Shan'ze Dao.

Shan'ze Dao is the northernmost island in the Westersea off the northwest coast of Townlong Steppes. The Shado-Pan from the Shado-Pan Garrison have staked a claim on the southeastern corner of the island, setting up a small camp, and a portal back to the garrison. With the rise of the Thunder King, the majority of the Shan'ze mogu on the island have gone to the Throne of Thunder to prepare for the final assault on Pandaria. Despite the majority leaving, Lei Shen still maintains a firm grip on the island, keeping it under mogu occupation.

Upon completing the quest N [25-35] Through the Portal, players will be able to teleport between Shan'ze Dao and Shado-Pan Garrison.

Even though the Isle of Thunder is just north of Shan'ze Dao, it is located in a separate instance and is not reachable by flying or swimming north. Players attempting to do so will find their way blocked by an impenetrable fog.

Notable inhabitants

Shan'ze Dao Digsite

The area surrounding the highest point is a mogu archaeology dig site.

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