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These are discussions of the salient points of each Shaman quest.

This page contains Spoilers. If you want to figure these out on your own, do not read this page. While these are not step by step walk throughs, they do hit all the main points and give an outline to completion.

Available Shaman quests[]

Exile's Reach[]

Shadowfang Keep quest (Level 8)[]

Blackrock Depths (Level 20)[]

Ahn'Qiraj item sets (Level 30)[]

Val'anyr quest (Level 30)[]

This quest is also available to Paladins, Priests & Druids.

Legion Shaman campaign[]

Classic quests[]

Alliance Crest Horde Crest Classic Class trainer introduction (Level 1)[]

Cataclysm Shaman introduction (Level 3)[]

Alliance Crest Horde Crest Call of Earth (Level 4)[]

Alliance Crest Horde Crest Call of Fire (Level 10)[]

Alliance Crest Horde Crest Call of Water (Level 20)[]

Alliance Crest Horde Crest Call of Air (Level 30)[]

Alliance Crest Horde Crest Four Totems Relic (Level 30)[]

Neutral Elemental Mastery (Level 50)[]

Silithus item reward (Level 56)[]

Horde Crest The Darkreaver Menace (Level 58)[]

There was no Alliance equivalent for this quest line.

Dire Maul item reward (Level 60)[]

Zandalar item set (Level 60)[]