch content during the Death Rising event.

Week one:

  1. B [50] An Urgent Request
  2. B [50] Cause for Distraction
  3. B [50] Return of the Crusade
  4. B [50] Field Reports
  5. B [50] Damned Intruders
  6. B [50] Return of the Scourge
  7. B [50] A Message from Icecrown
  8. N [50] Securing the Area & N [50] A Valiant Effort
  9. N [50] Scouting from a Safe Distance
  10. N [50] Advancing the Effort (unlocks week one dailies)

Week two:
Optional breadcrumb: N [50] A Message from the Justicar

  1. N [50] A New Foothold
  2. N [50] Cult Couture & N [50] Fighting for Attention
  3. N [50] Secrets in Shadows
  4. N [50] Bursting the Bubble
  5. N [50] A Message from Above
  6. N [50] Only Shadows Remain (unlocks week two dailies)
  7. B [50] With Hope in Hand

Week one dailies:

Completing Strange Scourgestones unlocks:

Week two dailies, two of:

The Maw

Through the shattered sky

Having already lost contact with Anduin Wrynn, Baine Bloodhoof, Thrall, and Jaina Proudmoore after Sylvanas Windrunner and the Mawsworn kyrian have kidnapped them, Bolvar Fordragon, the current Lich King, calls upon other representatives of the Alliance and Horde to come up with a plan to recover them from the Maw.

As is tradition, the plan immediately goes awry and it's up to Darion Mograine and the champion to step up and escape.

  1. N [50] Shadowlands: A Chilling Summons
  2. N [50] Through the Shattered Sky
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N [50] Fear to Tread
  5. N [50] On Blackened Wings
  6. N [50] A Flight from Darkness
  7. N [50] A Moment's Respite
  8. N [50] Field Seance
  9. N [50] Speaking to the Dead
  10. N [50] Soul in Hand
  11. N [50] The Lion's Cage
  12. N [50] The Afflictor's Key and N [50] An Undeserved Fate
  13. N [50] From the Mouths of Madness
  14. N [50] By and Down the River
  15. N [50] Wounds Beyond Flesh and N [50] A Good Axe
  16. N [50] Draw Out the Darkness
  17. N [50] The Path to Salvation
  18. N [50] Stand as One

Threads of Fate

The threads of fate

Alts of players who have already completed the level-up campaign, earned the  [Choosing Your Purpose] achievement, and completed the first chapter of their covenant campaign will be offered a choice by Fatescribe Roh-Tahl, once they make it out of the Maw and land in Oribos. Players can choose to play through the level-up campaign again, or twist the threads of fate: immediately choose a covenant, start working on renown, and level through world quests/side quests/bonus objectives, and dungeons.

If alts choose to go down this road they will be locked in and cannot play through the level-up campaign. However, alts on the level-up campaign can choose to speak to the fatescribe at any time.

  1. N [50-60] The Threads of Fate
  2. N [50-60] Re-Introductions
  3. N [50-60] Choosing Your Purpose
  4. N [50-60] Aiding the Shadowlands
  5. Choose a path:
  6. Additional breadcrumbs after Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, or Revendreth:
    1. N [50-60] The Next Step (choose a second zone)
    2. N [50-60] Furthering the Purpose (choose a third zone)
    3. N [50-60] The Last Step (the remaining zone)


The Arbiter

After escaping alone from the Jailer's forces bearing down on them at the Maw, the player appears at Oribos, the Eternal City, with some unpleasantly surprised guards noticing the player's arrival. Take a few moments to learn the lay of the land and of the greater situation involving the anima drought before moving on to Bastion.

  1. N [50] Stranger in an Even Stranger Land
  2. N [50] No Place for the Living
  3. N [50] Audience with the Arbiter
  4. N [50] Tether to Home
  5. N [50] A Doorway Through the Veil
  6. N [50] The Eternal City
  7. N [50] Understanding the Shadowlands
  8. N [50] The Path to Bastion
  9. N [50] Seek the Ascended

Onwards to Bastion

The champion uses some of the last of Oribos' anima to open the way to Bastion, starting the Shadowlands campaign in earnest in the Bastion storyline's first quest: N [50-52] Welcome to Eternity.

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