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NeutralShimmering Expanse
Level: 30 - 50
Shimmering Grotto
Capital(s) Neutral Vashj'ir
Races NagaNaga Naga
KvaldirKvaldir Kvaldir
MurlocMurloc Murloc
IconSmall Gilgoblin Gilgoblin
Minor settlements Neutral Silver Tide Hollow
Horde Legion's Rest
Alliance Tranquil Wash
Affiliation Contested
Neutral Queen Azshara
Location Southeastern Vashj'ir

Shimmering Expanse is the second zone in the undersea region known as Vashj'ir. It is the stronghold of the naga empire within the area. Besides the wide variety of plant and marine life there are also many mysterious wonders such as Nespirah. This zone is home to the ancient Ruins of Vashj'ir. Players will learn about the ruins, and what befell them, as well as interesting factoids about Queen Azshara and Lady Vashj's mother.


The Shimmering Expanse does not have much of a history when it was far below the ocean's surface, at least no known recorded history.

Getting there[]

Players make their way to the Shimmering Expanse as part of the overall Vashj'ir quest progression that begins in the Kelp'thar Forest. The quest Across the Great Divide has players swim across the abyss into the cave opening that leads into the Shimmering Expanse. The cave mouth is located to the west of the Clutch in the Kelp'thar Forest, across the Lightless Reaches.

Horde Horde
After discovering Legion's Rest, the portal at the Western Earthshrine can be used, until players discover Tenebrous Cavern in the Abyssal Depths.
Alliance Alliance
After discovering Tranquil Wash, the portal at the Eastern Earthshrine can be used, until players discover Darkbreak Cove in the Abyssal Depths.


The Shimmering Expanse is a large piece of southern Vashj'ir. It consists of mainly the ancient city of Vashj'ir now in ruins, as well as the demi-god Nespirah.

There are plenty of caves with air pockets in them that act as quest hubs for players.

The wildlife of the Shimmering Expanse is incredibly diverse. A plethora of Coral jut from the walls and floor of the zone with notable species including Brain Coral and Fan Coral. Various species of kelp are also present though not in the numbers or magnificence that they possess in the neighboring Kelp'thar Forest. Starfish dot the floor ranging in color from pale yellow to bright pink. Crabs are perhaps the dominant organism on the sea floor, wandering almost everywhere in the zone with the notable exception of the Shimmering Grotto. Giant isopods and snails can also be found on various cliffs and coral ledges though they are in their greatest numbers in the area around the demigod Nespirah.

Tube worms are also present and are most notable in the Glimmerdeep Gorge. Solitary fish and schools of fish are omnipresent, sometimes so thick that they can block the view. Sharks are also commonly seen swimming around in the more open areas starting a few yards above the sea floor, though some swim mere feet above the floor. Hammerhead sharks are only found in the Glimmerdeep Gorge. Eels are also present and mostly reside on various coral and sand cliffs.

Maps and subregions[]


Map of the Shimmering Expanse.

Undisplayed locations

Travel hubs[]

Shimmering Expanse land

Sandy Beach, the landmass above the Shimmering Expanse.

AllianceHorde Flight paths from Sandy Beach[]

AllianceHorde Flight paths from Silver Tide Hollow[]

Horde Flight paths from Legion's Rest[]

Alliance Flight paths from Tranquil Wash[]

Regions adjacent to the Shimmering Expanse[]

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Kelp'thar Forest HordeAlliance 80 - 90 North Via swimming
Abyssal Depths HordeAlliance 80 - 90 West Via swimming
Undercity Horde N/A Northeast Via flight path
Ironforge Alliance N/A East Via flight path

Notable characters[]

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In the Shimmering Expanse, players will encounter visions of the past, revealing necessary information about the great battle that took place at the Ruins of Vashj'ir. This includes information about Queen of the Naga, Azshara, as well as Lady Vashj. Players also take control of a mysterious naga known as the Naz'jar Battlemaiden, in the service of Lady Naz'jar and Lady Sira'kess.

Players also encounter the Earthen Ring shaman, Erunak Stonespeaker, as well as the Earthen Ring shaman Earthmender Duarn whom they help to free Nespirah from the naga.


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Wild creatures[]


Patch changes[]

  • Legion Patch 7.3.5 (2018-01-16): Level scaling implemented, previous zone level: 80 - 82.

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