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Image of Sharlindra
Gender Female
Race Banshee (Undead)
Level 1-70
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undercity
Location Royal Quarter, Undercity
Status Active

Sharlindra is a banshee located in the Royal Quarter in the Undercity. Sharlindra was in contact with her lieutenant Melisara, who was looking for the Inv crown 02 [Crown of Will].


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After Arthas' escape to Northrend, Sharlindra witnessed Sylvanas denying Varimathras' invitation to join their new order in the Plaguelands. She wondered if it wouldn't be prudent to accept the offer.[1][2]

After the death of the Lich King, the Emerald Nightmare enveloped whole Azeroth with mists in which almost everybody began to sleep and have nightmares. Sharlindra was amongst those who did not fall to the mists. She took care of Sylvanas who was having nightmares and she witnessed her murmur about Varimathras and the Lich King. Moments later, shadowy figures attacked Sharlindra and her followers - thus the whole Undercity was enveloped by the Nightmare.

In Sylvanas' nightmare, Sharlindra, her trusted counsel, was the first to fall, and the banshee was dreaming about living.[3]



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