Shield Amplification

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NeutralShield Amplification
Start Aethas Sunreaver
End Aethas Sunreaver
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Mage Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Mage [110] Redundancy
Next N Mage [110] Arming Dalaran


Use the Nightborne Soulstone on defeated Felborne within the Weeping Terrace.


It will not hurt to reinforce the Nightborne Soulstone's shield just a bit more, and to do that we must infuse it with energy.

Ryanna has assured me that fel essence will work beautifully for our needs. Yes - this method IS rather distasteful. However as the sin'dorei well know, desperate times call for desperate measures.

It is as simple as this: we have an urgent need for magical energy, and our enemies possess it in abundance.

Do what must be done.


You will receive: 19g 40s


How did you do, <name>?


Good. The Soulstone's shields should be sufficiently strengthened now.



Quest accept
Aethas Sunreaver says: Remember, keep your distance from the Nightborne Soulstone as it is siphoning energy!


  1. N Mage [110] An Urgent Situation
  2. N Mage [110] Backup Plan
  3. N Mage [110] The Vault of the Tirisgarde
  4. N Mage [110] A Creative Solution
  5. N Mage [110] The Nightborne Apprentice
  6. N Mage [110] Retaliation & N Mage [110] Keymaster Orlis
  7. N Mage [110] Into the Hornet's Nest
  8. N Mage [110] Nyell's Workshop & N Mage [110] Secrets of the Shal'dorei
  9. N Mage [110] Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe
  10. N Mage [110] Redundancy
  11. N Mage [110] Lady Remor'za & N Mage [110] Shield Amplification
  12. N Mage [110] Arming Dalaran
  13. N Mage [110] Return of the Archmage
  14. N Mage [110] Champion: Aethas Sunreaver

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