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For shaman abilities and talents on Classic servers, see Shaman abilities (Classic).

Shaman abilities are abilities used by shaman. Most abilities are shared between all specializations, while some are only specific to one (or two) specializations.


All shaman automatically learn the following spells at the specified level, regardless of specialization.

Ability Level
Spell nature lightning [Lightning Bolt] 1
Spell shaman primalstrike [Primal Strike] 2
Spell fire flameshock [Flame Shock] 3
Spell nature healingway [Healing Surge] 4
Spell nature strengthofearthtotem02 [Earthbind Totem] 5
Spell nature lightning [Lightning Bolt] Rank 2 6
Spell fire flametounge [Flametongue Weapon] 7
Spell shaman improvedreincarnation [Reincarnation] 8
Spell nature lightningshield [Lightning Shield] 9
Spell nature spiritwolf [Ghost Wolf] 10/B Shaman [1-10] A Shaman's Duty
Spell nature regenerate [Ancestral Spirit] 13
Spell nature farsight [Far Sight] 14
Spell nature astralrecal [Astral Recall] 32
Spell frost windwalkon [Water Walking] 33
Ability shaman heroism [Heroism]/Spell nature bloodlust [Bloodlust] 48


The three shaman specializations are Elemental (caster DPS), Enhancement (melee DPS) and Restoration (healer).

For an exploration of each shaman specialization, see Shaman specializations.


Talents become available at level 10. They can be changed at any time outside of combat, except during a PvP match or Mythic+ dungeon. A talented ability cannot be changed while it is on cooldown.

Row 5 is locked until 8 points are spent, and row 8 is locked until 20 points are spent.

Class talents[]

Tier Talent Ranks Requirement
1 Spell nature healingwavegreater [Chain Heal] 1 Automatic for Restoration
Spell shaman lavaburst [Lava Burst] 1 Automatic for Elemental/Restoration
Ability shaman astralshift [Astral Shift] 1
Spell nature chainlightning [Chain Lightning] 1 Automatic for Elemental/Enhancement
2 Spell nature cyclone [Wind Shear] 1 Lava Burst or Astral Shift
Spell shaman astralshift [Planes Traveler]/
Spell shaman ancestralawakening [Astral Bulwark]
1 Astral Shift
Spell hunter lonewolf [Spirit Wolf]/
Ability hunter longevity [Thunderous Paws]
1 Astral Shift
Spell frost frostshock [Frost Shock] 1 Chain Lightning
Spell shaman maelstromweapon [Maelstrom Weapon] 1 Chain Lightning (Automatic for Enhancement)
3 Spell nature skinofearth [Earth Shield] 1 Chain Heal
Spell firefrost orb [Fire and Ice] 1 Lava Burst OR Wind Shear
Spell nature earthelemental totem [Earth Elemental] 1 Wind Shear
Spell nature brilliance [Capacitor Totem] 1 Wind Shear OR Planes Traveler/Astral Bulwark OR Spirit Wolf/Thunderous Paws
Spell beastmaster wolf [Ancestral Wolf Affinity] 1 Spirit Wolf/Thunderous Paws OR Frost Shock
Inv jewelry talisman 06 [Brimming with Life] 1 Chain Lightning
4 Ability mage shattershield [Elemental Orbit] 1 Earth Shield
Inv spear 04 [Healing Stream Totem] 1 Earth Shield OR Fire and Ice
Ability earthen pillar [Ancestral Defense] 1 Fire and Ice
Spell nature tremortotem [Tremor Totem] 1 Fire and Ice OR Earth Elemental OR Capacitor Totem
Spell nature brilliance [Static Charge]/
Inv mace 2h draenorcrafted d 01 b alliance [Guardian's Cudgel]
1 Capacitor Totem
Spell nature purge [Purge]/
Spell shaman focusedstrikes [Greater Purge]
1 Frost Shock OR Ancestral Wolf Affinity OR Brimming with Life
Ability ghoulfrenzy [Flurry] 1 Maelstrom Weapon OR Brimming with Life
5 Spell holy serendipity [Swirling Currents] 2 Healing Stream Totem
Ability shaman cleansespirit [Cleanse Spirit] 1 Healing Stream Totem OR Ancestral Defense (Elemental/Enhancement only)
Ability shaman cleansespirit [Improved Purify Spirit] 1 Healing Stream Totem OR Ancestral Defense (Restoration only)
Spell nature stranglevines [Earthgrab Totem]/
Ability shaman windwalktotem [Wind Rush Totem]
1 Ancestral Defense OR Tremor Totem OR Static Charge/Guardian's Cudgel
Spell shaman hex [Hex] 1 Ancestral Wolf Affinity OR Static Charge/Guardian's Cudgel OR Purge/Greater Purge
Spell nature spiritarmor [Nature's Fury] 2 Brimming with Life OR Purge/Greater Purge OR Flurry
6 Spell nature lightningshield [Surging Shields] 2 Elemental Orbit OR Swirling Currents
Inv 10 elementalcombinedfoozles primordial [Elemental Warding] 2 Swirling Currents OR Cleanse Spirit OR Improved Purify Spirit OR Earthgrab Totem/Wind Rush Totem
Spell nature natureguardian [Nature's Guardian] 2 Earthgrab Totem/Wind Rush Totem OR Hex
Spell shaman hex [Voodoo Mastery]/
Inv frog2 teal [Enfeeblement]
1 Hex
Ability druid galewinds [Winds of Al'Akir] 2 Nature's Fury
7 Spell shaman spiritwalkersgrace [Spiritwalker's Grace] 1 Swirling Currents OR Surging Shields OR Elemental Warding
Spell shaman thunderstorm [Thunderstorm] 1 Elemental Warding OR Nature's Guardian
Inv relics totemofrebirth [Totemic Focus] 2 Hex OR Nature's Guardian
Ability tracking [Spirit Walk]/
Ability skyreach four wind [Gust of Wind]
1 Voodoo Mastery/Enfeeblement OR Winds of Al'Akir
8 Spell shaman spectraltransformation [Graceful Spirit]/
Ability racial forceshield [Spiritwalker's Aegis]
1 Spiritwalker's Grace
Ability shaman ancestralguidance [Ancestral Guidance] 1 Elemental Warding OR Spiritwalker's Grace OR Thunderstorm
Ability shaman totemrelocation [Totemic Projection] 1 Nature's Guardian OR Thunderstorm OR Totemic Focus
Spell nature agitatingtotem [Totemic Surge] 2 Voodoo Mastery/Enfeeblement OR Totemic Focus OR Spirit Walk/Gust of Wind
Ability racial runningwild [Go with the Flow] 2 Spirit Walk/Gust of Wind
9 Spell nature manaregentotem [Mana Spring] 1 Graceful Spirit/Spiritwalker's Aegis OR Ancestral Guidance
Ability thunderking thunderstruck [Thundershock]/
Shaman pvp lightninglasso [Lightning Lasso]
1 Thunderstorm
Spell nature poisoncleansingtotem [Poison Cleansing Totem] 1 Totemic Focus OR Totemic Projection OR Totemic Surge
Ability shaman multitotemactivation [Totemic Recall] 1 Totemic Surge OR Go with the Flow
10 Spell nature ravenform [Nature's Swiftness] 1 Graceful Spirit/Spiritwalker's Aegis OR Mana Spring
Ability shaman stoneskintotem [Stoneskin Totem]/
Ability shaman tranquilmindtotem [Tranquil Air Totem]
1 Totemic Projection OR Thundershock/Lightning Lasso OR Poison Cleansing Totem
Ability shaman multitotemactivation [Call of the Elements]/
Inv artifact xp03 [Creation Core]
1 Totemic Recall

Specialization talents[]

PvP talents[]

PvP talents become available at level 20. Up to 3 PvP talents may be active at any given time (with additional slots becoming available at levels 30 and 40).

These talents are active in the open world with War Mode turned on, as well as during instanced PvP. They have no effect in dungeons and raids.


Glyphs are items that can change a spell or ability's visual appearance. Most glyphs are crafted by scribes, are color-coded by class, and can be applied as early as level 11. They can be removed at any time outside of combat using Inv misc dust 02 [Vanishing Powder].

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