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Image of Shimmerfly
Title <Tree Historian>
Gender Female
Race Faerie (Humanoid)
Level 55-58
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Court of Night, Night Fae Covenant
Occupation Historian of the dream trees
Location Hibernal Hollow, Ardenweald
Status Active

Shimmerfly is a night fae faerie who is the historian of the dream trees found in Hibernal Hollow in Ardenweald.



Greetings, what would you like to know about our trees?

Gossip Do the trees have names?

Yes! Each tree has a name! Our tree in Hibernal Hollow is named Tirna Glayn. To the north, the grove of Tirna Vaal gets its name from the tree there.
Tirna Noch, the fallen tree, was lost earlier in the drought, and Tirna Rowen up in Heartwood Grove has just recently perished.
Some other trees that still live are Tirna Kaithe, which is in the grove of Claw's Edge.
Tirna Eas is the tree in Glitterfall Basin. And my home tree, Tirna Fenn, is in Dreamsong Fenn.
But other trees have been lost, like Tirna Marwol, in the Darkreach.
And of course there's Tirna Scithe, but I wouldn't dare go near there, it's too dangerous!

Gossip Are the tirnenn related to the trees?

Oh yes! The tirnenn are the wonderful, tall, walking-talking treefolk. They are somehow related to the trees of Ardenweald, but they are so old and strange, we don't exactly know how.
Some of them can even hear the trees speaking to them! Though they speak more in song and melody than in words, from what I understand.
It's fascinating!

Gossip What happens when a tree dies?

<Simmerfly's expression falls.>
It is a terrible tragedy to lose a tree. When there is not enough anima for the forest as a whole, the Queen may choose to let one die in order to save the rest.
A terrible choice, but necessary.
When a tree dies, all of the wildseeds that were under its boughs cannot be sustained. Some may be taken to another grove, but the rest...
And what's worse, some say that in the dead groves, the barrier between Ardenweald and other planes is weakest.
They say, that in those places we are most vulnerable to attack.

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