Shaz'gul (or Shaz'Gul)[1] is the home village of the Shadowmoon clan in Shadowmoon Valley. Shaz'gul is situated on a large plateau overlooking their Burial Fields to the east and across from Moonwillow Peak. Many Shadowmoon orcs patrol the area and reside within the village.

During the Shadowmoon Valley storyline, Yrel leads a squadron of Rangari into Shaz'gul while the Alliance commander carries out a contingency mission to infiltrate the village in the guise of an orc, setting bombs in key locations to create a distraction when things go wrong. Unfortunately, the Rangari are captured and taken to Anguish Fortress. Ultimately, Yrel and the Commander escape Shaz'gul together.

The Shadowmoon orcs yet again captured the Rangari and Alliance soldiers. The settlement was infiltrated and prisoners rescued.[2]


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