MobThe Shan'ze
Main leader IconSmall LeiShen.gif Lei Shen
IconSmall Mogu Male.gif Shan Bu
Secondary leaders IconSmall Mogu Male.gif Shan Jitong
Race(s) Mogu
Base of operations Shan'ze Dao, Isle of Thunder
Theater of operations Jade Forest, Townlong Steppes

The Shan'ze are a clan of mogu found in Townlong Steppes, the Jade Forest, and the Isle of Thunder. They operate from the dark island of Shan'ze Dao, where they make plans to assault Niuzao Temple to the south to claim the entire region of Townlong Steppes.

Eventually, led by Shan Bu, the Shan'ze launched a devastating assault on Niuzao Temple and the surrounding area, which left the Pandaren defenders decimated. However, with the help of adventurers, Niuzao managed to drive back the Mogu north. It was then Shan Bu heard the news of Lei Shen's return, and he looked forward to serving his emperor once again.

Shan Bu has taken the majority of his clan, which is currently the largest of all Mogu clans in Pandaria, to the Thunder King's seat of power. A small group of Shan'ze remained on Shan'ze Dao to hold the island for the Thunder King's forces. The Shan'ze have added tremendously to Lei Shen's ever-growing army which he intends to use to reclaim his rule over Pandaria.

Another splinter cell of Shan'ze led by Shan Jitong led an invasion force into the Jade Forest to claim the region.