Shar'gel is a planet in the Great Dark Beyond where the draenei refugees aboard the Genedar once attempted to seek refuge from the demonic Burning Legion. However, the Legion had lain in wait for them, and the draenei had barely managed to set foot on the world before demonic portals opened all around them, cutting off their retreat to the Genedar. The priestess Askara used her staff, T'uure, to shield the draenei from the Legion's onslaught and allow them to retreat to the dimensional ship. Along with seventy other defenders, Askara volunteered to stay behind on Shar'gel to stall the Legion's forces and allow their kin to flee to safety. Though the seventy-one eventually fell to the Legion, the Battle of Shar'gel would go down as one of the greatest instances of self-sacrifice in draenei history.[1]



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