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For her Warcraft III unit, see Shandris (Warcraft III).
AllianceShandris Feathermoon
Image of Shandris Feathermoon
Title General of the Sentinel Army, Lady[1]
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Class Hunter, Warrior,[2] former priestess[3]
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sentinel Army, Shadowleaves, Darnassus, Alliance, Unseen Path
Former affiliation(s) Kaldorei Empire, Kaldorei Resistance, Sisterhood of Elune
Occupation General of the Sentinel Army, leader of the Shadowleaves and Feathermoon Stronghold, Archer, Hippogryph rider[4]
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Tyrande & Malfurion (adoptive parents),
Illidan (adoptive uncle),
Family killed in the War of the Ancients
Mentor(s) Tyrande Whisperwind
Companion(s) Jai'alator (hippogryph), Janius (childhood friend)

“The thrill of the hunt... There's nothing like it.”

— Shandris, while tracking the san'layn[5]

Shandris Feathermoon is a legendary night elf Sentinel and the current General of the Sentinel Army, as well as a close personal friend and adoptive daughter of High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind. Shandris first came to prominence during the War of the Ancients, where her entire family was slain by demons, after which she was adopted by High Priestess Tyrande and took up arms herself.

After the end of the war, Shandris continued to stand with unwavering devotion by Tyrande's side, becoming a fierce defender of the high priestess.[2] Shandris came to lead a cadre of Sentinels known as the Shadowleaves, and helped lead her people during the Third War, and in the defense of Nordrassil at the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Shandris proved herself to be a skilled warrior and archer over the years, eventually being promoted to general of the Sentinels.[2]

As head of the military, Shandris has since been involved in many conflicts across Azeroth, leading the night elves to victory on numerous occasions. She notably commanded the bulk of Sentinel forces from Feathermoon Stronghold before and during the Cataclysm, and later co-led the Alliance's war campaign on Zandalar during the Fourth War.


War of the Ancients[]

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Shandris Feathermoon by Metzen

Shandris Feathermoon.

As an adolescent Shandris lived in the village of Ara-Hinam, where her father trained her to become an excellent archer. Her closest childhood friend was a boy named Janius.[6] When the invading forces of the Burning Legion arrived and destroyed the settlement, she and Janius had been playing together. He was apparently supposed to watch her, but the two got separated.[7] Shandris was also separated from her family and fled south with the other survivors, chased by the ravening demons. Fortunately for the refugees, the pursuing Legion was intercepted by Kur'talos Ravencrest and his combined night elf forces, who slaughtered the demonic army.

The survivors of Ara-Hinam joined with the defenders. Shortly thereafter, at the defender's camp, a lonely and bitter Shandris was found by Tyrande Whisperwind, priestess of Elune. Tyrande became fond of the young girl, and couldn't bear to simply let her remain among the survivors alone, and so she accompanied the priestess. Shandris soon started to idolize Tyrande and followed her everywhere she went, learning the arts of divine magic and healing from the goddess-touched Tyrande. Shandris wanted more than anything to take part in the battles, but Tyrande forbid it, so she secretly followed the Sisters into battle, looking on from the shadows. Shandris' secret tours were discovered by Tyrande, and the priestess told Shandris to never again put herself in such danger. Shandris reluctantly agreed. However, just before one of the most important battles in the war, Shandris grabbed her bow and ran after Tyrande after watching her ride away.

The dragon Aspects joined the fray for the first time in the battle that followed and Neltharion revealed his betrayal. Chaos broke out as Deathwing slaughtered both defenders, demons, and the entire blue dragonflight in his madness, until he was forced to retreat by Korialstrasz. When the dragons departed, the scattered defenders were put under heavy pressure as the demons renewed their charge. In the chaotic battles near the forest's edge, Malfurion found his beloved Tyrande at the mercy of one he had thought dead, Xavius. Xavius mocked Malfurion for some time, and just as he was about to strike the death blow to the young druid, his body was rocked by a feathered arrow plunging into his shoulder. Shandris, hidden in the forest, had proved her unnatural talent with the bow. Xavius' satyrs struggled to open up a portal to Zin'Azshari when the fighting night elves and demons reached their location. Several satyrs fell, impaled by Shandris' arrows, and Malfurion was able to confront Xavius unhindered. Focusing on the wood of Shandris' arrow impaled into Xavius' shoulder, Malfurion caused it to grow into a massive oak tree, consuming Xavius's flesh in the process. Still, the night elf druid failed to rescue his beloved Tyrande from the escaping demons. Shandris was rescued by Korialstrasz from the massive downpour created by Malfurion's resulting grief, and hounded him to rescue the priestess.

Shandris, with nothing stopping her from taking part in battles, clad in armor a bit too large for her, joined with the Sisterhood of Elune. And so, as all sisters, she followed the command of Jarod Shadowsong, though the sisters themselves were now led by Jarod's arrogant sister, Maiev.

During the last, and most epic battle, when the night elves, and the combined forces of the denizens of Kalimdor, met the vast army of Archimonde the Defiler, Shandris was in the middle of the fray. Along with the sisters, she dropped dozens of demons with lethally aimed arrows.

During the Sundering, Shandris fled with the other night elves to the slopes of Mt Hyjal. As the chaos subsided, Shandris stood next to Jarod, ever close to Tyrande.

It is hinted that Shandris wanted to start a romantic relationship with Jarod,[3] but as it would be later revealed, Jarod avoided this due to personal happenings in his own life.

Following the establishment of the Sentinels, she was named captain.[8]

Curse of the Worgen[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

Shandris participated in the War of the Satyr leading the army of Sentinels. She led a group of Sentinels along with the druids Ralaar and Arvell against the satyr Xalan the Feared. Though they killed Xalan, the rest of satyrs almost overwhelmed them. Shandris and her sentinels divided from the druids leaving them to satyrs. They survived using the pack form and eventually attacked Shandris and her sentinels. While Shandris was just wounded, Aldorei, Elanu, Morina and Tyrnas died. Shandris quickly recovered and together with Tyrande, Malfurion and an army of elves attacked a satyr encampment. She witnessed the first worgen who destroyed the encampment but also attacked the elves. The army had to flee. She eventually battled against the Alpha Prime and his feral worgen where Malfurion trapped them into Daral'nir using the Scythe of Elune delivered by priestess Belysra.[9]

The Long Vigil[]

Shandris remained at the right hand of Tyrande during the long vigil, and came to lead an elite group of sentinels called the Shadowleaves.

Shandris once fought alongside Ranger Captain Areiel two or three thousand years ago.[10]

The Third War[]

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Shandris in Warcraft III: Reforged.

Shandris wcr

Shandris in Warcraft III: Reforged.

Having the rank Captain,[11] Shandris was stirred from her long vigil by the Orcish Horde. When they began to assault the forest, Shandris and her Sentinels attacked. During these battles, a vast army of fel orcs infused with the blood of Mannoroth managed to kill the demigod Cenarius after a long and arduous combat. Horrified, Shandris and the Shadowleaves retreated deeper into Ashenvale to warn the high priestess, Tyrande. Tyrande quickly surmised that the invaders must leave. Shandris loyally obeyed, and together, they sensed a looming darkness. Shandris believed it to be the demonic orcs who killed Cenarius, but Tyrande was still unsure. Shandris remained deeper in the foothills of Mount Hyjal while Tyrande took care of the human and orc problem. But her encampment came under heavy attack by the undead and they barely beat them back. When Tyrande arrived with the survivors of the demonic attack, she knew that the time had come to awaken the druids once more. Shandris stayed behind to defend Hyjal and the World Tree, Nordrassil, while Tyrande went out to awaken the druids. Shandris bravely fought back the demons and undead, until she saw a massive demonic force amassing at the base of the mountain. Just then, Tyrande and Furion arrived with human and orcish allies at their back. Together, they formed a plan to dupe Archimonde into destroying himself.

Jaina defended the human base, while Thrall took charge of the orcish encampment. Shandris was next to Tyrande, constantly on the front lines. First while defending Jaina's encampment, then while defending Thrall's, Shandris' arrows were the death of many demons. At last, when both Jaina's and Thrall's fortifications were broken, Shandris and Tyrande, along with the rest of the night elves, retreated to the peak of the mountain. Shandris fought fiercely in the very last battle, when all night elves, ancients, furbolgs, and even dark trolls stood combined against the might of the thousands of ravening demons that came against them. When Archimonde himself came, Malfurion quickly cast a spell that teleported all night elves and ancients to the safety of the shadowy forest. Archimonde, overconfident from his supposed victory, stepped up to Nordrassil and prepared to consume its energy. Just then, Malfurion activated his trap. Thousands of the night elves' ancestral guardians swarmed up from the forest and destroyed Archimonde.

Shandris, a great hero of battles, and now the Third War as well, helped Tyrande in retaking the night elves' grounds and rebuilding their settlements. She remained in Kalimdor as Tyrande and Malfurion chased Illidan from the Broken Isles, through the Silverpine, and into the ruins of Dalaran.

Shandris and Jaina came to regard each other as friends, with Shandris freely calling Jaina "battle sister".[12]

World of Warcraft[]

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Shandris Feathermoon

Shandris as she appeared prior to Cataclysm.

Shandris was promoted to the general of the Sentinels, and resided in the Feathermoon Stronghold located on Sardor Isle in Feralas, which was named after her. When Alliance adventurers met Shandris, she tasked adventurers to investigate the Hatecrest naga's increased presence in the Ruins of Solarsal.[13] The adventurers return to Shandris to report the discovery of a strange gazebo in the heart of Solarsal.[14] While Shandris sends adventurers to her second, Latronicus Moonspear, to deal with the Hatecrest threat, she remained behind to assess the adventurer's findings.[15] Eventually, the adventurer discovered evidence of a resurgent Silithid threat in the form of a Zukk'ash hive in Feralas. General Shandris thanked the adventurer for their heroics on behalf of the stronghold[16] and tasked them to deliver their findings to an associate of the Protectorate, Gracina Spiritmight.[17]


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Broll Bearmantle wanted Shandris to accompany him on his quest inside the Emerald Dream, but apparently Tyrande had left Shandris in charge of Darnassus for a brief time, so that Tyrande herself could help Broll seek out Malfurion in the Emerald Dream. Shandris gave Tyrande her hippogryph Jai'alator for their journey. It was also revealed that Shandris has a network of spies at her disposal, keeping her (and by extension, Tyrande) informed of events all over Azeroth. Hamuul and Naralex sought to find her, though they all were silenced by the shadowy warriors and traitorous Fandral Staghelm. Eventually, they were rescued by Malfurion and Shandris was left in Darnassus organizing its inhabitants while Malfurion and his druids were healing Teldrassil and battling in the Emerald Dream.

After the crisis brought on by the Nightmare Lord was defused, Shandris acted as Tyrande's witness (the equivalent to a bridesmaid) to the long-awaited wedding of Malfurion and Tyrande. Malfurion noted to himself that Shandris was as adept at organizing wedding guests as she was at combat.[18] It was later revealed that she managed to procure an alor'el plant for her wedding present.[19]

Seeds of Faith[]

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Shandris led the defense of Feathermoon Stronghold during a naga attack sometime after the shattering. Although the night elves fought bravely, the stronghold's fortifications eventually crumbled to the combined might of an invading naga army and the natural disasters plaguing Sardor Isle. Shandris ordered the survivors to retreat to the mainland while she alone stayed behind to buy the survivors more time to escape. The naga offered to spare her life in exchange for the head of her mistress, Tyrande Whisperwind. Shandris responded by killing the naga negotiator and fighting to the bitter end. By the time Tyrande and Malfurion Stormrage reached her, she was already critically wounded. Tyrande's desperate prayer to Elune granted her the strength to heal Shandris and save her from the brink of death.

Shandris was brought back to Darnassus to recover in Malfurion and Tyrande's home. To her great joy, she discovered that the alor'el was on the verge of blooming.[19]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
Shandris Feathermoon WoD

Shandris in Cataclysm.

After the destruction of the former Feathermoon Stronghold, caused by massive flooding during the Shattering in Feralas, Shandris had a new one built on the Forgotten Coast. There it was revealed that Shandris has been training worgen Sentinels.[20] General Shandris has been planning the Sentinel offensives on multiple fronts. Shandris directed Alliance adventurers to her lieutenants that led her operations. The first lieutenant she directed the adventurer to was Tambre, who led the counter strike offensive on the Hatecrest naga — the naga responsible for the attack on their former stronghold on Sardor Isle.[21] The second lieutenant she directed the adventurer to was Silvia, who has been leading the offensive on the Gordunni ogres and their Twilight Hammer allies.[22] Shandris' last lieutenant that the adventurer was directed to was Adella, and her orders from Shandris were to finish clearing Feralas of the remaining Gordunni ogre forces, Woodpaw gnolls, and other hostile wildlife.[23]


WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Shandris was helping Tyrande organize the Alliance summit but was surprised to hear that Jarod Shadowsong had returned to civilization and had come to Darnassus after a long self imposed exile. She sought him out and had an emotional reunion with him. She revealed that she once had feelings for him, and envied Shalasyr and the time she spent with him. Jarod apologized to Shandris for his sudden and unexplained disappearance, and explained that while he was flattered by her affections, their choices prevented a romantic relationship; Shandris had been training to take on a more active role in night elf society, while Jarod wanted to live out his life in seclusion. Both Shandris and Jarod resolved to have a platonic relationship, after which Shandris gave her condolences.

Later on a messenger from Ashenvale was found and brought to Darnassus, where she relayed to Tyrande that the Horde was making their move to invade Ashenvale. Both Shandris and Tyrande rallied an army and departed to drive the Horde out. Unfortunately, a series of murders had occurred in Darnassus and Shandris did not have enough time to investigate them as she had to depart to Ashenvale. Together with Tyrande, they did a battle against the Horde. During the battle, Shandris was injured. Tyrande prayed to Elune to heal her, allowing her to continue fighting. As the magnataurs, Garrosh Hellscream's secret weapon, took the field, the battle went badly for the night elves. The sudden arrival of Varian Wrynn, Genn Greymane, and the Gilnean worgen however, turned the tide of battle and the Alliance was able to emerge victorious.

After the battle, Shandris organized a new defense of Ashenvale and returned to Darnassus with Tyrande. The murders there were resolved by Jarod and Malfurion Stormrage; it turned out that the murderer of the newly accepted Highborne was Maiev Shadowsong. Shandris was ordered to aid Jarod with forming his new security force, in order to help him choose some possible candidates from the Sentinels. Malfurion quickly realized that Tyrande did this in the hope that Jarod will grow closer to Shandris in the future.[24]

Tides of War[]

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When Jaina Proudmoore called for aid to defend Theramore Isle against an overwhelming attack by the Horde, Shandris arrived with a force of Sentinels, much to the dismay of Baine Bloodhoof and Vol'jin, who pleaded with Garrosh to call off the attack on Theramore. Shandris and her Sentinels fought bravely, ultimately driving the Horde back out of the city. However, after the battle, she was informed that the blood elf Thalen Songweaver, a Horde traitor within the Kirin Tor, had been rescued during the attack. After coordinating with Vereesa Windrunner, Shandris led her sentinels north into Dustwallow Marsh to look for him, and so was not present when Garrosh Hellscream destroyed Theramore with a mana bomb.[25]

Following the Siege of Orgrimmar, Shandris was present at the beginning of the trial of Garrosh Hellscream.[26]

Warlords of Draenor[]

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.

Disguised as an anonymous Cowled Ranger, she went to alternate Draenor in order to look for Alleria Windrunner.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Shandris Feathermoon represents the night elf Sentinels in the Unseen Path, the union of all hunters on Azeroth.

When an Alliance player reaches Prestige Rank 2, Shandris can be found in Stormwind Keep alongside other notable leaders of the Alliance. During A [10-45] A Royal Audience, she is present at the ceremony hosted by King Anduin Wrynn that congratulates the character for their battles against the Horde, following their receiving of the Achievement pvp a 14 [Grand Marshal's Medal of Valor] from the King, as well as an artifact appearance.

Shandris engaged in combat with the Hatecoil naga in Azsuna. She was assisted by the champions of the Unseen Path.[27]

As a member of the Unseen Path, Shandris participated in the defeat of Hakkar the Houndmaster in the Violet Hold.[28]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Shandris led the night elven fleet that was sent to Silithus to deter a potential Horde campaign. However, while the fleet was en route to their destination, the night elven druid Teshara sent word of the Horde's invasion of Ashenvale Forest and Malfurion Stormrage's orders to recall the fleet back to Darnassus. Shandris realized their deployment to Silithus was just a ploy to leave Ashenvale and Darnassus vulnerable and grimly acknowledged the genius of the strategy. The night elf fleet returned just in time to fend off the Horde's incursion in Darkshore. With Malfurion creating a wisp wall defense and the night elf fleet using its artillery to keep the Horde at bay, it seemed as if the night elves could hold the Horde off until Stormwind's reinforcements arrived. However, the Horde dissipated the wisp wall by dividing its attention on multiple fronts and then began besieging the night elf fleet with their arcane enhanced catapults. To make matters worse, Horde infiltrators swam through the sea and commandeered some of the night elf ships. Shandris fought alongside Cordressa Briarbow as the ships were attacked when the tide of battle turned.[29] When the Horde began to besiege Teldrassil, all hope to safeguard the night elven capital was lost and the remnants of the night elf fleet steered their ships away in retreat.[30]

Shandris co-leads the Alliance's war effort on Zandalar alongside Halford Wyrmbane. At the end of that campaign, she knew that the battle against the Horde was far from over, and joined the adventurer to work together to stop Sylvanas.[31]

The night elf forces stationed across Kalimdor were recalled to begin a campaign against Orgrimmar and were tracked by Horde champions. Shandris Feathermoon was encountered in Orgrimmar.[32]

Tides of Vengeance[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Some time after the War of the Thorns, Shandris, Maiev Shadowsong, and Sira Moonwarden spoke to Anduin Wrynn to try and convince him to assault Darkshore and retake it from the Horde, but with the war focused on Zandalar, Arathi, and Kul Tiras; Anduin did not have the troops to do so. As the three night elves spoke to Anduin, Tyrande went on ahead of the army to try and retake Darkshore herself.[33][34] Maiev, Shandris, Sira, and an adventurer located Tyrande's ruined ship at the Zoram Strand, which contained a book about the ancient ritual of the Night Warrior.[35] The Night Warrior was the incarnation of Elune's wrath. The ritual to become the avatar of the Night Warrior was extremely dangerous, and even witnessing it would put you in danger. Legend said that long ago, the Night Warrior was used by the night elves to secure Kalimdor. None who have attempted the ritual since then have survived, for Elune's raw power tore them apart.[36]

Upon journeying to Darkshore, Maiev tasked Sira with scouting the coast while she, Shandris, and the adventurer searched the Ruins of Auberdine for the Eye of Elune that Tyrande would need for the ritual. Though the Eye had already been taken, they were cornered by Deathstalker Commander Belmont of the Forsaken. Maiev successfully slew his forces and drove him off. After leaving Auberdine and saving Tyrande's mount Ash'alah from the Horde, they met with the High Priestess at Bashal'Aran where she underwent and survived the ritual to become the Night Warrior. Tyrande told Shandris and Maiev to prepare for war while she left to confront Nathanos Blightcaller. The confrontation ended with Nathanos raising both Delaryn Summermoon and Sira who had just died minutes before, but Tyrande slaying one of the Val'kyr.[36]

Shandris later participated in the Battle for Darkshore.

Rise of Azshara[]

After catching wind of the remains of the Horde fleet moving out to the sea, the Alliance assembled their fleets to finish the Horde's naval power, with Shandris among their forces.[37][38] Unbeknownst to the Alliance, Nathanos Blightcaller was using the black blade to guide the Horde fleet and pursuing Alliance fleet towards Nazjatar where both fleets were attacked by the naga under Queen Azshara's command after the seas were opened.[39] Though surprised by their arrival in Nazjatar, Shandris joined the rest of the Alliance in rallying under Jaina Proudmoore and Genn Greymane.[40]

Shandris enlisted Alliance champions in rescuing survivors from the fleet,[41] destroying latent power the naga were tapping into too,[42] and killing Tidemistress Ethendriss, who was performing a damnable ritual and calling for the sacrifice of the Alliance soldiers.[43] With these tasks completed, Shandris and the champions moved to regroup with Jaina and Genn.[44] After they met and aided Blademaster Okani, leader of the Waveblade Ankoan,[45] the Alliance was allowed to regroup and reinforce their base of Mezzamere. Thus, Shandris led the rest of the Alliance survivors to the town.[46]

When Jaina returned from a rescue mission to save Baine Bloodhoof from execution by the orders of Sylvanas Windrunner, Shandris declared that she was fortunate that her unexpected allies Varok Saurfang and Thrall didn't kill in order to regain Sylvanas's favor. However, Jaina countered that they had a common enemy, one that wanted them at each other's throats, and mused that Azshara perhaps wanted the same. Though declaring that their must be vengeance for Teldrassil, Shandris agreed to focus their efforts on Azshara over the Horde and give time for Saurfang's rebellion to take root.[47]

Eternal Palace heroes

Shandris, Jaina, Lor'themar, and Thalyssra in the Eternal Palace.

In time, Shandris discovered a promising lead for a weapon to use against Azshara.[48] She recruited Alliance champions and then headed off towards the Drowned Market.[49] During the search, she reflected on how Azshara sacrificed her people twice over, once to the Burning Legion and again to N'Zoth. However, she was confronted with an astral projection of Queen Azshara, who informed her that as a general she must be familiar with sacrifice. She further spoke of a leader must serve the greater good. Outraged Shandris demanded what "good" there was in trading lives for power, twisting them into aberrations. In response, she was informed that Shandris did not yet understand, but in time she would.[50]

After the pair survived Azshara's gauntlet, Shandris remarked that they stood a place of great power. She then questioned the spirits to obtain information in their quest, which enabled them to discover that the Javelins of Suramar were nearby.[51] In gratitude for this information, Shandris attempted to help the spirits find peace and move on, by making them face the fact that their beloved queen betrayed them. However, she was informed by Riathia Silverstar, that admitting that Azshara's pride and vanity destroyed them, would cause them to lose everything.[52] She also called for the naga to be purged from the ruins of the Elun'alor Temple, in order to show them Elune's vengeance, as she accused Azshara and her minions of having defiled for too long the ruined temple with their heresy.[53]

After confronting and killing Lady Silazsi and obtaining the Javelins of Suramar, Shandris declared it a turning point and the path to victory.[54] She subsequently returned to Jaina to report their success.[55] After the Javelins of Suramar was used to open the way into the Eternal Palace,[56] Shandris joined the Alliance forces led by Jaina, and the Horde forces under the command Lor'themar Theron and First Arcanist Thalyssra, in invading the palace. Though Azshara was beaten, she was able to shatter the final seals on N'Zoth's prison.

Following the events within the Eternal Palace, Shandris joined the rest of the Alliance forces and Saurfang's revolutionaries in the conflict against Sylvanas. After the revolutionaries and Alliance secured the Dranosh'ar Blockade, Varok Saurfang and Anduin Wrynn sought to attack Orgrimmar from all three entrances at once. Thus, Shandris and Lor'themar were ordered to lead their forces to attack the city from Azshara.[57] However, instead of calling for the attack on Orgrimmar, Saurfang unwilling to spill more Horde blood challenged Sylvanas to mak'gora. During the duel, Saurfang was able to get Sylvanas to admit that she considered the Horde nothing, which caused the Warchief to swiftly kill him and abandoned the Horde altogether.[58] With Sylvanas's defection, the Horde united once more with Sylvanas's former loyalists defecting to Saurfang's revolution. With Saurfang dead and Sylvanas no longer in command of the Horde, the Alliance forces (Shandris among them) departed from Durotar.

Visions of N'Zoth[]

Following the fall of N'Zoth, Shandris reunited with Tyrande at the Stormwind Embassy. They, along with the rest of the Alliance leaders, were informed that an armistice was signed between the Horde and Alliance, ending the Fourth War. Tyrande interrupted Anduin's speech, saying the call for vengeance was still strong, that the Horde had yet to answer for their crimes and that they were untrustworthy, asking Anduin how he would handle it if Stormwind fell. She concluded by calling Anduin's faith in the Horde naive and left, with Shandris directly behind her. Despite this, she questioned Tyrande over if had been too hard on King Anduin as she felt that their people could ill afford to shun the Alliance, due to them providing aid and comfort in these dark times. Tyrande was quick to retort, that Anduin was foolish in regards to their enemies and hard words should be the least of his fears. In contrast with Tyrande's bleakness of peace with the Horde, Shandris sought to be more hopeful and stated that the new Horde leadership seemed more inclined toward peace than war. However, Tyrande was unmoved and cynically noted a rabid wolf would bare its fangs, regardless of who rode it.

With the Fourth War over, Shandris declared that it was time for the Kaldorei heal and rebuild, and that they still look to the future without forgetting the past.

Shandris then tried unsuccessfully to plead for Tyrande to abandon her desire for further bloodshed, and she was stunned to hear Tyrande speak of Elune abandoning her children. Tyrande then declared that that would Stormwind for the boughs of Nordrassil and dispatch the Sentinels to every corner of Azeroth in order to find Sylvanas.[59]

Shadows Rising[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Following the fall of N'Zoth, Malfurion, Tyrande, and the night elven people made their new home in Nordrassil. Malfurion and Tyrande had taken to ignoring any and all missives sent to them by the young King Anduin Wrynn. In light of both the Cenarion Circle and Earthen Ring sensing something horrible within the spirit world, Malfurion and Tyrande agreed for Thrall to meet with them under the condition that the Earthen Ring Yukha was to be present and for Thrall to bring what was owed.

After Thrall and his companions (Baine Bloodhoof and Calia Menethil) arrived, Malfurion, Tyrande, Shandris Feathermoon, and Maiev Shadowsong greeted them with frosty, rigid silence. Thrall formally apologized to night elves and explained how the Horde sought to change. While Shandris was willing to listen, she revealed that she would not exonerate the Horde entirely, and only work with them as a matter of strategy against Sylvanas. When Tyrande stated she saw their words as empty pledges of justice, Shandris witnessed Thrall promising to give Tyrande the head of Sylvanas Windrunner.

Sometime later, the night elven leadership received another missive from Anduin revealing that the Horde had sent them a gift, a start to what was owed. In response, Tyrande, Shandris, and Maiev journeyed to Stormwind where they encountered the imprisoned Sira Moonwarden. Shandris called on for Tyrande to have mercy on Sira. After Tyrande cut a shallow cut into Sira's neck, Shandris took her blade, and Maiev encouraged her to have mercy towards Sira, who Maiev saw as a sad defeated thing. Tyrande subsequently departed while Maiev and Shandris had more things to ask.[60]


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

Shandris was present in Bashal'Aran and witnessed Tyrande's speech about Horde's defeat in Darkshore.[61] She later attended an Alliance meeting discussing the abduction of Anduin Wrynn and Jaina Proudmoore, and the return of the Scourge, where she vowed to make Sylvanas pay for everything she's done.[62]

After Tyrande went missing in the Maw, Shandris had dreams of her mother being trapped in a place of eternal torment and traveled to the Shadowlands to find her alongside an adventurer in the Night Fae Covenant.[63] They located Tyrande but she refused to leave the Maw while the souls of their people still suffered in Torghast. Shandris and the Maw Walker followed Tyrande through the halls of the tower, but were always one step behind her as Tyrande's vengeance would not allow her to stop. Shandris expressed concern that the Night Warrior would consume her. When they finally caught up to Tyrande they confronted a Tortured Amalgamation comprised of countless night elf souls. After putting the souls out of their misery for oblivion would be a kinder fate, Tyrande swore to avenge them.[64]

Despite Shandris's pleas, Tyrande refused to stop her hunt until Sylvanas was dead and chose to remain in the Maw. But upon learning that the Maw Walker could save the souls damned in the Maw, she tasked them to save her imprisoned people while she continued to hunt for Sylvanas. With the souls saved, Shandris felt hope for the first time in a long while. Even so, she knew that Tyrande would not stop until either Sylvanas was dead or the Night Warrior consumed her. She vowed not to give up on her mother.[64] Taking the night elf souls to Ardenweald, Shandris reunited with Ysera who had found her afterlife in that realm. Ysera said she would investigate a promising whisper she had heard regarding someone who could aid Tyrande.[65]

After Ysera discovered that Thiernax, was once a Night Warrior in life, she sent Shandris and the Maw Walker to seek him out. When Shandris requested his aid in saving Tyrande, Thiernax cynically noted that her fate was sealed, and that Shandris must let her go, for both of their sakes.[66] As the Wild Hunt was focused on more pressing concerns, Shandris joined Thiernax's husband, Qadarin, in dealing with the Spriggans within the Garden of Night. During this time, she learned how Thiernax had invoked the dark powers of Elune in order to save their world, how it subsequently destroy him afterwards, and how attempting to share Elune's power between costed Thiernax and Qadarin's their lives.[67]

After arriving within the inner garden, the group reunited with Thiernax, and came under attack by Spriggans led by Sickleshanks, who with his dying breath cursed Qadarin.[68] Shandris promised to help Qadarin save the curse, a task which was successful.[69] She then warmly welcomed Thiernax and Qadarin's aid in averting the Night Warrior's fate upon Tyrande.[70] Eventually they theorized that they could save Tyrande by dispersing the power amongst former Night Warriors themselves.[71] After the Maw Walker successfully recruited Huln Highmountain for the task, Shandris warmly greeted her old friend, who promised to not rest until he had found the former Night Warriors.[72]

As the group awaited word from Huln, they learned that Bwonsamdi had arrived requesting the Maw Walker's aid. Shandris personally believed that this would prove to be interesting.[73] Her words proved rather true, as it started a group of events, that ended with the rescue of Ashamane, Hir'eek, and Shadra from the Maw, Vol'jin becoming imbued with the essence of the dying Rezan, and all of them coming under the care of the Winter Queen.[74]

Following the death of Gorak Zhar and the Drust being driven out of Ardenweald, Shandris joined the Winter Queen's court in celebrating their victory. She remarked that while this threat was beaten, there was still work to be done in Ardenweald.[75]

Chains of Domination[]

Shandris aided the convents in defending Ardenweald from Sylvanas Windrunner and the Mawsworn. As the fight between the Night Warrior and Banshee Queen neared its end, Shadnris witnessed Ysera stepping in to aid and comfort Tyrande after Sylvanas and the Mawsworn left the battlefield. Though overjoyed that Tyrande had found her own way out of Maw, she was worried over her condition and hoped that Ysera would be able to keep Tyrande stabilized long enough for them to save her.[76]

After Huln Highmountain and the Maw Walker successfully recruited additional night warriors, Shandris aided in the ritual at the Grove of Awakening to cleanse Tyrande of her Night Warrior's powers. However, as the ritual progressed Tyrande called upon more of Elune's power and grew hostile to the point of attacking Shandris. As the ritual neared its ends Shandris, witnessed the Winter Queen and Elune converse as well as the creation of the Sisters' Tear.[77] She then returned to the Heart of the Forest and bore witness to the Winter Queen using the newly created tear to remake her sigil and restore the Heart of the Forest.[78]

Following the events of the Sanctum of Domination, Shandris and Tyrande could be found conversing outside of the Heart of the Forest. After Shandris mentioned her joy at seeing Tyrande whole again, Tyrande admitted her rage and anger prevented her from recognizing that grief and deep sense of betrayal that hide within her heart. Shandris admitted that when Teldrassil burned, she couldn't understand why Elune didn't intervene, how could she seemingly allow for so many to be lost. However after learning of Ardenweald and the duty and purpose that should have awaited the souls of their people, if not for the Maw, Shandris felt she could, and in response Tyrande declared that while they can never truly know the ways of the gods, but that she felt that Elune made the decision to aid her sister and not to cause them sorrow. This prompted Shandris to remark about how the Winter Queen had faced hard choices as well and how Elune and the Winter Queen were bound together in an eternal cycle, one of death and rebirth. Agreeing with her, Tyrande told Shandris that it was a cycle that the kaldorei must now rejoin, no more looking to the past, but embracing the future.[79]

Eternity's End[]

Knowing is Half the Battle

Shandris within the Provis Strata.

Shandris joined Bolvar Fordragon and the covenant forces in entering Zereth Mortis, where soon after she and the Maw Walker entered the Provis Strata, on the eastern side of the Forge of Afterlives, in order to help discover what Zovaal was up too.[80] The pair subsequently learned that the Mawsworn were attempting to gain control of the Forge of Afterlives and sought a way into the Sepulcher of the First Ones.[81] Shandris subsequently left to deliver the information to Bolvar, and came to reside within Haven.[82]

A Long Walk - night elves

Shandris, Tyrande, and Maiev at Sylvanas' trial.

Following the defeat of the Jailer, Shandris, and Maiev accompanied Tyrande to Oribos to attend the trial of a remorseful Sylvanas Windrunner. Sylvanas willingly submitted to Tyrande's judgment, and the high priestess had Shandris and Maiev escort her to the Ring of Transference.[83] Tyrande sentenced Sylvanas to begin her penance by scouring the Maw and freeing all of the souls trapped therein. Shandris noted that many night elves still wouldn't be satisfied by anything less than Sylvanas' execution, but Shandris believed that killing Sylvanas would've been mercy and that her penance might prove more valuable than her death if she was able to save souls from the Maw.[84]

Sometime later, Shandris witnessed Tyrande's meeting with the Winter Queen within the Grove of Awakening within Ardenweald, where Tyrande received the Sisters' Tear, which had become a vessel of renewal, and that the night elven souls who had been saved from the Maw rejected the eternal tranquility in the boughs of Ardenweald by becoming a new beginning for their kin, with the seed thus embodying the cycle of death and life.

In the aftermath, Tyrande, Shandris, and Ysera spoke about the seed, to which Ysera revealed that it had been touched by the the Dream as well, making it a symbol of the crucial balance between life and death. She thus revealed that the seed should be brought to her daughter, as Merithra should know where it should be taken. When Shandris questioned if Ysera would return to Azeroth with them, Ysera revealed that as she is bound to Ardenweald, she would not be able to leave without a great sacrifice, rejected Tyrande's offer for aid as she felt that the kaldorei needed them, and stated if Elune willed then she would soar Azeroth's skies again.[85]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

During the War against the Primalists, Shandris and her scouts served as the eyes and ears of the green dragonflight and discovered that Fyrakk had designs on claiming the power of Amirdrassil and was set to meet with Vyranoth at Lunedane.[86][87] She and allies then made their way to Lunedane, where they discovered that the Druids of the Flame had allied with the Fyrakk as they fought their way to the Primal Incarnates.[88][89] The pair collected Smoldering Blossoms for the Aspects to study and subsequently witnessed a secret between Fyrakk and Vyranoth, in which they learned that the Druids of the Flame had allied with Fyrakk under the promise of achieving immortality and of a potential schism between the incarnates.[90] After Larodar's corruption by the druids and Fyrakk's shadowflame, the Incarnates departed, prompting Shandris to instruct her allies to dispatch the keeper, while she held off reinforcements. However, the keeper hearing the call to the Emerald Dream escaped, causing her to remark what they discovered was beyond what they could have prepared themselves for.[91] Declaring that they needed to mobilize the troops to stop the Druids of the Flame on the Dragon Isles, Shandris sent adventurers to report to Captain Drine in order to have the drakonid dispatched, while she went to Merithra to handle things.[92]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Feathermoon Stronghold ?? 437,235,200
A [15-30] Might of the Sentinels ?? 21,806,850
Trueshot Lodge 100 3,365,231
N Hunter [45] Informing Our Allies 110 10,392,670


  • Ability stealth Stealth — Places the caster into stealth.
Battle for Darkshore
  • Ability hunter blindingshot Penetrating Shot — Inflicts Physical damage to all enemies in a line 45 yards long in front of the caster, ignoring all armor.
  • Ability hibernation Smoke Bomb — Casts a smoke bomb, stunning nearby enemies for 3 sec.
  • Ability hunter longshots Volley — Fires a volley of arrows into the air that will inflict significant Physical damage to enemies within 60 yards of their impact.


Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Alliance War Campaign

Removed from game The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 5.0.4.
WoW Icon update The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.0.3a but is present in Classic Era.

Objective of[]

Letter to the Sentinels[]

Legacy of Destruction: Deathwing

Sentinels, I wish I were writing with news that would lift your hearts, But the purpose of this missive is much bleaker. I have received word that Xaxas, or Deathwing as he is called in some tongues, has returned. It is he who is responsible for the rampant destruction that has hit Azeroth. For those of you who were born after our war with the Burning Legion over ten thousand years ago, know that we once considered this dragon a protector of the world. Yet we were not aware that treachery was brewing in his heart... a truth revealed when he murdered our kin and even his own dragon brethren when we needed him most.

Doubtless even the youngest among you are familiar with the schemes that he orchestrated in the ages that followed, including his disappearance nearly two decades ago. In light of the catastrophe that has just transpired, it seems that during his absence Deathwing has grown more powerful than ever before. I know not what fuels his rage, nor what he plans next. He is a creature we cannot reason with. All that we can do is steel ourselves in preparation for what is to come, and remain ever vigilant.

Elune be with you all.

-General Shandris Feathermoon[93]


Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos[]

WC3RoC-logo This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.
For unit quotes, see Quotes of Warcraft III/Night Elf Sentinels#Shandris Feathermoon.

Shandris in Warcraft III.


Shandris in Warcraft III.

"Tyrande! Praise Elune, you've made it! The undead appeared out of nowhere and attacked our village without warning!"

World of Warcraft[]

WoW Icon update This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.
Feathermoon Stronghold

The forces of the Sentinel Army hold back the Horde across all of Kalimdor. While the war continues in Ashenvale and Stonetalon, our forces are also needed here, to protect these remaining wilds and prevent our enemies form gaining further footholds.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
Main article: Informing Our Allies#Notes
Main article: In Defense of Dalaran#Notes
On approach in the Trueshot Lodge
The Sentinels stand ready to assist you.

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.
Main article: Friends In Need#Notes
Battle for Darkshore
May their defeat taste of ashes and tears.
Aboard the Wind's Redemption, Alliance War Campaign

The san'layn must be eradicated. The Horde's recklessness endangers us all.

Later at the Wind's Redemption

I will keep hunting the enemy until this war is won, <name>.

That is my pledge to all those lost at Teldrassil.

<Shandirs lowers her head in prayer.>

Shatterstone Harbor and Xibala

<Shandris's keen eyes scan the horizon. She nods at you in acknowledgement.>

The Crimson Squall

Blood Prince Dreven is close. Are you ready?

Nazjatar initial

Stay sharp, <name>.

Nazjatar later

Queen Azshara must be dealth with.

Razor Hill

At last, Sylvanas will face retribution for Teldrassil.

Stormwind Embassy

Although the Kaldorei suffered greatly in this war, it is time for us to heal and rebuild.

We can still look to the future without forgetting the past...

  • The Sentinels stand ready.
  • I am listening.
  • I never miss a shot.
  • On your mark.
  • Consider it done.
  • Goddess watch over you.


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.
Oribos gossip

Oribos... what a wondrous place.

Gossip Tell me more about the Night Warrior.

It all started after the Horde destroyed Teldrassil, the home of the kaldorei.
The Alliance could not spare soldiers to help retake what remained of Teldrassil, so my minn'do was left with no choice.
She beseeched Elune to grant her the power of the Night Warrior, a form of Elune's wrath.
Tyrande now holds the fury of Elune within her, but such power has killed anyone else who has wielded it for too long.
Gossip (Back)
Maw gossip

This place is wrong, <name>. All those who were lost in Teldrassil do not deserve to be tortured here.

Gossip Tell me more about the Night Warrior.

It all started after the Horde destroyed Teldrassil, the home of the kaldorei.
The Alliance could not spare soldiers to help retake what remained of Teldrassil, so my minn'do was left with no choice.
She beseeched Elune to grant her the power of the Night Warrior, a form of Elune's wrath.
Tyrande now holds the fury of Elune within her, but such power has killed anyone else who has wielded it for too long.
Gossip (Back)
Heart of the Forest gossip

I pray to Mother Moon we may find help for Tyrande.

Gossip Remind me again, what is a "Night Warrior'?

The Night Warrior is the embodiment of Elune's darkest face, the result of a dangerous and deadly ritual.
The one who performs it usually dies. Even witnesses are known to perish, such is Elune's power.
Tyrande lived. She fought for our people but... the power seems to be consuming her.
Heart of the Forest gossip after N [60] Winter's Sigil

I have witnessed many wondrous events within among these groves. But the hear the goddess speak through my minn'do was an experience that defies description. Gossip Will Tyrande be okay?

I believe the power has stabilized, to my great relief.
I am thankful for all the help you have given me. When I think what might have happened... My people are fortunate to have allies such as you.
  • Such darkness and despair.
  • How can anyone survive this place?
  • We must not tarry here.
  • Do not abandon hope.

Notes and trivia[]


This section includes speculation on characters that might be related, usually because they may share a last name. It should not be taken as representing official lore.



Patch changes[]

  • Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.0.1 (2018-07-17): On-click lines updated.
  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-03-16): Shandris Feathermoon can no longer be pulled too far from her default location before resetting (i.e. she won’t be waging war from the Orgrimmar Auction House anymore).
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Level increased from 62. Given new armor and weapons.

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