Shiny Pet Charm is a quest reward from A [1-60 Daily] Battle Pet Roundup / H [1-60 Daily] Scrappin', which are started by Lio the Lioness and Serr'ah (respectively) at a Level 1 / 2 Menagerie in the Garrison, and from the daily pet battle quests on Draenor. At a Level 3 Menagerie, the daily quest is exchanged for N [1-60 Daily] Mastering the Menagerie that rewards you with a  [Big Bag of Pet Supplies], containing Pet Charms.

 [Fel-Touched Pet Supplies] also contain a few charms. The bag comes from defeating the Tanaan Jungle legendary pets.

Criteria of

Earning 500 of these will reward the achievement  [Shiny Pet Charmer].

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