• Shal'dorei Silk
  • Crafting Reagent
  • "Luxurious cloth, woven by nightborne tailors."
  • Sell Price: 1c

Shal'dorei Silk, as its name suggests, is created by the nightborne, using the same pattern weave that the Highborne used, not surprising since many nightborne were Highborne from before the Great Sundering. This silk is sumptuous and is created with a bit of ley energy woven right into it.[1] At first glance, it can be mistaken for old festival cloth that was made by the night elves.[2]

The ley energy within causes the silk to be 'fickle' about the types of thread they'll accept.[1] Normal thread apparently will burn, falling out of the cloth and leaving the material ripped and snagged.[3]

The solution to this is to use something that's learned to coexist with the ley energies of the Broken Isles, and apparently, the most readily available source is catgut from the native owlcats.[1]


This item drops from humanoids on Broken Isles.

As an ingredient

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  • Blink-Trigger Headgun


As an objective

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