The Shattered River is a river in southern Nazmir, forming the border with Zuldazar and dividing the island of Zandalar in two by north and south. It was formed by the Cataclysm,[1] which also shattered the Blood Gate that sits on the river.[2]


  1. ^ N [30-35] The Zandalari Prophecy Lorewalker Cho says: When Deathwing rose from the Maelstrom, dark, angry waves crashed onto the Zandalari capital. The spine of the land broke in two, and soon, the city and all its riches began to slide into the hungry sea.
  2. ^ H [10-50] Offensively Defensive Hexlord Raal says: A few years back, dis whole land shook during da Cataclysm. Our northern gates fell, and swarms of blood troll savages poured through.