NeutralSharpening Your Fangs
Start Wrathion
End Wrathion
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Category Rogue
Reputation +500 Ravenholdt
Rewards 16g 54s
Previous N Rogue [35] Victory in the Depths
Next N Rogue [35] Patricide

This rogue-only quest is the twelfth and penultimate part of the chain to obtain the legendary dagger set Fangs of the Father. It is the second and last quest in that chain to require multiple runs through the Dragon Soul raid.


Collect 60 Elementium Gem Clusters from creatures in the Dragon Soul Raid encounter.


Do you understand why I have you assassinate the dragons, yet spare the mortals? It isn't their fault. They must seek out their own destiny, free from the meddling of my kind.

We are nearing the end of our mission, and it is time for you to seek out your own destiny as well. I can continue to augment your weapons, but collecting shadowy gems won't be enough. My work will require entire clusters. Gather them from my father's minions...


You will receive: 16g 54s


Upon accepting the quest:

Wrathion says: Succeed here, and our work is nearly done. Good luck, hero!

After you turn this quest in, a dialogue happens between Fahrad and Wrathion as follows.

Fahrad says: Don't trust this one, your highness - no one is that good.
Wrathion says: There's no need to worry, Fahrad. This next mission is ...quite likely...suicide.
Wrathion says: Don't underestimate my father. Even if you were to crush his body, the core of his madness and rage will still struggle to destroy you.
Wrathion says: He will not be defeated until he is utterly annihilated.
Wrathion says: I wish I could help father is the one dragon I fear.
Wrathion says: Best of luck, rogue. Whatever the outcome, you are truly a champion.


How many clusters have you acquired?

The tenacity of your race continues to inspire me!


You have done it! No doubt you placed yourself and your allies in great peril to acquire these. Your sacrifices will be rewarded in time. I will use these as the foundation of a powerful enchantment for you.

But we will need one additional catalyst. Are you ready for your final and most dangerous mission, <class>?


  • Bosses drop one  [Elementium Gem Cluster] in 10-player normal or Heroic, and one to three in 25-player normal or Heroic. No Clusters drop on the Raid Finder difficulty.
  • An  [Elementium Gem Cluster] is not quest loot, and will not be duplicated for all eligible recipients; such recipients will have to determine who wins each drop as with any other item. Only rogues completing this quest or its predecessor N Rogue [35] Cluster Clutch need and are able to loot them.
  • Elementium Gem Clusters left over from N Rogue [35] Cluster Clutch may be used for this quest.
  • If a rogue completes full Dragon Soul runs under ideal conditions (25-player modes, as the only person in the raid looting each  [Elementium Gem Cluster]), theoretically it could take anywhere from 3 to 8 separate raids to complete this quest. Such extremes are unlikely, and on average 16 Clusters would be found each time, thus requiring four raids on different weeks to complete. Running 10-player modes, 8 Clusters will be received per run for a total of 8 runs to complete this quest. In all cases, leftover Clusters from the previous quest may reduce this number.
  • The next, final quest requires the slaying of Deathwing, the last boss of Dragon Soul. If the rogue receives the 60th  [Elementium Gem Cluster] from one of the first seven bosses of the raid, and the group is willing, it may be desirable to pause the raid, turn in this quest, pick up N Rogue [35] Patricide, and then complete the raid, in order to avoid waiting until the following week to re-gain access to Deathwing and complete the quest chain.


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