Shadra the Venom Queen (Horde)

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HordeShadra the Venom Queen
Start Deathstalker Lookout
End Darkcleric Marnal
Level 35 (Requires 32)
Category Hinterlands
Experience 4950
Rewards  [Veil of Aerie Peak],  [Headguard of Aerie Peak],  [Headcover of Aerie Peak] or  [Helm of Aerie Peak]
1g 10s
Previous A [35] Summoning Shadra


Kill Shadra the Venom Queen.


<The ground rumbles as the idol sits on the altar, and the lake below roils! Shadra is emerging!>


You may choose one of the following items:

Inv helmet 173.png [Veil of Aerie Peak] Inv helmet 175v3.png [Headguard of Aerie Peak]
Inv helmet 175v1.png [Headcover of Aerie Peak] Inv helmet 187v3.png [Helm of Aerie Peak]

You will also receive 1g 10s.


(no text)


Excellently done. You have served the Dark Lady well today, <name>.

This virulent blood will supply our armies with all manner of powerful weapons against the disgusting Alliance. We will wipe them from these lands.

For the Horde, of course... and all thanks to you.


  1. B [34] The Eye of Shadra
    • Optional chain:
    1. B [34] Can't Make An Omelette Without...
    2. B [34] Starvation Diet
  2. B [34] The Fang of Shadra
  3. B [35] The Shell of Shadra
  4. B [35] Summoning Shadra
  5. B [35] Shadra the Venom Queen

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