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A shop is a place, usually a building, that houses goods for sale along with vendors to sell them. Please note while inns and taverns may often have vendors that sell the same items that shops might, they themselves are not shops.

List of shops in World of Warcraft

The following is a list of shops within the major cities of Azeroth. For other shops located outside the cities see the shops category.





The Commons The Great Forge Military Ward
Barim's Reagents The Bronze Kettle Craghelm's Plate and Chain
Fizzlespinner's General Goods Burbik's Supplies Goldfury's Hunting Supplies
Ironforge Armory Deep Mountain Mining Guild Timberline Arms
Ironforge Visitor's Center Finespindle's Leather Goods
Steelfury's Weapon Emporium Ironforge Physician
Stonebrow's Clothier
Thistlefuzz Arcanery
Tinker Town Mystic Ward Forlorn Caverns
Berryfizz's Potions and Mixed Drinks The Fighting Wizard Stoneblade's
Springspindle's Gadgets Longberry's Reagents Traveling Fisherman
Things That Go Boom! Maeva's Mystical Apparel Bonegrip's Runes and Dooms

Stormwind City

Trade District Mage Quarter Old Town
The Empty Quiver Alchemy Needs The Five Deadly Venoms
Everyday Merchandise Ancient Curios Heavy Handed Weapons
Fragrant Flowers Duncan's Textiles Honest Blades
Lionheart Armory Essential Components Limited Immunity
Pestle's Apothecary Larson Clothiers The Protective Hide
Stormwind Counting House Pyrotechnics The Silver Shield
Stormwind Visitor's Center Stormwind Staves Thane's Boots
Trias' Cheese
Weller's Arsenal
The Canals Cathedral Square
Canal Tailor and Fit Shop Just Maces
The Finest Thread Righteous Plates
Gallina Winery



Cleft of Shadow The Drag Valley of Honor
Dark Earth Fungus and Mushrooms Borstan's Firepit Arms of Legend
Ironwood Staves and Wands Droffers And Sons Salvage The Burning Anvil
Rekkul's Poisons Godan's Runeworks Kiro's Harnesses
Shadowdeep Reagents Gotri's Travelling Gear Lumak's Fishing
The Slow Blade Jandi's Arboretum Nogg's Machine Shop
Kodohide Leatherworkers Orgrimmar Bowyer
Magar's Cloth Goods Red Canyon Mining
Yelmak's Alchemy and Potions
Valley of Strength Valley of Spirit Valley of Wisdom
Boomstick Imports Asoran's Market Skyfury Staves
The Chophouse Stranglethorn Imported Fruits
Horde Embassy
Orgrimmar General Store
The Shattered Axe
Soran's Leather and Steel Armory
Spiritfury Reagents

Silvermoon City

The Bazaar Court of the Sun Farstrider's Square Walk of Elders
Blades by Rahein Enchants Enhanced Brightwing Bows Silvermoon Registry
Feledis' Axes Silvermoon Alchemy Danwe's Devices Velaani's Arcane Goods
Keelen's Trustworthy Tailoring Trueshot Arms
Plate and Mail Protection
Shields of Silver
Silvermoon Finery

Thunder Bluff

Lower Bluff Middle Bluff Upper Bluff
Breads and Grains Bena's Alchemy Aska's Kitchen
Hewa's Armory Cloudweaver's Baskets Kodo Steak and Ribs
Karn's Smithy Dawnstrider Enchanters Mountaintop Bait & Tackle
Kuruk's Goods Holistic Herbalism Ragetotem Arms
Stonehoof Geology Fruits and Vegetables Rainsticks
Thunder Bluff Civic Information Thunder Bluff Armorers Thunderhoof's Firearms
Thunder Bluff Weapons Thunderhorn's Archery Winterhoof Totems
Trade Goods and Supplies
Cloudchaser Jewelcrafting


Trade Quarter
Mordan's Reagents


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Magus Commerce Exchange Eventide Other areas
The Agronomical Apothecary The Arsenal Absolute The Hunter's Reach
The Scribe's Sacellum Curiosities & Moore Sisters Sorcerous
All that Glitters Prospecting Co. Glorious Goods Dalaran Visitor Center
Simply Enchanting Langrom's Leather & Links Magical Menagerie
Cartier & Co. Fine Jewelry The Militant Mystic The Threads of Fate
Legendary Leathers The Wonderworks
Talismanic Textiles One More Glass
Like Clockwork
Tanks for Everything
First to Your Aid
Forge of Fate