The Legion Ring (also called the "Shartuul's Transporter") event is a solo-event taking place in Western Blade's Edge Mountains, near Forge Camp: Wrath. The event was introduced in Patch 2.1 and requires honored or higher reputation with Ogri'la.

During the event, the player does not control his or her character, but instead controls a single "demon pet" with a variety of abilities. The player's character spends the entirety of the event disabled, while the player controls this demon pet from a third-person point of view, a la Mind Control.

The event consists of three "phases" or battles, each of which places the player in control of a different demon. Each phase has a variety of objectives and mobs to battle, but generally, the idea is to defeat your enemies without letting your demon perish.

Other players are not able to assist in this event. Mobs are marked friendly to anyone other than the player currently completing the event.

As of patch 3.0.2, completion of the event awards 3x[Badge of Justice] in addition to the other previous loot items. However, 2x[Badge of Justice] are received instead when [Depleted Cloth Bracers] dropped as the loot item and is a known bug.

Starting the event

To access the event, a player must first obtain Honored reputation with Ogri'la. Once honored, a new quest will become available, N [20-30] Banish the Demons. Creating the portal consumes one [Apexis Shard] and lasts 3 minutes.

Upon completion of N [20-30] Banish the Demons, the player will receive a [Darkrune]. This opens up the daily quest N [20-30 Daily] Banish More Demons, which has a [Kronk's Grab Bag] reward that has a chance of containing a new [Darkrune] or a [Darkrune Fragment]. Five fragments can be used to create a complete darkrune. Once a [Darkrune] is obtained, it can be turned in to Gahk in Ogri'la to receive [Crystalforged Darkrune]. Note that the [Darkrune] is unique but separate, so that one might carry a [Crystalforged Darkrune], a plain [Darkrune], and as many as five [Darkrune Fragment], all at once.

To start the event, use the [Crystalforged Darkrune] while standing near Shartuul's Transporter. If another player has recently ended an attempt (either by completing or by failing), the Felguard Degrader will respawn immediately, but you will have to wait briefly until he starts moving before you can begin.


As of Patch 2.3, the controls for the various demons appear directly on your main action bar. Previously, they would appear as a pet's action bar.

Known bugs

The event can bug out for an unknown reason.

Bugs include:

  • The teleporter itself is burning
  • The Felguard Degrader is not patrolling around the teleporter. Note: If the Felguard Degrader is not patrolling the teleporter, you may be able to ticket a GM to reset the NPC. This is an alternative to waiting a day for it to reset.
  • If you start the event at the same time as another player, you may both partially activate the event, and one of you will be stuck seeing through the controlled demon while the other actually controls it. Your rune will be consumed and the event will be unfinishable.
  • Eye of Shartuul not spawning after reaching the Shivan phase. GMs have reported that this particular bug may occur if the Shivarra Assassin is defeated too close to the area boundaries. Defeating her closer to the teleporter may prevent this bug from occurring. This is fixed on a daily basis. (Source)
  • As of Patch 3.0.2, the Shivarra Assassin's Flame Buffet ability is broken. See the Shivan Assassin section for more information.
  • As of Patch 3.2, the Shivarra Assassin's Cleansing Flame does not dispel Dreadmaw's Rampaging Charge, making the fight incredibly difficult.
  • As of Patch 3.3.2 (undocumented changes) the Shivarra Assassin's Cleansing Flame ability is working. It can now dispel Dreadmaw's Rampaging Charge. It also seems that the Shivarra Assassin's Flame Buffet is working again.
  • As of Patch 4.0.1 (undocumented changes) it appears that the event cannot proceed beyond the Felguard Degrader phase. Upon taking control of the Doomguard Punisher all spawned mobs become unattackable.

First demon

The first demon you control is the Felguard Degrader.


His normal attacks deal ~1000-1500 per hit and helps if the mortal strike doesn't kill the target.

  • Mortal Strike - 3 second cooldown (8y range) - Deals ~10k damage to the current target. 80% of the time this will kill whatever non-boss you hit, and the rest of the time it will either miss completely or the target will be at a sliver (under 5%) health left.
  • Mighty Whirlwind - 25 second cooldown - Channeled over 5 seconds. Deals 3-4k damage per "hit" and hits everything within a 5 yard radius 5 times. This is great for clearing out a large group of fel hunters when they bunch up on you. It is suggested that not target any particular enemy when starting this move. If one is targeted, and dies part way through, the rest of the channeling will stop. Having no target will allow it to continue to completion.
  • Terrifying Roar - 15 second cooldown - Fears everything within 5 yards for 6 seconds. A good ability if you want to buy some time for other cooldowns to come up. It is also very useful to interrupt the "Fel flame" ability of the upcoming boss. It also enables you to get him in charge range and inch in some additional charge damage.
  • Chaos Charge - 15 second cooldown - 8-35 yard range. When charging a distant enemy, the demon will rush that enemy, hit them for a moderate amount of damage, then "stomp" the ground in a small (10ish yard) radius, dealing 18-21k damage to everything in that area. Any non-boss creature you fight will die if hit by this damage. Note that the charge and the subsequent AE stomp are not instant, thus creatures that may be attacking your demon in melee at the time you charge will actually follow you during the charge, getting a few yards closer before the AE stomp damage goes off. This can be used to your advantage by minimizing the distance between you and your charge target, so the charge kills not only your target, but most/all of the creatures meleeing you. Wait until you have a lot of fel hunters around you and get as close to an imp as possible, then charge. The imp, as well as the pile of fel hunters, will probably be all caught in the stomp's AoE and subsequently all die, saving a "Mighty Whirlwind" cooldown.
  • Smash Shield - 25 second cooldown - Throws your hammer at the portal, weakening its shield by 12.5%. It will take exactly 8 throws to take down the shield (under 4 minutes if used whenever it's up).
  • Absorb Life - 5 minute cooldown - Requires a [Charged Crystal Focus] - Deals AoE damage to all enemies around you (about 10 yards), and heals you for the amount of damage dealt. If this is used in a large group of fel hunters, it can easily heal your demon to full health. However, it will most likely NOT kill the demons around you.


Two types of mobs will be summoned throughout the stage:

  • Felhound - This type can be easily killed by Mortal Strike most of the time, and is the preferred method of killing them early on. However, later on there will be an increasingly large amount of them, so Mighty Whirlwind and Chaos Charge will be your best bet here. If both are down, use your fear to give yourself some time.
  • Imp - At the beginning only one of them will spawn, after the fourth only two at a time will spawn (if you throw your hammer everytime, this is when the shield reaches 50%. These will not be one-shotted by Mortal Strike. More importantly though, these will stay at range, which will give you targets to charge. Since charge takes some time before it does its AoE, get as close as possible to the imp before charging. Most of the time, the felhounds will follow you into the AoE and die as well. They shoot Firebolts that deal aroung 1,2k damage.

Second demon

The second demon you control is the Doomguard Punisher.


  • Punishing Blow - 3 second cooldown - Attacks your current target with both weapons, deals roughly 10000 damage. This attack will also make your target's attacks 50% weaker. Deals triple damage (~30000-35000) if the target is stunned. The weaker creatures you fight during this phase will only die to this ability if they are stunned when it hits. Otherwise, it takes numerous hits from this ability.
  • Fel Flames - 15-25 second cooldown - Deals approx. 3k-3,5k damage per second to all creatures in front of the caster for 15 seconds (Note: it is probably intended to last something like 8 seconds, this may be fixed in a future patch). This ability gains no bonuses from stuns or other effects, so use it when you'll get good bang for the AE buck.
  • Throw Axe - 8 second cooldown - 5-45 yard range. Throws your weapon at the target, dealing ~6000 damage and stunning them for 3 seconds. This ability is very useful in combination with Punishing Blow for high damage. Secondarily, it's great for interrupting spell castings.
  • Consume Essence - 30 second cooldown - 10-40 yard range. Consumes ~40k health from a Gan'arg healing for 60k. Will only heal for as much damage as was actually dealt so it should be used on high HP Gan'args.
  • Super Jump - 15 second cooldown - 5-45 yard range. Jumps high in the air toward your enemy, stunning creatures in a small (5 yard) radius around the caster when the jump starts, and stunning creatures in a small (5 yard) radius when the jump ends, for approx. 6 seconds. Also deals moderate damage with both stuns, and should be used in conjunction with Punishing Blow. Works with a Diminishing return, so the first will stun the target for roughly 6 seconds, the second for 3, the third for ~2. So you can use 3 punishing blows with the first jump, 2 with the second and 1 with the third
  • Dive-Bomb - 5 minute cooldown - Requires a [Charged Crystal Focus] - Causes the demon to take off and fly into the air and barrage the creatures below with powerful fireballs. Additionally, you will reflect spells during this time. They will easily kill any non-boss creature, and deal heavy damage to boss creatures. Save this ability until the boss comes. You can still use the ranged abilities during flight, in particular use Consume Essence to drain life from any remaining Gan'arg.

Third demon

The third demon you control is the Shivarra Assassin.


This demon has three different aspects, similar to a Warrior's stances, that can be swapped into and out of throughout the fight. All forms cost no mana and have a small (2 second) delay while switching (but can be cast on the move and are not interruptable save for being stunned) and have four unique abilities to each. The specific form abilities are listed below.

Note: There is a 10 second cooldown on form changes and a 30 second cooldown per form. Use caution when changing forms when a boss is about to use an ability.

All Aspects

Chaos Strike - 2.5 Second Cast - 15 second cooldown - Requires 2x[Charged Crystal Focus] - Deals very high damage along with:

  • Triple damage done when target is frozen
  • Additional damage when the target is afflicted by Flame Buffet
  • Temporary weakness effect on the target if the target is afflicted by Siphon Life.

Using a Death Blast and Shadow Nova after a Chaos Strike which caused the weakness effect will heal your demon for quite a lot. Reapplying Siphon Life and casting Death Blast in short order will essentially heal your demon to full. Casting Chaos Strike will buff your demon with Chaos Form for 30 seconds, giving you spell haste and +300% damage.

Aspect of the Shadow

  • Death Blast - 2.5 Second Cast - No cooldown - Deals 11-12k damage to the target. If the target is affected by Siphon Life, the Siphon Life spell will be consumed and your demon will be healed for 5x the damage dealt, approx 14%(multiplied when you have the chaos-strike buff on you).
  • Siphon Life - Instant cast - 30 second cooldown - Siphons life from the target to the caster, healing approx. 2600 health every tick. Lasts for 60 seconds.
  • Shadow Nova - Instant cast - 8 second cooldown - Blasts the immediate area within approx 10 yards with moderate shadow damage. If affected target(s) are still alive, a debuff is left on them for 15 seconds that heals the demon for 2k every 3 seconds.

Aspect of the Flame

  • Passive ability - 30% movement speed increase
  • Pyroblast - 2.5 second cast - No cooldown - Deals ~19000 damage to an enemy.
  • Flame Buffet - Instant cast - 10 second cooldown - Deals approx. 5k damage to the target and applies a debuff, stacking up to 10 times, on the target that increase fire damage taken by 5000. Lasts for 60 seconds.
  • Cleansing Flame - Instant cast - 8 second cooldown - Cleanses a debuff from the caster.

Patch 3.0.2 Bug

Introduced with Patch 3.0.2, the Flame Buffet ability is bugged causing Pyroblasts to do less damage once it goes over 6 stacks. Until this is fixed, be sure to stack it to 6, let it run out and repeat.

Aspect of the Ice

  • Passive - 20% movement speed reduction.
  • Iceblast - 2.5 second cast - No cooldown - Deals approx. 15k damage to the target. Damage is doubled if target is frozen but frees the target from the frostnova if hit.
  • Icy Leap - Instant cast - 12 second cooldown - Causes moderate damage, freezes targets in a medium radius around the caster in ice, and throws the caster back approx. 10 yards. Be aware of your positioning when using this ability, as it can easily throw you outside the ring and disrupt your casting.
  • Ice Block - Instant cast - 30 second cooldown - Envelops the caster in a block of ice, making them immune to all physical damage and reflecting all spells for 4 seconds. Does not remove debuffs.


Note: Leaving the area marked off by the yellow tethers will cause your demon to be thrown back into the ring and can cause potential issues with the event. Do not leave the ring.

Demon 1: Phase 1

Felguard Degrader

You start the event controlling the Felguard Degrader patrolling around the transporter. This is fairly simple phase. The goal is to break through the barrier on the portal, which causes the boss of this phase to spawn.

There is a time limit to the phase, so if you don't Smash Shield soon after it is up each time you'll forfeit the event. As soon as you have control of the demon, use Smash Shield right away and watch the cooldown of this closely throughout the fight to ensure you always use it right away. For this phase, all minor creatures despawn when the boss spawns, so using Smash Shield is a higher priority than finishing off a creature that might be attacking you.

Most creatures will die to one Mortal Strike or a strike plus a swing. Note that your special attacks do not also cause you to auto-attack—if Mortal Strike doesn't finish a Felhound Defenders or Fel Imp Defender off, right-click on it to swing. Mortal Strike is on a very short cooldown so don't be shy about using it whenever it is up.

Single target the Felhounds that spawn by using your auto-attack and Mortal Strike until an Imp spawns and starts to attack you. You will then want to drag any Felhound that are on you towards the Imp so when you Chaos Charge the Imp, the Felhounds also die. Finish off any leftover Imps/Felhounds with a Might Whirlwind or Mortal Strike.

If you get low on health, wait until many Felhounds are surrounding you and use your Absorb Life.

Demon 1: Phase 2 (Boss)

Doomguard Punisher

The Doomguard Punisher will come out of the portal once it reaches 0% and all minor demons will despawn.

Use Mortal Strike on the boss every time its up. You should not need to use Mighty Whirlwind at all. When the boss starts casting Fel Flames, use Terrifying Roar followed shortly by Chaos Charge.

There is a small chance the boss will resist your Fear and if he's using Fel Flames, it will be lethal unless your demon is near full health. If this happens, you need to run as far away as quick as possible or use your Absorb Life skill.

Upon defeating this boss you will receive 100 reputation with Ogri'la.

Demon 2: Phase 1

Now you have control over the Doomguard Punisher and this is where it starts to get difficult.

This phase starts with a small number of Gan'arg Underlings. They don't deal very much damage on their own but they have a nasty channeled ability which spawns a Portable Fel Cannon that has very low hit points and deals very high damage to you if left alive. The cast time on spawning a Fel Cannon is approx. 6–8 seconds and they will run off a short distance (thus stopping their attacks of you) to spawn one, so pay close attention to them.

If a Gan'arg begins summoning a Fel Cannon, that should be your immediate priority. Unless they are at 10% or under (and thus can be killed with one "Punishing Blow" swing, your best bet is to interrupt the cast somehow. If there are mobs around you, use the Super Jump ability to stun the mobs near you and interrupt your target as you land. While the nearby target is stunned, "Punishing Blow" for big damage then try to run over to the previously stunned mobs for another "Punishing Blow" with bonus damage if the stun lasts long enough.

If there aren't creatures around you during a Fel Cannon summoning, or Super Jump is on cooldown, use Throw Axe to interrupt or Consume Essence to kill him at low HP.

After 3 waves of Gan'arg Underlings (8 total), a large Mo'arg Tormenter will spawn along with 4 Gan'args around him and 3 more not near him. Mo'args are top priority during these waves due to their high damage Acid Geyser ability. When these spawns, immediately use Throw Axe on the Mo'arg and get a Mortal Strike in. Start to run away and once the Axe Throw stun wears off, Super Jump onto the Mo'arg (stunning all the Gan'arg Underlings on the take off). This should allow you enough time to finish him off with Mortal Strike. Once the Mo'arg is dead, use Fel Flames while backing up to finish off all the Gan'arg underlings.

Once thing to note here is that the Gan'arg Underlings have an ability which will make the Mo'arg invulnerable. If one starts casting this, you need to use Consume Essence on the Gan'arg whom is casting or stun him via Throw Axe or Super Jump. Be sure to watch for any Gan'arg Underlings starting to summon Fel Cannons and be sure to Consume Essence whenever it is available.

After 3 waves of Mo'args, 2 more Gan'arg Underlings will spawn which means the boss is about to come out. Use Consume Essence on the first and kill it right away. Keep the second one alive during the boss fight to Consume Essence on whenever it comes up again.

Demon 2: Phase 2 (Boss)

Shivarra Assassin

When the Shivarra Assassin spawns, open up with an Axe Throw and Mortal Strike. The object of this boss is to keep her stunned as much as possible. Once the Axe Throw stun wears off, get some distance and Super Jump followed by 2 Mortal Strikes. Keep using the Axe Throw/Mortal Strike/Super Jump/2x Mortal Strike cycle until the boss is defeated.

Note: There has been a known bug with defeating this boss away from the transporter so try your best to ensure she is defeated near it.

Upon defeating the Shivarra Assassin you will receive 200 (100 x 2) reputation with Ogri'la.

Demon 3: Phase 1 (Boss 1)

Eye of Shartuul

Now you have control of the third and final demon, the Shivarra Assassin. There is no 'trash' to fight for this demon. Instead you fight three bosses in a row.

The first boss (Eye of Shartuul) is not too difficult, it melees for around 18k and has 4 abilities:

  • Disruption Ray: Summons a stun trap on an area on the ground which periodically stuns you if you stand in it. The area affected will have pulses of yellow energy swirling around it.
  • Fel Fireball: Hits for around 30k and is a basic ranged nuke.
  • Tongue Lash: Hits for around 80k and debuffs, increasing magical damage taken by 50%. This will be used if you get in melee range.
  • Dark Glare: Hits for exactly 100k and takes 7 seconds to cast. It is able to be reflected by Ice Block for 50k damage.

Start out this boss in Aspect of Shadow. Once the boss becomes active and starts moving towards you, cast Siphon Life and Shadow Nova (within range of him). You should then stay in Aspect of the Shadow casting your Shadow Nova near the boss whenever it is up. Once you have around 5 seconds left on your Siphon Life cooldown, cast Death Blast to consume the current Siphon Life debuff then reapply it. Note: Be sure to wait for the old Siphon Life to be removed, if your Death Blast misses or you cast Siphon Life too early, you will end up wasting possible damage or even worse, not having Siphon Life up.

Every so often, the boss will cast Dark Glare which is indicated by a raid emote in the middle of the screen ("The Eye of Shartuul focuses intently!"). When you see this, you need to switch into Aspect of Ice and use Iceblock once Dark Glare is almost done casting. Using it too early will cause the Ice Block to wear off before Dark Glare is casted. Once you reflect the damage, cast an Iceblast then switch back into Aspect of Shadow and repeat.

Upon Eye of Shartuul's death, you will receive 500 reputation with Ogri'la.

Demon 3: Phase 2 (Boss 2)


The second boss, Dreadmaw, is a large demon dog who is by far the easiest boss. He hits very hard in melee and has two abilities:

  • Growth: Increases damage and size by 15%. Permanent and stacks.
  • Rampaging Charge: Charges at an enemy applying a large DoT and slowing their speed.

This boss must be kited at all times and should never reach you in melee range. Start out the fight in Aspect of Shadow and apply Siphon Life/Shadow Nova and switch into Aspect of the Flame. While in Aspect of the Flame, you will move well faster than the boss. Keep Flame Buffet up (only to 6 stacks though due to the bug) and Pyroblast whenever possible.

Whenever he Charges you, cleanse the debuff using Cleansing Flame and switch into Aspect of the Shadow. Cast Death Blast to consume the Siphon Life and heal you, then reapply Siphon Life on him. Switch back into Aspect of the Flame. If done correctly, you should end the fight with very close to 100% life.

As of Patch 3.2, the Dreadmaw fight is bugged and extremely difficult. Cleansing Flame will not dispel his debuff, making the fight almost impossible. The only way to defeat Dreadmaw is to collect a large number of [Charged Crystal Focus] and use Chaos Strike very often. A combination of Chaos Strike and then Siphon Life, Death Blast, and Shadow Nova will allow you to defeat him quickly, while maintaining high health for the final boss.

Upon Dreadmaw's death, you will receive 500 reputation with Ogri'la.

Demon 3: Phase 3 (Final Boss)

The Eredar Shartuul

This fight involves fighting Shartuul himself as well as numerous Eye Tentacles (think C'Thun). The tentacles will Mind Flay you and other players nearby (this was originally intended to stop other players assisting against Shartuul) for 7.5k a tick. In the middle of the transporter you are safe from the tentacles.

Shartuul melees for around 10k and has the following abilities:

  • Shadow Bolt: A ~3.5k damage Shadow Bolt with a 2.5 second casting time.
  • Shadow Resonance: Increases Shadow damage taken by 10000. Will greatly increase (~triple damage) the damage done by his Shadow Bolts. Removable using Cleansing Flames. Instant cast, so keep an eye out for the debuff.
  • Magnetic Pull/Blink: Pulls you to Shartuul and Shartuul will teleport somewhere else into a corner.
  • Immolate: Damage over time effect which will tick for about 1% of your HP. Removable using Cleansing Flames.
  • Incinerate: 7 second cast which will deal a huge amount of damage (40% of your health) to you. Shows a raid warning in the middle of the screen when being casted. Can be reflected by using Ice Block.

Be aware that Magnetic Pull/Blink can throw your Assassin into the transporter wall making you unable to move. Shartuul will most likely start evading when you use Ice Block on his first Incinerate because he can't reach you with spell nor melee attacks. There is a small chance of saving yourself by using Ice Leap, jumping back into the direction you came from. Avoid this at all costs, because you will lose your precious Darkrune.

Start off the fight in a corner of the area and in Aspect of the Shadow. Apply Siphon Life at the start and use Shadow Nova to kill the Eye Tentacles and switch into Aspect of the Flame. Start to stack Flame Buffets (up to 6 due to bug) while also weaving Pyroblasts inbetween. Use Cleansing Flame on any debuffs he puts on you, especially the Immolate.

Either he will use Magnetic Pull or Incinerate (which is always casted after an Immolate) after a bit of time. If he uses Magnetic Pull, you should switch into Aspect of the Shadow and use Death Blast to consume your Siphon Life and reapply it afterwards. You can also use Shadow Nova to kill any Eye Tentacles that have spawned and/or hit Shartuul with it for extra healing. Switch back into Aspect of the Flame and continue casting Pyroblast/Flame Buffet and cleansing any debuffs. If you are standing in a corner you should only be hit by 1 or 2 Mind Flays at a time so killing the Eye Tentacles is not a priority. If he spawns Eye Tentacles right after you switch out of Aspect of the Shadow, you can move into the center of the transporter to not be hit by any Mind Flays until he does a Magnetic Pull or Incinerate.

If he casts Incinerate, which is denoted by a raid warning and is preceded by an Immolate, you need to switch into Aspect of the Ice and use Ice Block once his cast is near complete (using it too early will end the Ice Block effect before the Incinerate hits you). You should then switch into Aspect of the Shadow and use Death Blast/Siphon Life/Shadow Nova. Switch back into Aspect of the Flame and continue casting Pyroblast/Flame Buffet and cleansing any debuffs.

If you become low on health, remember to use your Chaos Strike for max healing.

After Shartuul is defeated (he commits suicide at 1 health point remaining, he does that after he finishs his cast, you can't kill him yourself), your demon will die and you will regain control back over your normal character. The Eye Tentacles will die when Shartuul dies. Upon Shartuul's death, you will receive 750 reputation with Ogri'la and he will be lootable with the chance to drop the following items:


Inv jewelry ring 22.png [Ring of the Overseer] Inv jewelry ring 23.png [Corruptor's Signet]
Inv bracer 09.png [Depleted Cloth Bracers] Inv gauntlets 09.png [Depleted Mail Gauntlets]
Inv misc armorkit 12.png [Depleted Badge] Inv misc cape 02.png [Depleted Cloak]
Inv weapon shortblade 05.png [Depleted Dagger] Inv mace 34.png [Depleted Mace]
Inv jewelry ring 08.png [Depleted Ring] Inv staff draenei a 03.png [Depleted Staff]
Inv sword 20.png [Depleted Sword] Inv axe 44.png [Depleted Two-Handed Axe]
Spell holy championsbond.png [Badge of Justice]