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The subject of this article or section is part of Pilgrim's Bounty, a seasonal event that lasts one week. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available until next year, but there are no guarantees.

NeutralSharing a Bountiful Feast
Start Alliance Bountiful Table Hostess
Horde Bountiful Feast Hostess
End Alliance Bountiful Table Hostess
Horde Bountiful Feast Hostess
Level 1-60 (Requires 1)
Category Pilgrim's Bounty
Next AllianceSpice Bread Stuffing
HordeSpice Bread Stuffing

Sharing a Bountiful Feast is a one-off introductory quest for the Pilgrim's Bounty festival. You are invited to sit at one of the tables and eat and share the food. When you have eaten five pieces of each of the five different foods within five minutes, you will have fulfilled this quest.

The quest is offered at each of the major cities of your faction, but when you have completed it in one city, you cannot repeat it in another city.

This quest unlocks the Pilgrim's Supplies quest chain.


Eat five helpings of every food at a Bountiful Table until you gain the Spirit of Sharing.


You've not celebrated Pilgrim's Bounty properly until you've eaten your fill at a Bountiful Table.

Please, sit down, feast, and try everything! You can move from chair to chair yourself, or ask others at the table to pass you some of their food.

Once you eat enough of every dish, you'll be infused with the Spirit of Sharing.


Did you eat enough at a Bountiful Table?


What a feast, hmmm?

I'm so glad you could celebrate the spirit of Pilgrim's Bounty with us.


  • 40-6450 XP

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