Not to be confused with Shadowmoon Technician (Vault of the Wardens).
MobShadowmoon Technician
Image of Shadowmoon Technician
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 61 - 62 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shadowmoon clan
Occupation Technician
Location Blood Furnace
Status Killable

Shadowmoon Technicians are trash mobs in the Blood Furnace wing of Hellfire Citadel who drop Proximity Mines and sticks of dynamite.

Objective of

They drop  [Fel Orc Blood Vial] at an approximate 10% drop rate, for the Alliance and Horde quest: The Blood is Life.

Proximity Mines

Technicians periodically set these devices while in combat; each takes a few seconds to arm itself (which can be seen as an emote in the chat window), after which stepping on one will cause it to explode for 1800 fire damage (small AOE). This can be quite dangerous to the party, especially since the mines tend to be clustered near each other. Strategies:

  • Don't step on them. (Sometimes that's unavoidable, so...)
  • A Rogue can use [Disarm Trap] to deactivate a mine.
  • A Hunter can use [Eyes of the Beast] and send his pet ahead to trigger mines and soak the damage from them. (Works best if the pet has high stamina and/or fire resistance.)
  • Similarly, a Warlock can use [Eye of Kilrogg] to clear mines ahead of the party.

Heroic Mode

Longer silence. Proximity Mines no longer show an emote when dropped.
15 Honor Hold Rep

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