Darkshore entrance.

Shatterspear Pass is a fortified road in Darkshore, leading up and through a narrow mountain pass that ends in a short tunnel through the mountains to the pre Cataclysm sealed off Shatterspear Vale.

After joining the Horde, the Shatterspear trolls fortified the pass leading to their vale with palisade walls at the bottom and towers along the road leading up to the tunnel entrance. It is attacked and later, through phasing, occupied by the vengeful night elves of Darkshore whose Sentinels are seen patrolling it while troll corpses dots the ground.

After the War of the Thorns, the Shatterspear have recaptured the area. Moxo the Beheader patrols the pass.


  • The troll huts seen on the cliff walls in the pass are most likely a reference or inspired by the same cliff huts inhabited by the Eloits in the 2002 movie: The Time Machine.

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