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Clutches of Shek'zeer
Clutches of Shek'zeer
Main leader IconSmall MantidQueen Grand Empress Shek'zeer
Secondary leaders IconSmall Mantid Vess-Guard Na'kal
IconSmall Kunchong Karanosh
Race(s) MantidMantid Mantid
Base of operations Clutches of Shek'zeer
Theater of operations Dread Wastes

The Shek'zeer are a swarm of mantid both loyal to and named for their empress: Shek'zeer. They primarily operate near the Clutches of Shek'zeer in the Dread Wastes, near the Heart of Fear, gathering their forces in hopes of overrunning the Serpent's Spine.[1]


If any word were to describe the Shek'zeer swarm, it would be lazy. Their local Vess-Guard's strength is derived from genetic augmentations, rather skill or experience.[2] Their manipulators do not form actual bonds with their kunchong, but rather imprison them,[3] before binding them with sonic whispers.[4] Perhaps most damningly of all, their swarmlings are rapidly matured and saturated with sha energy via Inv misc gem diamond 03 [Dread Amber Shards] that are shaped into foci, rather than maturing properly.[5] These newly hatched swarmborn are unfit for the swarm, driven not by the instinct to kill or feed, but rather by the terror that has been imbued in them.[6] As one might imagine, the Klaxxi are outraged by these "shortcuts."

Even so, however, the Shek'zeer mantid are still a threat. Their Amber Blades, which they carry with pride, are some of the finest in the empire;[7] and their fliers have exceptional agility and endurance, though it is unknown if this is due to training or more genetic modifications.[8] As a defensive measure, they hid pheromone mines around the entrance to the imperial palace, foreseeing the potential of an invading army.[9] They have an unrivaled knowledge of distilling kypari sap, which they use to make a delicious, nutrient-filled elixir.[10] Furthermore, they were seemingly able to disable one of the Klaxxi's sonic relays, near the palace.[11] Their greatest achievement, had they succeeded, however, would have been the corruption of Malik the Unscathed, a paragon of the Klaxxi.[12] Thankfully, the Achievement faction klaxxi [Wakener] intervened before this could occur.





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