HordeSheza's Prized Leather
Start Sheza Wildmane
End Atikka "Ace" Moonchaser
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Leatherworking
Experience 17,850
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous H Leatherworking [50] Repaying the Life Debt
Next H Leatherworking [50] Make Some Noise
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A Leatherworking [50] Telonis' Prized Leather.


Retrieve the Rare Hides.


I have a stash of extremely rare leathers, or... rather, I did.

I don't know how, but the Venture Company must have heard how valuable my collection was because they stole it!

And THEN they had the audacity to leave a note offering to sell it back to me for 1,000 gold! As the "former owner", I'm able to "best appreciate the value of their new acquisition."

The note states they'll be in the bluffs to the East until someone buys them.

However you get the skins, consider them yours.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


How was she?


<You explain what happened in Mulgore.>

Bah! Wretched goblins and their lust of coin!

<Attika takes a deep breath to steady himself.>

I... Am sorry you had to see that. I just find it so infuriating when our fight is made harder so one of those green-skinned runts can steal your last copper.


Fly northeast out of Thunder Bluff until just shy of Red Rocks. Keep a lookout for Verd Twiceswindle and four Venture Lackeys. There is a chest behind and to the side of Verd, but it is locked. You can choose to either pay off the thieves or kill them.

Verd Twiceswindle
Heeey, you look like a smart, young rube.
How wouldja like to find yourself in some fine leathers?
Gossip Sheza sent me. I'm here to negotiate for the goods.
The cow gave you the run down, eh? Fine, a mark's a mark. Doesn't matter to me who gets the goods.
You want what's in the chest, just hand over a one-time payment of 1,250 gold, and they're all yours!
Gossip Sheza told me you were asking for 1,000.
Correct! It WAS 1,000 gold.
But, she must have forgotten to include my, ahem, "broker's fees".
1,250 is the offer. Take it or leave it.
Although with our limited supply, and this sudden demand on the market, it seems it would be fiscally responsible to, ehh, increase the price further.
<He grins showing off his yellow teeth.>
Gossip Sure, I'll buy them.
Do you want to purchase Sheza's Rare Hides for: 1,250gg
Gossip Give me the skins or the world has a few less thieves to worry about.
Gossip That's a rip-off!
Look, ya seem like a nice <guy/gal>.
Either pay up and be on ya way or the Venture Co. "Asset Recovery" team will have to go through your bags. Ta, you know, make sure you didn't "accidentally" acquire anything that rightfully belongs to Venture Co.
And I gotta warn ya, you're gonna be surprised by the amount of stuff we'll find in your bag that belongs to us.
Gossip Fine, how much to buy them?
[Note: Selecting this option circles back to the same response for "Sheza told me you were asking for 1,000."]
Gossip I asked politely.
Gossip Give me the skins or the world has a few less thieves to worry about.
Choose to fight
Verd Twiceswindle says: You heard the rat. Get 'em boys.
The Horde adventurer fights and kills the group, looting  [Verd's Chest Key] to unlock the chest.
Quest completion
Atikka "Ace" Moonchaser


  1. H Leatherworking [50] The Tauren Tanner
  2. H Leatherworking [50] The Audition
  3. Complete all of the following:
  4. H Leatherworking [50] Make Some Noise
  5. H Leatherworking [50] Instruments of Destruction

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