Shake Your Bunny-Maker is part of the  [Noble Gardener] meta-achievement for the Noblegarden world event.

This achievement is complicated by the fact that the  [Spring Flowers] have a five minute cooldown, but it is not impossible.

When attempting to place bunny ears, ensure that your target is not already wearing bunny ears (Check their buffs! Look for a carrot icon), though this won't trigger a cooldown.

If you don't mind a little PvP, you can get this achievement very quickly. Just queue for Arena matches. The cool-down is reset for your  [Spring Flowers] each match, because it's shorter than 10 min.


  • The flowers are instant-use and will not cause a dismount. You can swoop just close enough to apply the ears, then fly away. This simplifies placing ears on females of the opposite faction (but watch out for flying guards).
  • This achievement can be accomplished even after Noblegarden as long as you posses  [Spring Flowers].
  • The fact that the characters have to be at least Level 18 is an obvious reference to 18 being the legal age for, ahem, all sorts of things.

Patch changes

  • Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1.0 (2018-12-11): No longer requires the player to be female.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.3.0 (2011-11-29): Now requires worgen and goblin targets as well.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.1.0 (2009-04-14): Added.

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