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Not to be confused with Shagra.
Image of Shagara
Gender Female
Race Orc
Class Shaman
Affiliation(s) Horde, Garad'kra
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Targnak
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Shagara is an orc shaman and the leader of a unit of the Garad'kra. She honors the ideals that Thrall upheld during his time as warchief, even when her companions in the Garad'kra pursue their own goals over serving the greater good.[1]


The Garad'kra[]

Shagara's Garad'kra

Shagara with her Garad'kra.

Shagara spent many years in the Northern Barrens with her father, a farmer.[2] In adulthood, Shagara and other shaman used their skills to compel the elements to bring rain to the parched settlements of the drought-prone Durotar, causing many to depend on her.[3]

After the Cataclysm, Shagara's shaman mentor Targnak recommended her to the Garad'kra, Warchief Garrosh Hellscream's new militia group, and she was put in charge of a team consisting of Ironhoof the tauren, Ashra the blood elf, Rada'jin the troll, and Felgrim the Forsaken. While en route to Orgrimmar, Shagara and Targnak tried to save a farm in northern Durotar from lava streams, but the water spirits refused to answer her call. Targnak suggested that she should finish her journey to Orgrimmar instead, but Shagara refused to give up and called on the element of air to create a lightning storm. This halted the lava, but also destroyed the farm. Targnak admonished her for her recklessness, but Shagara replied that he was the one who'd taught her that risk is a part of life.

Ashra v Shagara

Shagara and Ashra fighting in a mak'gora.

In Orgrimmar, Shagara summoned Ironhoof, Ashra, and Rada'jin to the Valley of Honor, to inspect them before they assembled in front of Battlemaster Bröng. She named Ironhoof to be her stone guard, giving his commands the same weight as hers, in the hopes of using his experience to mold her team. Ashra, who disliked the idea of the Garad'kra being led only by orcs, challenged Shagara to mak'gora for command of the team. She nearly killed him in the duel, but left him alive with the intent of humbling him. She and the others then hurried to meet up with the last team member, Felgrim, as he arrived to Orgrimmar. Shagara intervened when a group of orcs tried to attack Felgrim for his involvement in the Wrathgate, but Felgrim proceeded to incinerate the orcs and warn his new teammates not to interfere in his affairs. At the Garad'kra assembly in the Ring of Valor, Battlemaster Bröng gave them their first mission: to deal with a new centaur threat. Ashra continued bickering with Felgrim and Ironhoof until Shagara reminded the blood elf of her authority.[4]

The Barrens[]

Shagara casting

Shagara using her air totem during the battle in the Barrens.

Shagara's team traveled to the Northern Barrens and found the orc Malgar under attack from the new centaur leader Aratas and his soldiers. Shagara's team proved to be disorganized, with Rada'jin attacking recklessly and almost costing them the battle, but they ultimately won the fight thanks to Malgar's help. Afterward, Shagara harshly reprimanded Rada'jin. Malgar's unlikely friend Dorthar, a centaur abandoned by his kin, revealed that Aratas had created an army of centaur and orc slaves in Desolace in order to invade Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar. Shagara asked for Ironhoof's advice, and he decided that the Garad'kra needed to buy the Horde time by striking at Desolace on their own.

Dorthar training

Shagara and Rada'jin bonding with Dorthar during a training session.

Shagara sent word back to Bröng, after which the team set out on a zeppelin journey to Desolace alongside Malgar and Dorthar. During the voyage, Malgar argued with Shagara, telling her that her disorganized team had no chance against the centaur army and that they should focus on freeing the slaves instead. Shagara shot back that the lone wolf Malgar knew nothing of teamwork. Shagara bonded with a self-deprecating Rada'jin, assuring him that they all—Shagara most of all—were trying to prove their worth, just like him. She also helped teach Dorthar how to fight and play to his strengths, an exercise which the rest of the Garad'kra soon joined in on, knitting the team closer together and training them to work as a unit.[4]


Shagara and Aratas

Aratas capturing Shagara.

Aratas' father's death

Ashra destroying the elemental.

On arrival in Desolace, Shagara and Ironhoof formed a plan to stop the centaur army by killing Aratas, even if it meant their own deaths, while Malgar and Dorthar would free the orc slaves. In the ensuing battle outside Maraudon, the Garad'kra started to lose against Aratas' perfect ones. The khan personally attacked and captured Shagara, who pretended to fall unconscious, and killed Rada'jin. Aratas then brought Shagara into Maraudon with the intent of sacrificing her to his elemental father to drive the latter into a bloodlust and cause it to rampage across Azeroth. The Garad'kra stopped in outer Maraudon to fight the elemental while Malgar pursued Aratas. The khan easily held Malgar off until Shagara revealed that she was conscious and used her earth totem to root the centaur in place, allowing Malgar to decapitate him. The two orcs ran back to the main chamber and Malgar tossed Aratas' head at the elemental to distract it. Shagara gave Aratas' spear—the elemental's only weakness—to Ashra, and after the others used their abilities to give him an opening, he used it to destroy the monster.

Shagara talking to Bröng

Shagara, in new armor, talking to Battlemaster Bröng.

Aratas' death gave the Horde enough time to break up the centaur army and end their threat. Back in Orgrimmar weeks later, as Shagara and Ironhoof searched for recruits that could take Rada'jin's place, Battlemaster Bröng told Shagara that she had been reckless but that her mission had been a success. Shagara disagreed, as she was bothered by Rada'jin's death and disliked Warchief Hellscream's treatment of the Darkspear, regardless of what Garrosh thought of her opinion. Bröng replied that he liked her boldness and that it would serve the Horde well. Malgar later sought out Shagara and offered to take Rada'jin's place in the Garad'kra. He admitted that he would be a challenge to command, but he had realized that he wanted to fight alongside his friends. Shagara replied that she accepted the challenge. The friends then gathered to witness Dorthar joining the Horde.[4]


Shagara Bloodsworn

Shagara in Bloodsworn.

  • "Didn't you tell me that risk is an essential part of life?"[5]
  • Shagara: "Rada'jin, everyone strives to prove their worth. It is why we are all here, in one way or another."
    Rada'jin: "Even you, mon?"
    Shagara: "Especially me."[2]
  • "Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. You must learn to use what you have."[6]
  • "True strength is not of the body, centaur, but of the heart."[7]
  • Shagara: "Rada'jin's courage saved us all. I find myself uneasy with Garrosh's treatment of the Darkspear trolls. They are worthy of his respect."
    Bröng: "Garrosh may not like what you have to say."
    Shagara: "It is not my duty to please Garrosh, but to do what is best for the Horde."[8]



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