Shadowy Gem

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For the Fangs of the Father quest item, see  [Shadowy Gem].
  • Shadowy Gem
  • Binds to Blizzard account
  • "Obtained through the Blackrock Depths Pet Challenge. Speak with Burt Macklyn near the entrance of Blackrock Depths in Blackrock Mountain to exchange these."

Shadowy Gems are a type of currency-like item obtained as a reward from N [120] Pet Battle Challenge: Blackrock Depths.

As currency

They can be used to purchase the following items from Burt Macklyn in Blackrock Mountain:

Inv desertlasherorchid yellow.png [Wailing Lasher]
1 Shadowy Gem
Inv pet mechanicalbearcub.png [Tinyclaw]
2 Shadowy Gem
Ability monk tigerpalm.png [Experiment 13]
3 Shadowy Gem
Inv crate 01.png [Unopened Blackrock Supply Crate]
1 Shadowy Gem

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