A shirt is a wearable item that has its own dedicated slot and does not have any functional purpose besides decorative appeal or bragging rights.

Tailors can make a variety of shirts, but shirts can also be purchased from vendors, found as drops, or even received as quest rewards.

A few shirts have personal value as parts of interesting sets of clothing, or as proof of obtaining a rare drop or completing a quest, but most are considered junk to non-roleplayers.

Most shirts bind to the player once equipped and may be purchasable from vendors, other players, or from the Auction House. There are several Bind on Pickup (BoP) shirts that are available to both factions, but one is only conjured during a boss fight. Prior to the Legion expansion, most shirts did not bind to the player and could be worn, traded, and gifted to others.

Bind on Pickup shirts

Guild shirts

Brawler's Guild shirts

PvP shirts

Tailoring-crafted shirts

Starting class shirts

Important note: Since Cataclysm, new characters - excluding certain Worgen classes - are not equipped with a starter shirt. Some of the shirts are purchasable from NPCs but most are removed from the game. The only means of acquiring those shirts are from players who held on to theirs.

Other notable shirts

The following shirts are sold by Neutral Lisbeth Schneider <Clothier> in Stormwind City.

The following shirts are sold by Neutral Karandonna <Clothier> in Dalaran.

The following shirts are sold by Neutral Angelique Butler <First Aid Supplies> in Dalaran.

The following shirts are sold by Neutral Broxel Goldgrasp <Souvenirs> at the Argent Tournament Grounds and are faction-specific.


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