This article is about the Halfhill salesman. For the giant turtle known as the Wandering Isle named after him, see Shen-zin Su.
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Gender Male
Race Pandaren
Occupation Salesman and owner of Shen-zin's Sundries
Status Deceased

Shen-zin, also spelled Shen-Zin, was a pandaren and the owner of Shen-zin's Sundries, a supplier well-liked by the local farmers in Halfhill. One day the first Pandaren explorer, Liu Lang, walked into the store with a most unusual shopping list, records of which have survived to this day:

  • One lantern
  • Three liters lamp oil
  • Four packages of dehydrated fruit
  • Two sacks of dried peas
  • Four haunches of salt pork
  • Twelve liters of fresh water
  • One basket of hardtack
  • One compass
  • One spyglass

Liu Lang announced his intention to explore the world. Shen-Zin, humoring his client, suggested that Liu Lang should also bring an umbrella. He generously offered one for free.

Beaming, a grateful Liu Lang told Shen-Zin, "I shall name my sea turtle after you!" He happily carted away his supplies, whistling as he headed toward the beach, trailed by dozens of curious onlookers.[1]