NeutralShattered Sun Offensive
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Main leader

 General Tiras'alan[citation needed] 
 Archmage Ne'thul[citation needed] 

 Lady Liadrin[citation needed] 
Secondary leaders  Grand Anchorite Almonen
Race(s) Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Naaru Naaru
Base of operations Sun's Reach
Theater of operations Isle of Quel'Danas
Sub-group(s) The Scryers, The Aldor,[1] The Blood Knights[2]
Affiliation The Sha'tar
Status Unknown (presumed disbanded)
Quartermaster IconSmall BloodElf Female.pngEldara Dawnrunner
Notable reward(s) [Sunward Crest]
[Dawnforged Defender]
[Pendant of Acumen]
[Pendant of Restoration]
[Pendant of Resolve]
[Pendant of Might]
Tabard Shattered Sun Tabard.jpg

“As you all well know, the path of our people has not been an enviable one. Blood elf and draenei alike have been tested. Conflict and strife have been our constant companions for as long as any of us can remember. For countless years, and across the faces of many worlds, draenei have yearned to better embrace the Light and put an end to darkness. So too have our Scryer brethren held such ambition. At last my noble brothers and sisters, our time is at hand!”

Grand Anchorite Almonen

The Shattered Sun Offensive, abbreviated as SSO, is an army of the Scryers and Aldor rallied by the naaru to combat Kael'thas Sunstrider's mad bid to use the Sunwell as a portal to summon his master, Kil'jaeden.[1] Their operations are centered around the Isle of Quel'Danas, where the Sunwell is located. The Offensive is the culmination of a plea for unity between the draenei priests of the Aldor and the blood elf wizards of the Scryers in an effort to prevent Kil'jaeden's summoning.

The Offensive's main base is located on Quel'Danas in an area called Sun's Reach, on the island's northwestern corner. The first efforts of the Offensive are to retake Sun's Reach - first the arcane sanctum, then the armory, then finally the harbor - from the Dawnblade blood elves loyal to Kael'thas, as well as the demonic forces of the Burning Legion who have come at the evil Prince's call. Members of the Offensive will also be called upon to enter the Magisters' Terrace and do battle with the elite of Kael'thas' forces, eventually facing the lord of the blood elves himself in a final showdown. Only the most elite adventurers of Azeroth, however, dare to enter the Sunwell Plateau, where the fruits of Kael'thas' work are most evident - where Kil'jaeden's most loyal servants prepare for their master's arrival on this world...

The Shattered Sun Offensive is a new faction that was added in Patch 2.4.0, with the opening of the Isle of Quel'Danas and its instances. In addition to the NPCs on Quel'Danas, several new questgivers were added in Shattrath City, and the majority of the NPCs around the Terrace of Light are now marked as members of the Offensive, with blood elves mingling with the draenei (prior to 2.4, all of the NPCs around the Terrace were draenei affiliated with the Aldor).

Faction description: Shattrath City's final push against Prince Kael'thas' operations in the Sunwell.


Neutral Friendly Honored Revered Exalted Rep Notes
N [25-30 Daily] Gaining the Advantage
250 For Skinners, Miners and Herbalists only
N [25-30 Daily] Sunfury Attack Plans
N [25-30 Daily] The Multiphase Survey
Instance Trash: 10-15
Bosses: 130 (x4)
Full Clear ~2,000 rep
Heroic ~2,900 rep

Reputation through Exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive can be gained via doing specific quests as well as by running the 5-man dungeon Magisters' Terrace.


Eldara Dawnrunner
<Shattered Sun Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Friendly  [Naaru Ration] 50s Food
Honored  [Formula: Void Shatter] 15g Enchanting (375)
Formula: Enchant Chest - Defense 15g Enchanting (360)
Revered  [Design: Ember Skyfire Diamond] 15g Jewelcrafting (370)
 [Design: Eternal Earthstorm Diamond] 15g Jewelcrafting (370)
 [Design: Figurine - Crimson Serpent] 25g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Figurine - Seaspray Albatross] 25g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Figurine - Empyrean Tortoise] 25g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Figurine - Khorium Boar] 25g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Figurine - Shadowsong Panther] 25g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Regal Talasite] 12g Jewelcrafting (350)
 [Design: Forceful Seaspray Emerald] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Steady Seaspray Emerald] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Reckless Pyrestone] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Design: Quick Lionseye] 50g Jewelcrafting (375)
 [Legionfoe] 54g 94s 66c Two-Hand Axe
 [Seeker's Gavel] 43g 46s 90c One-Hand Mace
 [Archmage's Guile] 41g 81s 94c One-Hand Sword
 [Truestrike Crossbow] 33g 8s 67c Crossbow
 [K'iru's Presage] 43g 63s 17c One-Hand Mace
 [Bombardier's Blade] 45g 90s 15c One-Hand Dagger
 [The Sunbreaker] 46g 6s 43c One-Hand Sword
 [Inuuro's Blade] 43g 79s 45c One-Hand Sword
Exalted  [Sunward Crest] 37g 78s 42c Shield
 [Dawnforged Defender] 37g 92s 31c Shield
 [Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen] 23g 27s 52c Neck
 [Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration] 23g 27s 52c Neck
 [Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve] 23g 27s 52c Neck
 [Shattered Sun Pendant of Might] 23g 27s 52c Neck
 [Recipe: Assassin's Alchemist Stone] 25g Alchemy (375)
 [Recipe: Guardian's Alchemist Stone] 25g Alchemy (375)
 [Recipe: Redeemer's Alchemist Stone] 25g Alchemy (375)
 [Recipe: Sorcerer's Alchemist Stone] 25g Alchemy (375)
 [Tabard of the Shattered Sun] 1g Tabard

Additionally, after players retake the Sun's Reach Armory, several other vendors spawn, including Smith Hauthaa, the  [Badge of Justice] vendor. Once players retake Sun's Reach Harbor and activate the Alchemy Lab, Shaani begins selling her jewelcrafting wares.

Reclaiming Sun's Reach

Main article: Battle for Sun's Reach


shortcut iconSee also: Isle of Quel'Danas NPCs for a list of NPCs corresponding to each phase. Quests marked with a † were removed at the end of that phase.

Shattered Sun Staging Area

When the first players reach the Isle of Quel'Danas, the Shattered Sun Offensive's base of operations at Sun's Reach will only consist of the night elven ship they came on and a small camp, the Shattered Sun Staging Area. As players complete daily quests for the Shattered Sun Offensive, they will progressively take over buildings on the island, unlocking more resources and quests.

Sun's Reach Sanctum

The first building to be reclaimed is the Sun's Reach Sanctum. The daily quests N [70 Daily] Erratic Behavior† and N [70 Daily] The Sanctum Wards† count toward securing this objective. Upon retaking the Sanctum, a Trade Supplies vendor and two additional quest givers will appear, while players may also continue repeating the daily quests, via N [25-30 Daily] Further Conversions and N [25-30 Daily] Arm the Wards!.

Sun's Reach Armory

Once players have retaken the Sanctum, the next step is recovering the Sun's Reach Armory. The two daily quests directly associated with retaking the Armory are N [70 Daily] The Battle for the Sun's Reach Armory† and N [70 Daily] Distraction at the Dead Scar†. Once the Armory has been retaken, four PvP armor vendors, two questgivers, and the  [Badge of Justice] vendor/repairer, Smith Hauthaa, spawn. Additionally, the quests N [25-30 Daily] The Battle Must Go On and N [25-30 Daily] The Air Strikes Must Continue replace the earlier quests.

While players are working on retaking the Armory, in Shattrath City, Exarch Nasuun is in the process of creating a portal to the Isle of Quel'Danas. Players who complete N [70 Daily] Intercepting the Mana Cells† will aid him in his task. Once the portal has been activated, N [25-30 Daily] Maintaining the Sunwell Portal replaces this quest, and N [25-30 Daily] Know Your Ley Lines is activated in the Sanctum.

Sun's Reach Harbor

Sun's Reach Harbor is the third and final location to be reclaimed, along with the Silvermoon's Pride which is moored there. Quests associated with recapturing the Harbor include N [70 Daily] Intercept the Reinforcements† and N [70 Daily] Taking the Harbor†. Once the Harbor has been retaken, N [25-30 Daily] Crush the Dawnblade and N [25-30 Daily] Keeping the Enemy at Bay may still be completed.

While players are working on retaking the Harbor, work also commences on building a forge and anvil for Smith Hauthaa at the Armory. Players who complete N [70 Daily] Making Ready† will aid her task. Once the forge and anvil have been completed, N [25-30 Daily] Ata'mal Armaments and N [25-30 Daily] Don't Stop Now.... replace this quest and Hauthaa begins selling her Badge loot.

Alchemy Lab and Memorial

Both sides of the Monument to the Fallen

Upon reclaiming Sun's Reach in its entirety, Mar'nah is trying to set up an Alchemy Lab for players, which also allows both her and Shaani to set up shop. Completing the quest N [70 Daily] Discovering Your Roots† advances this objective. Once the Alchemy Lab has been built, the quests N [25-30 Daily] Open for Business and N [25-30 Daily] Rediscovering Your Roots replace Discovering Your Roots, and the reagents vendor, Kaalif, spawns.

Additionally, the Shattered Sun Offensive will begin to accept donations of gold to construct a statue in honor of the fallen via N [70 Daily] A Charitable Donation† and N [25-30] A Magnanimous Benefactor, the latter of which becomes available at Exalted and allows a player to obtain the title <of the Shattered Sun> in exchange for a donation of 1000g. Once the Memorial has been built, the quest N [25-30 Daily] Your Continued Support replaces A Charitable Donation for players who are not exalted with the Offensive.


Once all objectives on the Isle have been completed, and an unknown number of additional daily quests have been completed, K'iru spawns and buffs players zone-wide and inside the Magisters' Terrace with [K'iru's Song of Victory], increasing Stamina by 79 and Intellect by 40.

Assault on the Sunwell

Bc icon.gif This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Following the demise of Prince Kael'thas at the hands of the Offensive and the blue dragon, Kalecgos, the Offensive's troops procured a foothold in the Sunwell Plateau itself. However, an Arcane guardian twisted by the Burning Legion blockaded their advance, and threw them back to the entrance. Heroes are tasked with fighting their way through the blood elves' sacred fount of power, and the Shattered Sun captain Selana debriefs new troops on the situation.

The Shattered Sun troops file into the Sunwell's room itself shortly prior to Prophet Velen and Lady Liadrin's own arrival, and are present to witness its rebirth from the heart of M'uru.


Wrath of the Lich King This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Though their work is done, it appears the Offensive has not been entirely relieved from duty. With the Isle of Quel'Danas back under complete control (with all hostile presences phased out in-game, along with the named Shattered Sun NPCs) the blood elves of Quel'Thalas have fortified the defenses of their sacred Sunwell, which is now firmly protected by blood elven wardens and guardians. The Ranger-general of Silvermoon, Halduron Brightwing, can be seen outside the plateau inspecting the guard force. The arcane guardians there are, however, under SSO.

The remnants of the Shattered Sun, meanwhile, still hold a small presence around Dawnstar Village and its surrounding areas, formerly under the control of Prince Kael'thas, and SSO NPCs can be seen assisting the blood elven builders in reconstructing the area.


The Shattered Sun Offensive storyline is unique in WoW as far as gameplay is concerned, as most quests are added or removed based on the completion of server-wide objectives like retaking locations on the Isle of Quel'Danas or activating the Portal to the Isle from Shattrath, and not based on reputation.

Most quests take place solely on the Isle, but a few involve activities elsewhere in Outland. Quests not taking place on the Isle are marked with their zone information below. Once the final phase is reached, there are Shattered Sun Offensive quests taking place in every zone of Outland excluding Zangarmarsh.






Sun's Reach daily quests

Quests are first introduced in the phase designated by their column and either last until the beginning of the phase introducing their replacements if marked by a dagger (†), or are permanently added to the game. The dagger notation is kept throughout the wiki for all links pointing to the removed quests.

Only the quests in the rows designating an objective count towards completing that objective. So, only the quests N [70 Daily] Intercept the Reinforcements (IR) and N [70 Daily] Taking the Harbor (TH), as part of the Sun's Reach Harbor objective, will advance the realm towards Phase 4.

Alternate rows under the "Portal", "Anvil" and "Monument" headers are introduced at the same time as their parent phases (Phases 2, 3 and 4, respectively), but track completion separately from the parent phases. Realms on average will complete the alternate (Phase nB) phases before advancing to the next major phase.

Nearly all of the quests in this table are both daily quests, and available at all reputations starting from neutral with the Offensive. The exceptions are N [25-30 Daily] Your Continued Support (YCS), which is a daily quest available until players reach exalted reputation with the Offensive, and N [25-30] A Magnanimous Benefactor (AMB), which is a one-time only quest, available starting in Phase 4, but requires exalted reputation with the SSO to be eligible. These two quests also have a negative amount listed in the ΔGold column, indicating their status as donation quests.

Due to the rather large amount of information in this table, all of the quest names and rewards have been abbreviated to limit the visible size of the table. Simply hover over the link to bring up a tooltip with the full name of the quest and reward information if javascript is enabled. Additionally, the column headers for the phases link to their relevant sections in the Reclaiming Sun's Reach section of the article.

Players performing these daily quests after the Wrath of the Lich King expansion will now see a lower gold return in exchange for experience granted for completing the quests while still under the level cap. The total for all 19 quests (including YCS but not AMB) will grant 208800 experience, 69g, and 4450 reputation.

Objective Phase 1 Phase 2 / 2B Phase 3 / 3B Phase 4 / 4B / 4C ΔGold Rep Reward
Sanctum EB
9g 10s
9g 10s
Armory BSA
10g 10s
9g 10s
Portal IMC MSP
10g 10s
11g 99s
 [Shattered Sun Supplies]
 [Darnarian's Scroll of Teleportation]
Harbor IR
7g 59s
11g 99s
Anvil MR DSN
11g 99s
18g 28s
 [Blessed Weapon Coating]/[RWC]
Alch Lab DR RYR
9g 10s
11g 99s
 [Shattered Sun Supplies]
 [Bloodberry Elixir]
Monument CD YCS -10g 150
Other DGC
11g 99s
of the Shattered Sun


 [Shattered Sun Banner]


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     :A'dal says: The Shattered Sun Offensive will surely benefit from the addition of your knights, Lady Liadrin.

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